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Chapter 1 – Minamoto no Shimizu

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1792 characters
Translator: Momo English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1079 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

The gloomy city of Kamakura was as silent as the grave. An elegant, graceful mansion sat just across the street of the Kamakura Palace —the heart of the ancient city.

The flickering candlelight glowed within the mansion as another Extended Night greeted the day. The candlelight lit up the room with its dim light. The square pillars made of darkened wood, embellished with bronze patterns, cast their flickering shadows upon the quaint concrete floor and the thin curtains. The room was covered in dead silence and dim illumination.

A maiden was seated in the center of the room. A fringe of midnight-blue hair framed a delicate pearl-white face beneath it. Her beauty left all who gazed upon her speechless.

The maiden had a pair black eyes tinged with blue. Her eyebrows that hid under the fringe, when paired with her pointy nose and slightly open rosy lips, gave people the impression of a cold beauty.

In the dead center of one of the walls, there was a small circular window installed in the hollowed out section. Moonlight passed through that spot and illuminated the room, making that spot the brightest area in the entire room.

The maiden wore a kimono with red linings, and the dress itself was decorated with black butterfly designs. She had a slim figure with a slightly bulging chest. Currently, her pale hands were resting on her thighs gently.

As she was sitting under the moonlight, an elated look suddenly emerged on her face. Her deep breaths prompted her shoulders to go up and down.

She took out an octagonal mirror from her bosom and reflected her face with the moonlight.1

“Hmm, Indeed, I am the chosen one!” She exclaimed in a high pitch.

Although the poorly crafted bronze mirror couldn’t reflect her beautiful face clearly, She seemed to be attached to the mirror. The maiden carefully scrutinized the mirror as her slender fingers turned it back and forth.

It was because the maiden knew of this antique mirror’s secret.

This young woman was not any young woman. She was a genius among geniuses, the one who stood above all her peers. Even the Kamakura Imperial Palace had high opinions and hopes for her. She was the supreme talent of the Genji clan, Minamoto no Shimizu.

The strongest among the Six Swords of East Nation.

Even the Land of Snow’s Goddess of War, the hubristic Uesugi Rei was no match for her!

Uesugi Rei was no ordinary woman either. Not only had she assumed the inheritance of the Goddess of War, she was blessed with the constitution of the Blade Maiden, who possessed the mightiest quality that surpassed any warriors’ ability.

On the other hand, Shimizu was just a normal damsel in the royal Genji family. That weak body of hers was worse than any of her peers.

Yet a woman like her became the top of the East Nation young warriors. Clearly, she had certain powers that others did not possess.

Nobody knew that her power was by virtue of the mirror she owned.2

The mirror was her treasure. She didn’t even allow anyone to glance at the mirror. And none shall know of its existence.

The mysterious sword technique in the mirror was her source of power that enabled her to triumph over everyone in the East Nation.

“Hehehehe,” the maiden giggled as she inspected her treasure. Attempting to cover the grin on her face with her palm, she whispered,” Finally, I have found out what this mirror really is! All those time dedicated to scanning through pages of the ancient books in secret was worth it. The legends about it are true!”

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She embraced the mirror and seemed reluctant to let go of it for even a second. She looked up to the frigid moon, with an amorous gaze yet dignified voice, she said, “I am the Mirror Girl.”

Mirror girl, it was a forbidden term not known to the majority of the people in the Genji clan. Or in other words, its existence was buried in the dark corner of mankind’s memory. Shimizu was only able to find very limited records in regards to them.

Even though the ancient texts were blurry and disconnected, she was nonetheless very excited.

Shimizu stared at the moon with her thoughts high above the clouds. “Mirror girls, legend has it that they originated from the Asuka era. They were almost annihilated due to the fear and hatred of their immense powers. People tried to exclude them, monsters tried to slaughter them. But little do they know, I inherited this ancient, powerful blood!” She shouted.

“God had taken away my chance to have a strong body, but I am invincible now after studying the sword skills this mirror taught me.”

“Tut-tut, the Genji Swordstyle was never meant for a girl like me. It demands way too much from my physical skills, far from being suitable for me when compared to this mysterious sword skill.”

“Pffff, no matter how strong Genji Swordstyle are, it was created by mortals. My mirror is teaching me the techniques used by God’s servants!”

“There is nothing to be thrilled at defeating the warriors who practice mortal’s techniques!”

Shimizu held up the mirror again and started rubbing the surface in an attempt to make it look more polished.

“Just one thing that is bothering me…… It seems like I have reached a bottleneck. My skills cannot enhance any further after reaching level 6…..” She murmured.

“Humph, even if this is the case, my sword skill is still stronger than the Genji’s! Nobody except the founder has come close to the highest level of Genji Swordstyle. Plus, his power has only improved five times! However, with MY sword technique, I am already six times better than when I started by simply reaching Level 6! And now, there are only four more levels to go!”

“How unfortunate! How unfortunate that I am stuck here!” Shimizu cried with a sullen gaze, but soon after, her body began to shiver as she got into a coughing fit……

“Cough, cough, cough”

Shimizu tried to prevent herself from collapsing due to the coughs. Her arm was barely holding her in position. Then, she stuffed the mirror back in front of her chest. “Just, just one more level…..Cough, cough!” She gasped.

“How is it possible…… that I have already stopped improving? Can this…….be a trial for me? As the daughter of the mirror girls, what is…… my duty?”3


  1. Silva: Oh? We got another Mirror Girl here?
  2. Silva: Heh… so Lily who possessed both the mirror and Blade Maiden constitute… does that mean she’s already bound for greatness?
    Robinxen: The balance is broken! Hot fix now! Patch!
  3. Robinxen: It’s Volume 2! A mysterious new girl appears! What shall she become? Friend or foe? Lover or rival? All of the above?!

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