Chapter 8 – Lodging, Bath, And…

Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library

Even after Hojo mounted the horse and left, Nagahide was still very courteous to Lily. He called for an old lady known as Ayashi to take care of Lily.

Those brats were looking at Lily from the side, it seemed like they had never seen such a beautiful girl before in this countryside. Especially that fatty who spoke rudely to Lily just now, his eyes were stuck to Lily’s body like glue.

“What are you looking at!” Matsuda Nagahide chided the brats, “Stay focused and swing your sword a hundred times!”

“Miss Kagami, this way please.” Ayashi kindly called out to Lily.

Actually, Lily still wanted to watch these youngsters practicing with their sword for a while longer. Even though she had the mind to learn, it would appear a little strange to mention this as soon as she arrived. After all, she was here as a guest, not someone who specially came here to become an apprentice.

Lily followed Ayashi through a winding corridor made of wooden floor. On the way, Ayashi said, “Miss Kagami, in this house lived Lord Matsuda, the Madam, and a few samurais. There are also those brats who came here to learn the way of the sword. Apart from the Lord and the Madam, the others are young and vigorous unmarried men. It is for the best if Miss Kagami is to stay at the back of the house and don’t walk all over the place, so as to not run into trouble.”

Lily knew that granny Ayashi was most knowledgeable about the circumstances in this area. Whatever she said was only for her own good.

“You have to be especially careful of that fatty. He is called Daidouji Taro1 and is the nephew of the Madam. He is young yet his nature is so ferocious. He has already harmed several girls in the surrounding villages. I even heard that he has killed some of them. The Lord accused him, but the Madam always shielded him.” Ayashi was feeling vexed as she spoke.

“Thank you for granny’s kind reminder. I will take note of that,” said Lily as she tensed up. She originally thought that the people here would also be just as upright as Hojo Ujizane. She felt really lucky that Hojo was the first person she encountered. Lily thought that she could learn fencing safely in this place, but it seemed like it would not be that easy.

‘I was brought here by their Young Master, would the fatty really dare to touch me?’ Lily thought in her heart.

Ayashi and Lily passed through the winding corridor, and they arrived at one of the houses in the back. After opening the door, they could see a small desk with a towel on top was already set up in the room, “Miss Kagami, please rest here first. I will go prepare some refreshments and bath water for you.”

She could take a bath? Lily was rather delighted at the news. She had indeed been through quite an adventure and sweated a lot.

However, Lily did feel slightly anxious.

“That… granny, may I ask where is the restroom?” Lily blushed as she asked. That’s right, since she came to this world last night, she had never been to the toilet…

“Is the young lady perhaps referring to the outhouse? It’s just located in the backyard. After passing through the garden, you will find an outhouse especially used by the Madam and female guests.” Ayashi opened the back door of the room. The backyard was overgrown with grasses and vines, it was a rather wild garden.2

“Thank you…”

Lily tried to appear as unhurried as possible as she passed through the garden and entered the outhouse at the corner of the garden.

Although this body was her’s now, it was due to senior sister’s sacrifice that she was still alive, so how could she soil her body so lightly?

However, this was a normal physiological need after all. Since she had turned into a girl, some things were unavoidable.

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“Senior sister, please forgive me…” Lily whispered in her heart.

Only now did Lily saw the underwear she wore for the first time, but she only took a quick glance before bashfully turning her face away. After all, she couldn’t settle the business if she didn’t look at all.

It was a side tie panty with pure-white color.

Lily closed her eyes at the next moment. She didn’t see the place that shouldn’t be seen. This was senior sister’s body, how could she look as she wished!

Including the bath afterward, Lily closed the door of the washroom —which was located behind the kitchen— and used a white towel to cover her eyes before she took off her clothes.

It was a little hard, but not impossible. After all, Lily was rather dexterous.

As she was soaking in the wooden tub with her eyes covered, Lily was in silent thought.

Lily still couldn’t see anything, but after raising her hand, she could smell the sweet fragrance emitted by her body after a day of vigorous exercise. That was enough to make Lily be infatuated. So this was senior sister’s smell…

She had always been infatuated by the scent of the female hormones released by senior sister after exercising. There was this one time when he was peeking at senior sister playing tennis. After the end of the match, senior sister left the court and brushed past him, who was standing near the wire netting. The feminine smell that he picked up at that time was as intoxicating as the spring dew.

She recalled that night, she was having delusions with senior sister’s body… and sometimes she even had subjective ideas popping up in her head. Those were things that couldn’t be told to the general audience. But now, just by lowering her head, she could clearly see every nook and corner of senior sister’s body. Just by extending her hand, she could touch as much as she liked. However, other than the necessary actions to wash the body, she didn’t touch more than necessary!

Otherwise, how could she face senior sister! The senior sister who confessed to her!

His height was below average, he was cowardly, and did not emit an ounce of manliness. Yet senior sister was deeply in love with this kind of him. If he doesn’t get stronger, how could he be worthy of senior sister’s love! Even he wouldn’t forgive himself if he used this beautiful body carelessly!

True, when she was a boy, she had delusional thoughts about senior sister and had little to no self-control. However, after becoming a girl, she was determined to begin a life of self-discipline.

Anyway, this was not likely to be detrimental to her. Since she had the resolution to walk the path of a samurai, she naturally had to cultivate her mental strength.

That’s right, a samurai! In order to live in this chaotic world, she had to rely on herself! Rely on her own strength to protect herself, to protect senior sister’s spotless body, and to live with dignity!

After the bath, Lily felt her whole body relaxed. When she returned to the room, a bed was already laid on the floor. There were even refreshments arranged next to the bed. Lily didn’t have an appetite, so she only drank a few sips of tea. For a moment, she felt really tired, so she gracefully lied down in the bed mattress. Unexpectedly, she fell into a deep sleep in the blink of an eye.

This night, she had no dream.


  1. ok, confirmed that Daidouji is a surname 
  2. TLC: 看到一处茅草丛生,攀藤附蔓却也别有一番野趣的庭院。 

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