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Chapter 63 – Lady Slave

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3086 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2126 words

Saionji Nanako had never felt so embarrassed since the day she was born.

“There!” Nanako knelt in front of Lily and unwillingly handed over the slave contract with her name on it.

Lily received it with no trace of politeness.

“You big-breasted woman, i- it’s not like I wanted to become your slave and yielded to you! T- this is only to preserve my honor and reputation as a samurai of the Saionji house! Do you understand?!” Nanako explained in a panic.

Lily stored the contract in her clothes and said, “Nanako, big sister doesn’t care what your reasons are; but from now on, you are my slave. And since that’s the case, do you think it is appropriate to address your master with a name as nasty as big-breasted woman?”

“Eh?” Nanako was appalled, “B- but… even if I have signed the slave contract, I- I am still a young lady. Do you really intend to treat me like a slave?”

“Stop talking!” Lily chided, “Who was the one that kept on spouting something about the honor of a samurai, eh?”

“Uuu……” Nanako’s face reddened in anger, but she could only endure it and gnash her teeth.

“So, how will you address me from now on?” asked Lily with a stern face.

“Master…” When Nanako called out that one word, she felt like she was about to lose something.

Her ten odd years of luxurious life would come to an end just like this, and perhaps she might have to live under the shadow of this big-breasted woman for the rest of her life from now on.

Of course, she always had the choice to run away the very next day and deny the truth. Lily also couldn’t do anything about it if she chose to run away; however, that would be more humiliating than admitting defeat and listening to the orders of this big sister. Abiding the samurai code and acting honestly were her family precepts: that was the last line of honor Nanako could cling to.

Lily felt elated upon hearing a cute little girl, who’s a noble young lady on top of that, calling her master. However, she felt that was enough bullying for today. She also didn’t want to break too much of the girl’s will power.

Lily stood up, picked up the Sakura Parasol, and said, “Let’s go.”

“Eh?” Nanako also got up and asked in doubt, “G- Go where?”

“Of course we’re going back to the inn,” answered Lily as she turned her head with slight amazement.

“Ehhhh?!?!” Nanako shouted in shock, “I- I still need to go back to practice my painting and calligraphy, I must be home at night!”

The so-called home Nanako mentioned was a cabin built in the backyard of a store owned by Saionji house.

“Are you serious? Since you have become my slave, it is only natural that you will follow me. Do you think you still can go home?” asked Lily while pretending to be surprised.

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“What?” In that very instant, Nanako finally realized what a big mess she had gotten herself into. This woman was really treating her as a slave!1

That said, however, since the terms of the contract were written clearly and both parties had signed their names, it would be pointless to report to the government officials. For the Heian Empire put great importance in faith and contract.

“A- Ahhhh!!!!” Nanako felt like the entire world had turned upside down. Never had she ever imagined that the willful, bossy, and mischievous Nanako would one day really fall into the hands of this woman!

“What? Do you think I was only playing with you? Saionji Nanako, so you are the kind of person who sees contract and samurai code as a trifling matter. Hmph!” Lily deliberately took out the contract and tossed it on the ground, “Just go! I don’t need an unfaithful slave like you! You are not worthy to be my slave!”

‘Eh? N- not worthy? I am not even worthy enough to become the slave of this big sister?’ Nanako’s thoughts kept circling around until her system of values started crumbling bit by bit.

She looked at Lily’s sexy back and was suddenly assaulted by these thoughts, ‘This big sister is better than me in every field, and mother only knows how to do business. She spent everyday doing business with those merchants and never properly looked at me, even to chastise me.’

That was how she ended up as arrogant as she was today and considered everyone else to be beneath her.

‘I have already lost the duel, I can’t lose my dignity on top of that!’

A voice spoke as such to Nanako from the depths of her heart.

“Wait!” Nanako’s eyes became cloudy as she was pushed forward by an unknown force. She pulled on Lily’s sleeve and knelt on the spot.

“I- it’s not that Nanako wanted to become your slave, n- nor am I looking forward to be disciplined by you! But… but… Nanako must abide by the code of samurai,” said Nanako as she turned her head away from Lily with feigned disgust.

Lily shook her head helplessly and turned around to pat Nanako’s head with her soft hand.

“Huh?” Nanako’s eyes widened from the unexpected pat on the head. The warmth of the gentle touch spread from her head to the rest of her powerless body.

“Okay, that’s enough. Just don’t be so naughty next time. Big sister only wanted to teach you a lesson, I don’t really have the intention to make you my slave. Alright, go on home now, be a good girl.” said Lily lovingly.

“No! I won’t go back!” Nanako remained stubborn and headstrong, “Since Nanako has already signed the contract, then I am master’s slave from now on! I beg master to keep the slave contract! Otherwise, Nanako’s honor as a samurai would be trampled all over!”


Lily was only planning to teach this loli who always bothered her a lesson, she never intended to play for real!

Why was the train of thought for the women in this parallel world so weird?!2

Since it had already come to this, Lily felt that she might have overdone it. But it was already impossible to stop halfway. Did Nanako really look at this contract with such high regards?

Lily was left without a choice so she gently said, “In that case, just come with me.”

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Lily thought that she might as well play this master-slave game with her for a few days. Nanako would go back by herself once she had a change of mind.

“Thank you, master!” Nanako finally handed the contract back to Lily.

A bitter smile formed on Lily’s face as she stored the contract in her clothes. Did she really just turn a young lady into her slave?

It was already late at night so Lily decided to go back at once. And Nanako was indeed following behind like a good girl.

On their way back, Nanako asked with great concern, “Excuse me… big-breasted wo…”

“Eh? What did you just call me, Nanako? Do you want me to remind you about the good faith of a samurai?” Lily teased her on purpose.

“Uhm… M- master! What will you do to me once we get back? You won’t ride on me like a horse right? Nanako is still small…”

Lily had a dispirited grin on her face as sweat accumulated on her forehead as she retorted in her mind, ‘Who will play that kind of perverted game with you, I am a proper young lady okay?!’

“Nothing much, it’s just simple chores like washing my back and legs, and also the clothes,” said Lily as she deemphasized the tasks.

“What?!?!” Upon hearing that she needed to help this big-breasted sister wash her back and her legs… Nanako’s face turned as red as a tomato, “H- how can that be… I- I am from a distinguished family, there’s no way I will wash your legs and whatnot! As if I will ever wash your underwear!”

As Lily looked at Nanako under the moonlight, she asked with slight amazement, “Nanako, why is your nose bleeding?”


When Lily arrived at the opposite bank of the river with Nanako, she found her path barred by the Taihara duo and a few foot soldiers.

“Miss Nanako!” said the gray-haired Taihara Yukimichi, “We finally found you! That’s great, we were so worried about you, young lady. Just where have you been all this time?”

“That’s right, young lady! Why did you disappear for half of the day!” Taihara Sugiyama also said pressingly, “Let’s go back quickly.”

However, Nanako had a gloomy expression as she said in a somber voice, “No… I am not going back with you.”

“Huh?” Sugiyama asked, “Young lady, what are you saying? How can you not go back when it’s already this late? If the madam knows…”

“No… not only tonight, I will not be going back anymore starting today. Please bring everyone back to the Suruga province with you. There’s no need to wait for me. From now on, I am no longer your young lady.”

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“What?!?!” Everyone shouted in unison, then Yukimichi asked, “Young lady, what is wrong with you? Why are you in such a low spirit? Could it be that something happened between you and Miss Kagami?”

Nanako suddenly threw a tantrum and yelled, “You all listen well! I, Saionji Nanako, had a duel with big sister Kagami Lily just now!”

“Before the duel, I- I made a deal with her: the loser will become the slave of the winner! And I… lost. I even signed the slave contract, so from now on… I will not be able to move freely anymore. Wherever the master goes, I will go with her. That’s why I cannot be your young lady anymore,” said Nanako with reluctance, anger, and grievance mixed together.

“What?!?!” The Taihara duo and all the foot soldiers were greatly surprised. All of their attention was focused on Lily.

Lily also felt a little awkward from all the attention, ‘What, are they going to fight me over their young lady?’ Lily wasn’t scared of these people at all, but she didn’t want to fight with them over such a pointless thing. Those two also didn’t seem like bad people. Moreover, they were very loyal to Nanako!

If they really wanted to take Nanako back, then just let them take her back. If she really had to take this little girl as a slave, it would also be quite troublesome.

“Is that so,” Yukimichi said with a serious look on his face, “Since you lost the duel, then there is nothing we can do about it.”3

“That’s right! You have even signed the contract. As the female samurai of the Saionji house, you naturally cannot go back on your word,” Sugiyama also said with a very earnest expression.

“Eh?” Nanako and Lily let out a stupefied remark.

The two stepped aside and got behind Nanako, then they bowed towards Nanako at the same time, “You will comply with the contract even at the cost of becoming a slave yourself. Young lady, you are the pride of the Saionji house!”

“Young lady! You can follow Miss Kagami at ease! Go out there and see the world with your own eyes. We, father and son, cannot take care and protect you anymore, but we will at least report back to the madam! We will miss you dearly, young lady!”4


Nanako initially thought that these two loyal servants would fight with Lily in order to take her back. Then she would be able to say that it wasn’t because she didn’t want to keep her word, but who would have known that these two were honest to an idiotic degree…

Lily also had a puzzled face as she looked on from the side. It would seem that her understanding of the Heian Empire’s customs was still very insufficient!

“Miss Kagami— please— look after the young lady!”

The river bank was illuminated a beautiful azure by the moonlight.

A tall and long-haired beauty was walking along the quiet and secluded road with a twin-tailed loli in pink kimono.

As for the Taihara duo and the numerous foot soldiers, they were kneeling in the middle of the road and bowed to Lily as she walked further away.

“Please take good care of the young lady!”

“Please refrain from spanking her! The young lady has been most afraid of that since childhood!”

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The Taihara duo were shedding tears as they saw their young lady off with Lily. She was about to take the first step towards her own fantastic journey in this dark age.


  1. ED: What was she expecting? Was she going to give Lily nights and weekends off too?
  2. ED: Poor guy, never spoke to a woman in his past life it seems…
  3. ED: They are too happy. And I love them for it!
  4. TL: Hahaha, I’ll bet they are more than happy to finally be relieved of their mission to take care of Nanako xD

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