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Chapter 50 – Aomi

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2188 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1522 words

Lily’s clothing was tattered, that beautiful red kimono was in a shabby state. Her moonlit skin was covered in a thin layer of sweat.

Her red lips were unable to remain shut from taking deep respiration and expiration repeatedly. Her breasts constantly jiggled up and down in short intervals.

Lily’s beautiful long hair weakly dropped onto her milky white breasts. Her sorry excuse for a kimono was already torn to shreds and only a bit of clothes were left covering her front. It was purely by chance that her important parts were covered up.

Even at her waist, the only thing remaining was the sash and some red clothes. Her slim waist was undoubtedly on full display. Her skirt was torn diagonally and her thighs could almost be seen completely from a certain angle. Her body continued to release a delicate fragrance as though it didn’t care about the current state of affair.

A little bit of mud was clinging to her feet, but rather than making her feet seem dirty, it emphasized her purity and elegance evermore.

Even now, the distressed girl was as beautiful and alluring as ever, but this was her bottom line, the young girl couldn’t allow herself to be soiled more than this.

However, she already became like this merely from running away and falling into the valley. Just what kind of pitiful state would she end up in if she was to face a few hundred Mountain Imps at once?

One or two Mountain Imps were nothing to be scared of, Lily could deal with them easily.

But it was a different story when it came to a colony with hundreds of Mountain Imps. Even a High-tier Samurai would be torn to shreds!

And for a beautiful young girl like Lily, it would be the best outcome for her if she was simply killed on the spot.

This valley was several meters wide, the trees stood tall and it was precipitous on all sides. It was practically impossible for Lily to climb up as she would most likely be dragged down into the valley by the Mountain Imps perched on the trees.

But to engage them in combat? How so? How could a Mid-tier Samurai like Lily deal with several hundred Mountain Imps? Just a few dozen of them were enough to kill Lily several times over!

With no way to escape or defeat them, just what should Lily do?

If she still possessed the Sakura Parasol, perhaps she could somehow conceal her presence, but the parasol in question was now gone!

As Lily exhaled, her breath touched the blade and condensed into mists. The inverted image that was reflected in the sword became blurry.

“Senior sister, Lily doesn’t know what to do. I have no idea what will become of me if I am captured, however, Lily does not plan to surrender! Nor will I give up!”

Lily swiftly raised the sword and pointed it towards the precipitous mountain wall, then she moved her long legs as she ran to the side.

The Mountain Imps also started to move instantaneously.

One Mountain Imp after another jumped from branches to branches as they pursued Lily. The ones that were closer to her jumped down immediately!

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“Pfff!” As Lily continued to run, she grabbed the katana with both hands and did a single-loop jump1 to cut down the first Mountain Imp that jumped at her!

The second Mountain Imp launched at her from the front.

Lily thrust Seiwa Tamashi forward and pierced through the Mountain Imp’s gaping mouth. Lily flung her sword to the side and threw the forty to fifty kilograms corpse at another Mountain Imp that jumped at her.

“Huff— Huff— Huff!” Lily was wounded, exhausted, and almost out of Spirit Power, but she must overtax her body in order to maintain the speed. It would be the end if she got swarmed by the Mountain Imps.

Six to seven Mountain Imps simultaneously jumped at her from above. There was also a number of Mountain Imps that were trying to surround her from the ground!

Lily jumped off the ground with her legs spread open. After jumping over one Mountain Imp, she stepped on the face of the other one. Her katana danced in the sky and opened up a bloody path!

But as just she landed on the ground, she was inattentive and got hit in the lower leg by a Mountain Imp she failed to notice. Lily lost her balance and fell down. Just before touching the ground, she turned over and touched down on her back. While that was happening, she took advantage of the turn to cut off the arm of one approaching Mountain Imp.

In spite of that, another Mountain Imp grabbed her hair and dragged her on the ground. Lily didn’t even take a look and stabbed the Mountain Imp to death. Immediately after that, Lily lifted her legs to kick away a Mountain Imp that jumped at her belly.

One Mountain Imp tried to grab Lily’s leg but only managed to snatch a shoe due to Lily bending her leg.

She rolled to the side and avoided the attacks of a few Mountain Imp by entering a small passage. She managed to kill a few of them by using the passage as a cover. After that, she jumped out and continued to run the other direction. What immediately entered her sight was a countless number of Mountain Imps jumping at her from above and behind. It formed a very peculiar scene.

Regardless of how this scene came to be, it portrayed only one conclusion for the girl. Weary and exhausted, the girl would face a tragic end right here, right now!

Lily’s Spirit Power was nearly exhausted, she wouldn’t be able to maintain enough speed to keep the Mountain Imps at bay. She also wouldn’t be able to cut the Mountain Imps in half as easily as before.

“Pfff—!” This slash didn’t even contain a tenth of Lily’s penetration force. It cut into the flesh of the Mountain Child but didn’t cut through the bone. The body weight of the Mountain Imp was directly applied on Lily —who was already weakened— and caused her to fall mid-run.

The sword was still stuck in the body of the Mountain Imp so it slid to the corner of the valley along with the cold corpse.

Lily’s lungs felt as though they were scorching. It was so difficult to breathe that her mind almost went blank. Her unfocused eyes only saw one-eyed monsters jumping at her from everywhere.

And yet she didn’t even have any strength left to pull the sword out from the corpse and stand up.

Right now, Lily didn’t feel any fear whatsoever. That was because she completely ran out of strength, with not a single ounce remaining.

She knew that this was the beginning of her gruesome end. And the start of her demise wouldn’t end with something as merciful as death!

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These wicked monsters wouldn’t be so merciful to a human girl!

At this very second, the time flow around Lily seemed to have slowed down. She saw a pile of bones near where she fell. The bones were worn out and appeared to have been left there for many years.

Some extremely tattered clothes were attached to the bones, but Lily could vaguely tell those were once a small-sized pink kimono. She unconsciously crawled towards the bones. She didn’t know why, but perhaps because she could feel that the bones were once a human, and a small girl no less. An innocent small girl that was consumed by the Mountain Imp.

A safety charm hanged on the chest of the bones. It was badly damaged, but the fuzzy letters carved on the charm could still be identified.


In this instant, Lily did not feel any anger nor sadness. She had apparently peered into the truth of this world. She was naive and kindhearted, weak and innocent. She wouldn’t be able to protect herself like this!

She was just like this pitiful little girl and the upstanding man that was her father.

These kinds of people who would ultimately end up as mere bones and vengeful spirits.

“Hehehe… Hehehehehe.”

The moonlight spread on Lily’s back and shoulder like a silky net. Her arm stretched out from the dilapidated kimono and held firmly onto the shaft of Seiwa Tamashi. Her face was covered up by her long black hair.

She laughed, and a creepy laugh at that. Even so, it was a snicker with a bit of allure!

But nobody knew why she snickered, nor who she was sneering at.

In Lily’s body, just a little below her lower abdomen, an inherent yet uncanny soul torrent began to spread throughout her body and arms. These torrents eventually flowed into the Seiwa Tamashi that Lily was using to support her body. The blade that was originally glowing in blue light suddenly turned red due to the strange flow. On the mirror-like surface of the blade, shiny red runes that pulsed like blood vessels pop-up one after another.



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