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Chapter 3 – Training in the Mountains, Alone

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2267 characters
Translator: Momo English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1390 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Lily shook off the untainted droplets as she swayed her hair. After putting on her clothes, she stared into the towering mountain woods, filled with trees over 100 meters.1

The cold mountain breeze soothed Lily.

If a normal person or a samurai tried to walk through these woods at such late night, they would have been terrified out of their mind. But Lily didn’t give a damn.

She recalled her memory when she first started adventuring in the mountains a month ago. The woods looked eerie to her at the time. But now she couldn’t resist the excitement of night adventures and sleep under the moon.

There were hazards everywhere indeed. But she seemed to be used to this menacing life. With her strength and understanding of Mount Izu, she actually felt more secure here than at Takeshita. The strongest monster that had been recorded to appear in this mountain was a Superior Mid Ranked monster, which Lily believed she should be able to handle. On top of that, the Crescent Moon she wielded gave her boundless confidence, and this was the reason she was able to indulge in the experience of body strengthening and the romance of ventures.

However, this self-training session was not all about explorations, battles, and adventures. Sleeping was also an essential part of training as it was the most effective way for the body to assimilate the Spirit Power she absorbed in battles. Therefore, Lily would sleep as much as the situation allowed. Of course, meditation works too, but Lily preferred sleeping.

Lily looked around to find a giant rock. Leaning on the rock provided her a basic hiding spot and defense mechanism. A great place for staying overnight in the haunted mountains.

Lily unfolded her cloth wrapper to make a perfect sheet. Then she settled herself on it and put her wooden sandals to the side.

A girl must sleep on a sheet or at least some clothes in the wild.

Lily swiped her hand through the four edges of the sheet to form a weak force field made of spirit energy. It was only to prevent the ‘invasion’ of insects rather than the monsters. As quiet and charming the forest might seem to be, there were actually plenty of poisonous bugs crawling in the dark.

And so, with her back on the rock, Lily fell asleep.

It went without saying that Lily also sets up an alarm system within a hundred meters radius using her energy. That simple force field was not the only defense she has got.

Lily could easily detect hostilities up to 500 meters away. But the geological relief of Mount Izu made it much harder to find her. Therefore, a hundred or two would be enough.

She slept on her side with her legs bent. Since the split was pressed down by Lily’s body, one small movement could make the split go wide. From the back of her, one could have easily seen those plump, white legs adducted, and the thin white line between her legs.

The bottom also looked oddly thick from the angle, yet in fact, Lily’s body should be rather slim. It was just that, the thick parts did look really thick.

If a normal woman with such an enticing body was sleeping in a mountain like this, it would be as if putting a lamb into the cages for wolves. But Lily was different, she had enough strength to protect herself. And that was why she could sleep like this.

Lily was not planning to return immediately, she was thinking of staying a month in the mountains at a minimum. On one hand, this was to keep up with the combat training and further develop her ability. On the other hand, if she could collect more than a hundred animas and elevate the sword to Grade 6 during her venture, this would make her a more frightening warrior.

A supreme Phantom Blade reaching Grade 6 meant it would be at least a medium tier weapon among the Grade 6 swords. The Crescent Moon could even become the top grade if she continued to collect more animas!

As Lily was envisioning that future, she put down her blade. It would be a huge discomfort if she had to sleep on her hardened sword. It didn’t change much for comfort even if she had to embrace the sword in her sleep. Be that as it may, she couldn’t really put it on the side either, as the Mountain Imp might sneak in and steal it without notice. Therefore, she clenched the blade between her legs. This way, she wouldn’t have to worry about it being stolen and could immediately respond to emergency situations. Plus, she felt more comfortable and secure that way, as that was none other than her precious Phantom Blade.

Lily didn’t tell anyone other than Shiu that she would be training in the mountains. At the same time, the entire Kanto had come to know the battle that took place in Suruga, naturally, this news had also disseminated in the Kamakura city.

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Inside the Genji’s house of samurai, Sakiko and the other samurai were deliberating over the news in an elegant room.

“What? You are saying Miss Kagami executed four Sword Masters in a single strike? And two of them were mid-tiered?!” Sakiko puts down her cup as she glares at the handsome messenger with surprise. The messenger’s front forehead was completely shaved, yet he was wearing a raised braid.

“I am not lying,” The young man named Kumawakamaru answered, “It is completely true! That battle happened right outside of the Saionji house! Hundreds of clan members and people had witnessed the fight, the information I had collected everywhere is the same! That woman killed four Sword Masters with one hit! She also killed two more low-tier Sword Masters as the battle continued!”

Sakiko and the other middle-aged samurais who look exceptionally strong were all shocked.

“I observed her extraordinary talent a few months back when I met her. But she was barely at the level of a mid-tier samurai at the time, it has only been a short time since then, how has she gone this far?” Sakiko spoke eloquently.

“I heard that her blade is quite an unusual one.” The navy-blue coated elder said.

“The fact she can possess that blade shows that she has both the strength and fortune to encounter opportunities. Only a true powerhouse can encounter such opportunities, and it seems she does have the matching strength. This explains how she can kill the Sword Master this easily! This is quite an uncommon event that happened in recent years!” rumbled the rounded face samurai who was dressed gaudily.

“Well, it seems like Miss Kagami is one of the rare talents the East Nation has been waiting for. I reckon she is already qualified enough to be transferred to the main dojo?” Sakiko asked with glittering eyes.

“Yes, I believe so. Though, when compared to the real talents in our dojo, she is nothing special aside from a bit of good fortune. Ultimately, we do not know if she has any more hidden potential. Indeed, transferring her to the Eastern Nation’s main dojo is a bright idea. Otherwise, the Taira clan definitely will not let go of this talent,” said the elder.2

“Indeed, Kagami Lily has met the minimum requirement of our main dojo. Even if we are wrong, she can at least become powerful enough to serve the main dojo. There has been no newborn talents after the Eastern Nation’s Six Swords in recent years. Supposing that she actually has an extraordinary talent, it will be a huge loss to us.” said the round-faced samurai with his hand on his chin.

“Hmm, if everyone is in agreement, shall we propose to the magistrate?” Sakiko suggested.

“I concur. Even if we judged that Kagami Lily has passed the minimum standard, it is up to the magistrate’s approval to decide whether she can enter the dojo.” The elder nodded.

“If that’s the case, I shall go report to the magistrate,” Sakiko curtsied and recommended herself. She didn’t salute because the two samurai had higher status than her, it was just that women, in general, had a lower status in the Heian Period. Therefore, women must stay humble in the presence of men despite their matching position.3


  1. Robinxen: Has Lily not learnt anything about being alone in mountains yet? Sigh.
  2. Robinxen: Another name pops up and Lily is being sent to meet the girl! How will her harem grow?
  3. Robinxen: Random author fluff.

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