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Chapter 5 – Incorruptible

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1528 characters
Translator: Momo English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 932 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

The dark mountains encompassed many imposing redwoods that towered into the grey clouds at night. The moonlight filtered through a hole in the clouds and shone on the misted figure of the maiden in the woods.

As Lily relaxed her heated up fingers that were releasing white steams, the almost transparent cloth on her hand fell back to where it was.

It was as if almost nothing happened.
But was that really the case?
Not exactly, it did happen after all.
That night, Lily had explored every nook and corner of her body.1

She wasn’t a good woman, but that didn’t necessarily make her a bad woman either.
That’s right, she was just another woman, mediocre and ordinary. Everything was as the natural order dictates.

“Ahh….” Lily’s jasper-like2 arms provided support for her on the rock surface. As she lifted up her killer legs and let out a sigh, her figure under the moon was like a cluster of white orchids on the dark blue canvas.

She closed her eyes as another breeze blew over.

“Oh senior sister…… When will I be able to hold your hands and travel through this otherworld together?
It doesn’t matter where we can go back to. Only you, only you can alleviate my loneliness.”

Lily’s hand started searching on the cold stone plate helplessly in a haze. She found her sword and clenched onto it with her fist.
“It was all because of you! Your grudges are making me unable to concentrate! Now, how should I get rid of them? Tell me, TELL ME!”

As the clouds began to fade away, the moonlight fell onto Lily’s hands. She gently stroked the handle of the blade with her fingers that were soaked up with luminosity. Suddenly, the grudges stored in the blade reacted with the moonlight.

Seeing that reaction, Lily attempted to hold the sword high up, yet it didn’t seem to produce any effect at all.
Hmmm…So the medium was her own flesh?
But with the difference in size, her own hands couldn’t envelop the entirety of the blade, it would be difficult to erase all of them.

Lily undressed again and let the moonlight paints over her entire body. Her skin shone brightly under the illumination of the moon.
She sandwiched the blade between her breasts in order to get a wider surface area to reflect the light and be absorbed by the blade.3

It was then, an unexpected event occurred, the grudges were being cleansed. A tremendous amount of heat started to dissipate through the sword’s handle, leaving behind only the purest essence of the refined souls. It was much easier to suck up the essence through her bare skin. At the same time that her body was strengthening, the grudges stored in the Phantom Blade also dispersed.


Lily’s breathing was frenzied, her cheeks flushed, and eyes watery, yet, her mind was as clear as a mirror. She was literally bursting with joy.

“I have never heard that Blade Maiden can use the moonlight to purify the grudges like this! Although this method is quite inconvenient, it is really helpful for future development! This prevents me from hallucination, irrational behaviors, or even being consumed by the overloaded, undying souls!”

This was a huge bottleneck any Blade Maiden would face. It would take a lot of time and effort to calm the grudges. Otherwise, it would negatively affect her training or even place herself in danger if too much of them had accumulated!

And yet, Lily somehow ‘borrowed’ the pure white radiance of the moonlight in a quite embarrassing way and purified the souls in her blade. She had unexpectedly made a breakthrough in what most Blade Maidens considered to be the most complex and dangerous stage.

“But why, why am I able to do this? The entire process was absolutely coincidental…..or perhaps it was destined? Maybe I have a different physical property than the other Blade Maiden?”

As Lily looked at her own body, she couldn’t resist fondling herself.
It had finally calmed down, regardless of the blade or herself, the grudges had all been pacified. Everything was back to normal. Now, she could continue to conduct more intense training at any time.

“I wonder if these grudges are also causing complications to Sister Uesugi. Does she have a method to cleanse these grudges as well? It was purely by chance that I was able to find this strange solution, I doubt she knows. If that is the case, maybe I can help her with this……. Idiot! Just what am I thinking?!”

Such a measure should probably be kept with one’s self. Helping Sister Uesugi seems too shameful, how can I do such ambiguous undressing in front of her? Even if I am just trying to return a favor with no other ‘intents’ at all, there is still no way of avoiding misunderstanding, isn’t it?

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“You are too kind, Lily…… Never think of such things ever again!”
Lily began to feel tired. After she tidied up her clothes and swiped off the sweats, she lied down on the stone slate to sleep.

While fast asleep, Lily’s power continued to increase as she had absorbed too much essence of the refined souls.

Little did she know, this method she discovered by chance had solved the problem that had been plaguing the Blade Maiden for centuries. From now on, the difference between Lily and the other Blade Maiden would only become more distinct. Perhaps this would make her less susceptible to corruption and make her journey smoother.4


  1. Robinxen: The rest of the novel is now going to be Lily’s wild orgventures.
  2. Robinxen: China really likes to describe people using gemstones.
  3. Robinxen: New fet unlocked: Katana Paizuri!
  4. Robinxen: I also refuse to believe that no other Maiden has stumbled upon this by accident either.
    I guess they might not go as far as stripping, but doing something like polishing the blade under moonlight would help to some degree.

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