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Chapter 64 – Fuma Clan

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2581 characters
Translator: Sigma English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1806 words

Inside a dimly lit room situated by the foothills beneath the mountains north of Takeshita, a dozen flickering, partially shining, candles were lit within the cold wind.

More than half of Dadouji Akira’s gruesome face was hidden in the darkness, radiating more maliciousness than normal. The senile onmyoji was sitting on the floor, meditating. Sometimes, he would dryly cough.

A martial monk pushed open the door to report, “Master Akira, we have thoroughly checked. Kagami Lily’s staying in Chrysanthemum Inn on the western side of the Dojo.”

Listening to him, Akira furrowed his brows. “It’s pretty close to Genji Dojo. Moreover, I heard the Chrysanthemum Inn and the Genji Clan are related. If we take action there, it’s no different from courting death! Damn, that evil woman’s there. What a foul, cunning woman!”

From the darkness behind the bamboo curtain, an obese woman emerged. She was Hiroko who had just arrived.

“Brother, what about hiring the Fuma Clan to assassinate Lily and take back our family heirloom!” Hiroko’s fat face showed her evilness.

“Fuma Clan?” Akira’s brows, which didn’t have any hair, also slammed together. “Exactly, if we want to remain anonymous and erase Lily in the Genji’s territory without making much of a fuss, we could only hire the ninjas. However, the Fuma Clan has high service fees.”

“Big brother! What time do you think is it now? Taro was wounded by that woman. He could recover, but your only son Takano will be a disabled person for the rest of his life! And, the family heirloom, how could we not take it back, brother!” Hiroko’s resentment towards Lily, compared to Akira’s, it was added onto the cunning ruthlessness between women.

“Of course! Why would I care much about money! It’s just that we can’t hire the Fuma Clan with only money. The price we have to pay… Anyway, no matter what, I have to take that woman’s life in exchange for my son’s arm!” Akira’s eyes sparkled maliciously as he made up his mind.

“Hurry, contact that Fuma Clan!”
“Yes, Master!” The martial monk received his order.
Hiroko’s face wore an evil smile.
“Hm hm hm… Lily, you little ⓢⓛⓤⓣ, as soon as the Fuma Clan takes action, even if you’re in the Genji’s territory, you must die!”

Meanwhile, Lily had already brought Nanako to Chrysanthemum Inn.

She hired a small and cheap room for Nanako, which was at the end of the corridor and opposite to her own room. The room was pretty small and had no view, but it was cheap.

There was only one dim oil lamp and a low table in the corner of the room, and nothing else besides the outmoded wooden partition and the mottled wallpaper.

“Th- this room is so small…” Nanako couldn’t get used to it.

“Don’t complain, Miss. You are lodging under someone else’s roof. Moreover, your master is in financial straits,” said Lily, rubbing her money bag.

“I, I have money,” Nanako took out a small, green frog-shaped embroidered pouch.

“Give it to me,” Lily ordered without thinking much.

“What? Master, you, you want to take my money?”

“Don’t worry. Even if I will be poorer, I won’t use your money. It’s you who is a slave now. You don’t have the right to use money. Didn’t you know that? I will help you keep your money first.” Lily said.

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“Er?” Nanako wasn’t willing at all, but she still handed over her pouch. “I just have some pocket money. My expenses are kept by Uncle Taihara.”

Lily opened the pouch to check. It had three silver ingots at the size of a rice cake flake and some silver fragments.

Silver? As expected of a young lady, even her pocket money was silver ingots!

The three silver ingots weighed around 540 grams, which was equivalent to thirty kan! This little pouch had more than thirty kan! Its value was even higher than when Lily was at her richest.

However, Lily wasn’t going to defraud the little girl’s money. She just helped her keep it.

“You give it a go here, sort things out and then go to the backyard to serve me: washing my feet,” said Lily casually.
“What?!” Nanako was startled, “Washing your feet? I don’t want to do that. I have never served anybody before!”1

However, looking at Lily’s big breasts, which were at the same level with her eyes, and taking in the other’s scent, Nanako felt a little frustrated.

‘This big-breasted woman didn’t shower today?’

Nanako’s line of sight moved downward, looking at Lily’s fair, beautiful feet.

‘Hmm, if she asked me to help her shower, perhaps our relationship would reverse. I would see her body, and this big-breasted woman would die of shame. Let’s see if she still dares to order me like that? Perhaps she would revise the contract and become Nanako’s slave instead!’

‘Alright, I should be subtle and patient now… If it’s the slave’s duty, I will serve her first until she’s pleased. Perhaps, she would ask me to bathe her… Then, when she doesn’t have the strength to resist, I will force her to revise the contract! Hmph!’

Half an hour later, it was already late at night.

On the backyard of Chrysanthemum Inn, the open-air bath was fenced in with woods surrounding it, where white mist hovered.

Lily had only an upper garment shrouding her body. The tunic of the shirt covered her creamy bottom as she was sitting on a chair made of ancient wood. Her slender, straight legs were put into a big wooden basin.
Nanako kneeled by her, blushing.

She lifted one of Lily’s small feet. Using a small, wooden bucket to scoop the water from the pond next to them, she gently washed her foot.

‘Turns out her feet are so small. She looks so tall; how come her feet are just a little bigger than mine? And, why don’t I feel the lumps of bone? These curves are so soft and smooth. And, it looks so tender.’

‘Why this foot’s so soft, fair, and smooth? Is she really some low-echelon, poor person? Could she be some Princess that the royal family’s trying to conceal? If so, I’m willing to serve her.’

Nanako used a piece of soft cloth to gently wipe Lily’s foot. Unknowingly, she had brought Lily’s foot pretty close to her small face, to the point that Lily could feel Nanako’s breath on her foot.

“Umm…” Lily’s foot had never been touched by any other person before, and now her sensitive foot was lifted, rubbed and wiped. It made her blush. Indeed, having a slave, she could enjoy such things?

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Looking at Lily’s enjoying face, Nanako put more efforts.

“Nanako, you’re doing well,” Lily gently complimented.

“Things like this, even if you give me a compliment, Master, I- I don’t feel happy about it. I only feel ashamed. I’m a samurai, the oldest daughter of the Saionji House, and I’m washing some ordinary woman’s feet. I, I’m ashamed to the generations of female heads of the Saionji House!” Nanako blushed, complaining in a low tone. However, her hands were still working.

“Ehem… H- hurry up, finish washing. I have something to do later…” Lily hid half of her face as she was unable to bear the feelings of her petite feet being taken care of. She urged Nanako to get the job done.

Indeed, if she asked Nanako to bathe her, it would be a little…

Let’s just take it slowly.

Lily now understood the benefits of having a female slave. Although she wanted to live a self-restrained life with religious practice, whenever she bathed, she saw and touched the provocative body of senior sister, although she could control it, her heart would somewhat beat erratically. If she blindfolded herself, it would be even more inconvenient.

Thus, having this little Lolita to help her shower, she didn’t need to look at her body and profane this pure and holy body.

However, letting this cute but cunning little girl see and wash her from head to toe wasn’t something she could accept easily.

‘I’m the master but if I show shyness when Nanako bathes me, it, of course, will affect my master’s prestige.’

‘Seems I need to prepare my mind carefully. I need to improve the level of my mental state too!’

‘If I got busted by my own slave who was serving me, it would be a big case of face-losing.’

Lily suddenly felt that it wasn’t easy to be a master. However, as she had to shoulder her senior sister’s responsibility, she must become a master. How could she be subdued by those beautiful and powerful women?

Lily made Nanako wash her clothes and returned to her room.

Sometimes, it felt good to order a lady with a noble identity to do chores.

At this moment, Lily’s mood was good. Returning to her room, she closed the door and took out the Sakura Parasol, opening the anima container.

This Sakura Parasol was a shikigami. Since her spirit power was lost, she couldn’t show herself and she could only stay in her original form. Perhaps feeding her with those demon souls would help her recover her original power and shape.

It should be very beneficial to Lily’s training and her adventure going forward!

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Lily opened the anima container, releasing ten animas.

As soon as the Sakura Parasol sensed the anima’s aura, it woke up, hovering and spinning in the air. A chain of faintly glowing pink runes emerged under the parasol.

It generated a magical energy, sucking those animas into the canopy, swallowing them.

Ten animas cost five kan! Lily felt a little hurt. She spent them all!

“Hey, Sakura, can you show yourself now?”

Sakura glowed tenderly, slightly shaking as if it was a person who was stretching her body, pleased with herself and not in the least bit concerned. She said, “Master, are you kidding me? You fed me with these cheap demon souls and you asked me to show myself? It’s not enough to restore bits of my memory. At most, it can supply some spirit energy so I can stay awake for a longer time.”

“What?!” Lily was so surprised. She didn’t expect to see the other disdain the Mountain Imp animas she had risked her life to get! She looked depressed and thought to herself that Sakura’s bad habit was kicking in again. Why didn’t she say it earlier! Those animas cost five strings of coins! How could she spend them to get nothing in return like this! Lily fumed inwardly!

“But my Master, it’s not that the animas you fed me have all gone in vain. I remembered some powers I got in the past. Perhaps I can help you,” said Sakura all of a sudden.


  1. ED: Child, you slave. Get with the times.

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