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Chapter 62 – Duel and Contract

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3209 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2082 words

Beneath the tall pine, isolated by thick fog stood two girls facing each other at ten meters; Lily in a purple kimono, and Nanako in a pink miniskirt kimono. Suddenly, Nanako let out a cute spirited cry as she cut through the wind in her charge towards Lily at a speed unreachable for most samurais of the same level, “Eee-yaaah!”

Lily’s twice strengthened body from the two spirit powers boosted her dynamic visual acuity to level above Nanako’s speed, rendering each action clear for her to see. She stood, waiting for Nanako to get closer. If she used her 800-some kan of penetration force, she could disarm Nanako immediately; however, that would be going overboard. In addition, Lily hadn’t faced a well-trained martial artist like her before, they were all brute-type fighters. As such, she planned to only use the light blue spirit power.

Nanako weapons were fast but at the cost of a shorter reach, so she had to be very close to her opponent. Once she was in front of Lily, she leapt from the ground with a kick, her right hand holding the kodachi slashing towards Lily with the added momentum from the jump. With Nanako having lost the ability to change her position, Lily made full use of her katana’s length to quickly slash at Nanako in a horizontal strike!

With a loud clang Nanako’s kodachi moved with a mind of its own and deflected the strike, all while the glistening gauntlet quickly approached Lily’s face! Lily suddenly realized something important – Nanako’s kodachi was so short as it was a defensive weapon. Once Nanako got past her opponent’s sword, she could deliver a blow with her karate techniques – her true fighting style! In response, Lily’s feet began to move in a peculiar way as she took a few steps back to withdraw from Nanako’s attack range in an instant.

“Tsk! How can you be so nimble with such a big ⓣⓘⓣⓢ!” Nanako shouted while chasing as soon as her feet touched the ground, quickly slashing at Lily with the kodachi. In spite of that, Lily easily dodged to the side.

“What?!” Nanako exclaimed, she never expected Lily to be so good at dodging! Those moves were all thanks to senior sister’s athletic body and Lily’s ethereal footwork. Nanako stamped on the ground with one foot to turn her body around, slashing at Lily once again, only to be blocked with the tip of Seiwa Tamashi as if it were natural. Lily’s moves were as smooth as the moving clouds and flowing water in a calm stream: graceful and unconstrained.

‘Th- this woman!’ Nanako exclaimed in her head, ‘actually blocked my attack with such an irregular and laid-back move. Her sword-play is mediocre at best, but those seemingly straightforward moves are extremely effective! This big sister… is very talented!’

Nanako was a lost cause when it came to femininity when she compared herself to Lily, so she absolutely didn’t want to lose against her in talent. Her rage flared stronger than it ever had been as she squatted down, driving her gauntlet into the ground, and launching a low kick at Lily’s shins; her fighting style making full use of her sword, fists, legs, and also hidden weapons, such as the small dagger that was suddenly ejected from her sandle.

With one hand holding the katana, Lily grabbed Nanako’s bare leg with the other. Coated in spirit power, her slender arms could exert a strength that peaked around 400 kan of force – 1200 kilograms (~2645 lbs): more than enough to easily fling Nanako into the sky.

Through great difficulty, Nanako managed to turn around in midair, too late to avoid the awkwardness of her butt touching the ground as she fell onto the meadow. Somersaulting to her feet, her face was tinged with anger as she shouted, “Stupid big-breasted woman!”

Dashing forward while launching consecutive agitated attacks that Lily either dodged or deflected —practically using Nanako as a practice dummy— Nanako was quickly growing tired, gasping for breath; in contrast Lily wasn’t tired, as she had been passively dodging with minimal movements, on top of her advantage when it came to blocking attacks, she felt like she had simply been strolling in the park.

“N- no way… how can this be!” Nanako gradually became more impatient, “This woman… why is her footwork so good? Why does she look so graceful even while dodging? Moreover, s- she is taller than me and has such big breasts, but her speed is actually faster than mine!”

Nanako was very unwilling to accept that her speed and dexterity also fell short of this big breasted woman. This was a huge hit to her confidence.

After the frenzied attacks, Nanako pulled some distance from Lily. She was gasping for air, with her hands on her knees. Fragrant sweats could be seen forming on her forehead.

And as for Lily? She was standing there while brushing her hair, looking very relaxed.

“Stupid woman… y- you better take this more seriously! Or the next move could possibly end your life!” yelled Nanako in a fit of anger.

“Oh my, am I not taking this seriously enough?” Lily smiled sweetly.

‘Hmph, she obviously has that indifferent look on her face!’ thought Nanako, but she was actually anxious about the outcome of the battle. She didn’t expect Lily to gain the upper hand with her outstanding physical ability despite having mediocre sword skills.

She already lost to this big sister when it came to the size of their breasts, but she didn’t expect to lose to her in power and speed as well. In front of Lily, Nanako was just like a little chick.

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‘She… this big sister is so strong.’

Nanako’s eyes became cloudy as her mind was enveloped by a hazy-feeling.

‘If I lose to big sister Lily, I will become her slave…’

‘She is so strong, there’s no way I can beat her. I lost to her in every aspect. In that case… doesn’t that mean big sister is meant to be the master?’

For the first time in Nanako’s life, everything she knew about herself came crumbling down.

‘No! Not good!’

‘Hmph! As long as my finishing blow can hit her, I can turn this whole situation around!’

Nanako fired herself up!

‘As long as I can beat this woman, then this big sister who is stronger than me in every aspect will become my slave!’
‘I can ride on this proud and girly big sister like a horse! That would be so fascinating!’
‘Hmph, although she is strong, she still lacks experience. She definitely won’t be able to see through this move! Even if I don’t have as much power as her, it’s my win if I can connect the hits! Then she will be mine! I can do anything I want to her!’
‘I’ll bet everything on this move! I can win this!’

The atmosphere around Nanako became heavier as light blue Spirit Power materialized around her body.

Lily also had a serious look on her face. She warned herself not to look down on the ancient martial skills that had been passed down for several hundreds of generation! She could be defeated in one fell swoop despite her dominance in battle!

Lily pulled out the scabbard from her waist and changed the way she held the sword. After sheathing the sword, she lowered her body and got into an iaijutsu stance.

“Iaijutsu?” Nanako was startled and thought to herself, ‘Hah, although she can hide her flaws and prevent others from predicting her next move with this, I have nothing to fear with this move of mine! Kagami Lily, be prepared to lose!’

“Hah!” shouted Nanako as the all the Spirit Power she accumulated burst out. With a sharp acceleration, Nanako got in front of Lily with a strong wind after her trail. Victory or defeat would be decided in an instant!

When Nanako entered Lily’s sword range, she drew the katana.

“Clang!” However, Nanako’s kodachi was faster and hit the blade which Lily barely pulled out. She offset the blade and prevented Lily from drawing her sword.

“You lose!” Nanako was sure of her victory.

The gauntlet on Nanako’s other hand was her true finishing move as it carried all of her remaining Spirit Power. The light blue Spirit Power formed a spiral vortex on the gauntlet as she lifted it to launch the decisive blow on Lily.1


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Lily pushed the still sheathed blade against the kodachi, causing Nanako to lose her balance and the direction of her punch. Spinning the sword around, Lily drove the scabbard into Nanako’s rib, sending her flying away; her kodachi dropping to the ground at Lily’s feet.

“Crish-crash,” After Nanako’s body flew for several meters, she crashed powerlessly onto the spongy ground and fainted.

It might have been a short while or perhaps several minutes had already elapsed.

Nanako finally, if unsteadily, walked back to consciousness. What immediately entered her line of sight was the pine needles and pine cones. And beside her, she could see Lily’s purple kimono and her bare legs.

“……” Nanako wanted to get up, but she found that to be an impossible task. Her hands seemed to be bound by some kind of rope and her body seemed to be lying on Lily’s soft thigh.2

“What are you doing?!” Nanako realized what a shameful position she was in and her face turned red instantly. She twisted her body in an attempt to struggle, “Big breasted woman! What are you planning to do?! Let me go, release me!”

However, Nanako found to her dismay that her hands and waist had been pressed down firmly by Lily single-handedly. She was unable to break free at all!

“Kagami Lily, what do you think you’re doing?! You actually dare to tie me up?! Release me! I order you to let me go at once! You big-breasted, Herculean woman! Female monster! Fox-spirit!” Nanako kept wriggling her cute little body. Her legs flapped in disorder and cursing remarks kept coming from her mouth.

Being called a monster was Lily’s most recent concern. She originally planned to give her some face as she was a girl, but since she scolded Lily like that, anger was welling up in her heart. She made up her mind and lifted Nanako’s short skirt, then from her bosom, she took out a black ruler borrowed from the granny.3

All of these were carried out in one go, with no prior indication of it at all. Nanako was dumbfounded at the sudden turns of event.

She only felt a chilly sensation on her butt.


The big sister’s ruler hit Nanako’s butt with no holds barred.

Nanako was completely stupefied.

After she had grown up, not even her mother Kotoka had hit her once. And today, under the broad daylight, not only did she lose to this woman, she was even pressed onto this big sister’s thigh and got spanked like a child.

Nanako was undoubtedly furious and ashamed, “You actually dare to hit me?! I- I am the young lady of the Saionji house!”

“I am hitting you precisely because you are an unruly young lady with a lack of discipline!”

Lily’s voice was elegant but stern and merciless all the same.

“Slap! Slap! Slap!”


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The moon rose to the sky and darkness overruled the light.

Nanako had flushed cheeks with tears in her eyes. She covered her butt with one hand.

“Kagami Lily… y- you dare to hit my butt. Did you know it is a capital offense to shame and mistreat a nobility?!” Nanako was prostrating in front of Lily, but she still glowered at Lily and said with a sobbing tone.

Lily on the other hand just crossed her legs and said complacently, “Hmm? Nobility? Don’t forget that you are my slave now. What crime did I commit when I’m just punishing my slave?”

“T- that’s…” Nanako panicked and was at a loss for words.

“What’s that? Miss Nanako, could it be that the young lady of the historical Saionji house won’t keep her word?”

“You… shut up! I- I am Nanako of the Saionji house, as a samurai, I… I will keep my promise!” Although Nanako’s face was filled with reluctance and shame, she couldn’t break the samurai code and her family’s honor.

With a slightly cunning smile on her face, Lily said, “Then what are you hesitating for? Take it out and sign it yourself.”


  1. ED: Will Nanako’s drill pierce the heavenly beauty that is Lily’s face?
  2. TL: Okay… are we getting a spanking session? xD
    ED: She deserves one
  3. ED: Did she prepare for the spanking?

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