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Chapter 10 – Awaken After a Night

Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library

When the beautiful girl woke up, it was already the early morning of the morrow.

The sunlight passed through the thin paper of the wooden door. The slightly golden illumination spread into the room and left behind the gorgeous shadow of the door frame.

Lily got up and felt unexpectedly refreshed. She seemed to have completely recovered from her fatigue, fear, and everything she experienced before. That’s not right, she had never felt this refreshed even once since the day she was born. It was true that after turning into senior sister, she was more energetic than the time she was a boy, but now, Lily felt full of energy!

“Senior sister!” Lily suddenly looked all over the place. She was indeed the only one left in this quiet little house.

Lily lowered her head, and under the white yukata that was soaked by her sweat, those firm breasts and deep valley were clearly visible. There was also the old copper mirror that slid under her belly due to her suddenly getting up.

“As expected, it’s still like this…”

She was still in senior sister’s body. And last night, in that unbelievable space, was his soul. That’s why he appeared in his male form.

Her soul was definitely a male, that was nothing strange about that.

It’s just that… senior sister had no choice but to sleep in that cold, gloomy space.

Lily suddenly lowered her head to look at that old copper mirror.

She picked up the copper mirror and felt that the decorative designs on the copper mirror were now more detailed than before. Even the rough surface had become very clear.

Lily seemed to have noticed something when looking at the round mirror with octagon-shaped outer frame.

“These designs… where have I seen them before?”

“Aren’t these the markings I had seen on the surface of that mysterious octagonal stone room last night? Moreover, the outer frame of this mirror is also octagon-shape! Doesn’t it look similar to those eight walls?”

“That’s it! Did some strange power suck my soul into the mirror last night? That stony room is the space inside this mirror!”

“Senior sister… is your soul inside this mirror?”

Lily embraced the mirror in her bosom.

“So, you have always been beside me since the beginning. Looking after me, and protecting me.”

Lily shed tears again unconsciously.

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She lifted the mirror, treating it as though it was entrusted to her by senior sister. She lightly kissed the surface of the mirror and left behind a faint and inviting kiss mark.

However, it was completely hopeless when Lily tried to send her soul into the mirror’s domain.

That’s right, this is a solid item, how do I enter?

Perhaps it was merely a stroke of luck last night.

Lily hugged the mirror. She was going to treat it as her most treasured item from now on.

No matter what was said and done, senior sister was right beside her! It made her feel much more relieved than not knowing the whereabouts of senior sister.

Just that… the method to awaken senior sister, she was completely clueless.

Lily was also oblivious to the most basic way of sending her soul into the mirror’s domain.

Lily’s entire body felt greasy. For some reason, she was sweating a lot last night, emphasizing “a lot”. Even the blanket under her butt was soaking wet.

She naturally didn’t know that, during the strengthening process last night, just how much had her body perspired.

“Eh?” Not only that, even her vision and hearing had been enhanced.

The smoke particles that were glittering under the sunlight was clearly visible to her. She could even hear granny Ayashi’s nagging, who was preparing breakfast in a few houses away.

Only when the body was in good condition would one be able to practice martial arts, that was only but the basic.

Otherwise, it would just end up as an idle thought no matter how much determination and willpower she mustered up.

However, Lily’s body had undergone a change without her prior knowledge. She was already capable of adapting to this world where everything was decided by power. Her base physique was sturdy and additionally, her skin was more exquisite and glossier than ever before. It wasn’t even an exaggeration to say that she was a fairy made by Heaven and arranged by Earth. That’s not all either, her shining eyes were much brighter, and the breath she exhaled naturally emitted a tempting smell.

“Wait a minute! It’s already morning? Could it be that I have slept through the whole day and night, from yesterday morning until this morning… If other people come to know a girl could sleep this long, that would be so embarrassing!”

Lily blushed as she got up in a hurry. The first thing she did was to hide the blanket and bedding. If someone were to see the traces of that big puddle of water on the blanket and didn’t know any better, they would think that she had urinated in her sleep. That would be too humiliating! She carefully opened the door and found that the kimono she was wearing before had already been washed and dried by the sun. It was folded up neatly and placed on a small desk beside the bedding. Lily was very grateful to granny Ayashi in her heart.

However, even her white panties had been properly washed, that was indeed a little awkward. I should wash these by myself next time.

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Lily slipped into the bathroom located behind the kitchen and immediately washed her body. Even though the well water was ice-cold, she only felt it was pleasant. She was not affected by the cold at all! After the pleasant bath, she returned to the room and knelt down on the comfortable floor. She picked up her copper mirror and saw herself reflected in the mirror.

All of a sudden, she felt the urge to apply a little make-up in front of the mirror.

The white yukata she was donning, the black hair that poured down her shoulders like a waterfall, and the tender arms that extended from the loose sleeves. As she was holding the copper mirror with her delicate fingers, her other hand was lightly placed on her soft lips.

She’s essentially a dainty girl with some degree of maturity.

She didn’t know since when, but as long as Lily willed it, this mirror would become very smooth and reflect herself clearly.

Contained within this mirror was an unbelievable domain, and it was also because of this mirror that she was attacked by those monsters. In the end, how many more secrets does this mirror holds! From now on, she must keep this mirror close to her at all times.

That was also because inside this mirror was senior sister’s beautiful and fragile soul…

She put the sakura parasol inside a wooden wardrobe. Although she also didn’t want to leave it behind, it would be too weird to carry a parasol inside the yard during a fine day like this.

Lily got up, and only then did she discover how difficult was it to change into a kimono with her eyes closed. However, the girls in this era didn’t wear a bra, and she had to take off the yukata to change into the kimono. In other words, she had to strip naked, so Lily didn’t want to go and tarnish senior sister’s secret place.

It was a good fortune that senior sister’s body was dexterous. As long as she could roughly cover up the important parts, then she should be able to slowly open her eyes to research.

At last, she was able to put on the kimono without other people’s advice. After all, even though Lily was originally a boy, she regularly surfed the web to see some women’s clothes. Naturally, it was not because she had that kind of interest, it was more on the level of thinking that women’s clothes were good-looking and to admire them for a while only. Therefore, she unintentionally picked up some ways of putting on a kimono. She didn’t expect that knowledge would actually be put to use at this moment.

After stuffing the mirror into her sash and confirming that she was dressed properly, next is…

Sword training!

According to my original plan of coming here, let’s go watch Master Matsuda teaching those kids swordplay!

Even an endless journey also had a beginning!


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