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Chapter 16 – Madam

Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library

Lily awkwardly pulled the lapel of her yukata to prevent her breasts from being exposed.

Soon after, a shadow from outside blocked the candle flame held by granny Ayashi.

Lily raised her head only to see a short, obese woman with poor taste in clothing and heavy makeup barging into the room.

“Oh, you must be Miss Kagami?” The madam smacked her plump and glossy red lips.

“Y-yes.” Lily was still frantically sorting out her clothing as she made a bow in her seiza position.

That fat woman’s feet seemed to carry some kind of body odor. Without saying anything, she sat directly beside Lily and one could feel the entire room shake for a moment.

“I am Daidouji Hiroko, the m.a.d.a.m. of this house!”

“Greetings to the madam.”

“I’ve long received the news that a devastating beauty of peerless elegance has graced upon our house. Why have you only been associating with the men ever since your arrival and didn’t come to see me?”

“I’ve embarrassed myself, because of my interest in kenjutsu, I have asked elder Matsuda to teach me and didn’t pay a timely visit to the madam. Please pardon my rudeness.”

“Sheesh, it’s too hot! Ayashi, why are you not fanning!”

Lily tried to keep her frown in check. Even if Ayashi was a servant, was it not too arrogant to make an old woman fan for her?

Hiroko continued by saying, “I heard Miss Kagami is the young lady of the affluent Kagami clan in Kansai region?”

“That’s right, but I’m not qualified to be regarded as some young lady.”

Hiroko looked at Lily suspiciously, “Our Daidouji house’s family head, that is to say, my big brother Daidouji Akira, is the elder of the Hojo clan. Have you ever heard of it?”

“I haven’t,” Lily answered truthfully.

“You—” Hiroko was so angry that her meat was visibly shaking, but she endured it and continued, “Hmph… your Kagami clan is a prestigious house in the Kansai region, it’s no big wonder you’ve never heard of a vagabond force like our Daidouji clan. It’s just that our Daidouji clan has frequent communication with that Honjyo Temple1 close to the Heian Capital. May I know which subclan does Miss Kagami belong to? Tell us, and my big brother will naturally help you ask around so that they can send someone to receive Miss Kagami as soon as possible. Will Miss Kagami please let me know?”

Lily only stared blankly back at her. How could she know which subclan she belonged to when the whole thing was a lie? That’s why this was all she replied with, “I… can’t remember.”

“Hahahahaha! Miss Kagami, you don’t look like someone with amnesia from the way you speak. How is it possible that you can’t even remember your parents? The way I see it, Miss Kagami, you are not from Kagami clan at all!”2

Lily trembled slightly.

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She felt that the madam only visited her today in order to make things difficult for her, even though Lily had never offended her before.

“Madam, I really… can’t remember. If madam really does not believe me and feel that I am not of the Kagami clan, then you can treat me as such.”

Lily originally admitted herself as the young lady of the Kagami clan only to boost her status a little so she wouldn’t be bullied by the samurais. She was not trying to use the name of an influential clan to swindle someone. If she was originally a girl from this world, lying like this was naturally inappropriate. However, Lily had experienced an air crash along with senior sister, then they were unknowingly sent to this world with the body of a girl. What other choice did she have? All she wanted was to survive!

She was amnesic anyway, it didn’t matter what she said. Lily also didn’t want to deal with this fat woman for too long.

“Hmph, don’t think you can beat around the bush by using your lost memories as an excuse! Do you not have anything that can prove your identity with?” Hiroko continued to push for an answer.

“None.” Lily did not feel like saying more than that.

Seeing Lily’s indifferent look, Hiroko became even more furious, “Hmph! Let me tell you, if not because we have asked Miss Sakiko of the Genji Dojo to inspect your personal clothing to prove that you are indeed a human, I would have thought that you are really a female monster!”

“What?!” Lily was startled, her entire body heated up due to shame.

“Personal clothing?!” Lily recalled how she slept for the whole day yesterday and after she woke up, she found her kimono as well as… her underwear were already washed and neatly folded by the door side. She was originally feeling grateful, but never did she expect they would actually take it for inspection! If they took her kimono for inspection, then that was still acceptable, but if her string panty was also…

Lily’s face immediately turned red, she lowered her head feeling ashamed.

Looking at how embarrassed Lily was feeling, Hiroko felt pleased with herself and said with contempt, “From my point of view, you are just a vixen! By looking so pretty, are you trying to seduce our lord and steal our family properties? Let me tell you, our doors are closed!”

Lily was dumbfounded when she heard these. No wonder the madam was so overbearing since the start, it was just that she was jealous of Lily’s youth and beauty. She was afraid that Lily would fight over their lord. Lily was really speechless.

Because Lily was a boy on the inside, she did not immediately associate this as the reason.

Although her face was still red, Lily still looked at this fat woman with cold eyes. She couldn’t help but feel sympathetic for Matsuda Nagahide in her heart.

“Madam, you can feel at ease, elder Matsuda is a good person,” Lily replied with indifference.

“G-Good person, you say? You only interacted with him for a day and you say that [email protected] is a good person?! Just how much of a slꭒt are you?! You shameless vixen, let me tell you, don’t let my old age trick you, the reason Matsuda clan has today is mostly thanks to me! What about Matsuda is…”

Lily didn’t feel like listening to the fat woman’s blather so she shut off her words halfway through. Apparently, the people of this world did not understand the meaning of her words.

“Madam!” Lily raised her tone of voice, “I respect you as the mistress of Matsuda clan, but you should watch what you say! I will never be tempted by any men!”

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A sharp, invisible aura rose from Lily’s surroundings.

Women were sensitive creatures to begin with, even though Hiroko didn’t know any martial arts, she was still scared by this little bit of murderous aura, “Heh, that’s good, as… as long as you understand! This house is managed by me, in short, don’t try anything funny here! Otherwise, y-you will regret it!”

Lily’s icy gaze gave Hiroko a fright, so she hurriedly left after leaving behind a fierce remark. Her heavy footsteps rumbled through the sidewalk.

As Lily closed the door, she felt that was more exhausting than encountering a demon. She lied down on the floor and looked at the wooden beam of the ceiling.

“I originally thought that one Daidouji Taro is already annoying enough, but now a Daidouji Hiroko has appeared! I only wanted to learn the way of a samurai in peace. I’m definitely going to set out on a journey right away once I have enough power for self-defense. Only by staying at the Matsuda clan, I have already made myself an enemy. I’m afraid that the journey ahead will be much harder than I imagined.”

“Senior sister… No matter how hard or dangerous is it, I will definitely find a way to awaken you!”

These small matters wouldn’t be able to sway Lily.

Even though she was just a good-for-nothing otaku, senior sister liked her, what more could she ask for?

Hardship? Exhausting? Dangerous?
These things were nothing compared to the joy she felt that time!


  1. Ok, I’m not sure if this Honjyo is referring to a person or a clan, but according to context, a clan sounds more appropriate.
  2. Uh oh… Busted!

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