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Chapter 155 – My Makeup And Night Walk In Japan

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2978 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1833 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

In a cold hidden stone room;
A young girl in white clothes slept peacefully…
Accompanied by a bright lamp.

It wasn’t that Lily didn’t want to accompany senior sister forever.
However, staying here was of no use. In order to find out the method of awakening senior sister, she must go to the Heian world and train hard. This way, chances of awakening senior sister would be higher.

But having said that, Lily really didn’t know how to leave this place.

She went back to the center of the octagonal stone room, sat cross-legged and closed her eyes to meditate. Since she couldn’t go out for the time being, she would just practice here.

Lily recalled the content of the third book of “Genji Swordstyle” which she saw before. Although there was no sword here, it could also be practiced in his mind. Lily found that his soul was getting clearer and he could unexpectedly comprehend the “Genji Swordstyle” at lightning speed in the mirror space with only his soul!

Many of the incomprehensible, very obscure and mysterious descriptions that she could not understand before suddenly became clear to her.

Unbelievable, unbelievable!

What secrets did this mirror space have?
But after half an hour, Lily opened his eyes.

“It succeeded?”

Although there was no sword to practice, Lily was sure that he had mastered the third stage of Genji Swordstyle in the theoretical level!

All that’s left was to go back to the world of Heian and practice!

At this time, Lily regretted that he didn’t buy more of the Genji Swordstyle manual and memorize them all. Otherwise, he could have improved more with this speed in the mirror space!

However, at this time, the mysterious and delicate voice of a child once again sounded: “Hehe, you are a woman, and yet you still feel shy to put on makeup and wear sexy dancing clothes?”

Lily was shocked. He got up and looked around but he didn’t see anyone: “You, who are you? Where are you?”
“Hehe, who am I? You don’t have the right to know. But why aren’t you putting on those sexy dancing clothes? You could have been stronger.”

“What!? You, what are you talking about? I am a boy. How can I put on that kind of vulgar clothes and become strong? You are so weird. Who are you and why do you say these strange words?”
“You really like to ask questions, Kagami Lily. I won’t answer any of your questions until you really recognize yourself! Next time when we meet again… hehe… Will there be another time? Not necessarily… Hehe… ”

All of a sudden, an irresistible force seemed to throw Lily out of the stone chamber. The boundless and heavy darkness also descended.
Lily felt that his soul was gradually blurring and wanted to sleep.

“No, I can’t sleep. Senior… you can … at least tell me how I can come here again… so that I can see senior sister again… Tell me… Tell me…”

Lily lost consciousness.

Under the dark night sky and blue moon.

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Lily woke up with her back against the Millennium cherry blossom tree. She looked up and the image of the huge cherry blossom treetop gradually became clear like the misty star sea.

She lowered her head and saw her plump delicate breasts from her open neckline, revealing the fact that she had returned to reality.

With such a large bosom, it worried Lily whether his soul was of a boy or a girl.


For some reason, Lily felt extraordinarily refreshed. Although she had gone through adventures in the past few days, she was not tired at all and her body was still in perfect health.

Why did her body feel so good?

No, not only that, she felt that all aspects of her physical body seemed to have been greatly enhanced!

It was just like the situation during the first time Lily entered into the mirror space.

“How much has it improved?” Lily suddenly looked at her slender arms and felt that they were full of vitality at the moment.

Anyway, she was now in the dojo. Regardless of the deep night, she went to the runway in the corner of the outer area where the Slash Force Sensor was. There was no one else in the natural and quiet garden training ground.

Lily took the wooden sword. Without using any spirit power, Genji Swordstyle, and other strength increasing secret techniques, she slashed the sword at the Slash Force Sensor by only using pure physical strength of her body.

“Bang!” Slash Force Sensor shook and reported: “203 Penetration Force!”

This seemed to be a very insignificant number in the view of the present Lily but it made her very happy.

Because it wasn’t achieved by using any spirit power and Genji Swordstyle but only with pure physical strength! Lily estimated that after all the training and fighting, the basic physical strength of her body had also reached about 100 kan. Because she was a girl, the growth in this aspect was not fast. After Lily got physical strengthening from the mirror space for the first time, it had also reached 78 kan. After that, her strength only reached 100 kan despite all she went through. Yet, this time however, her basic physical strength had directly doubled!

Double basic physical strength, then…

This time, Lily erupted with Blade Maiden Spirit Power. In addition, she used the third stage of Genji Swordstyle that she had just learned. That gave a power bonus of 2.5 times.

Although Lily didn’t comprehend any unique skill at this time, she integrated some of the intent that she attained while drinking tea under the cherry blossom tree into the sword.

Some cherry blossom petals floated around the sword condensed with Blade Maiden Spirit Power.
So how powerful was this sword now?

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“Ha!” Lily shouted and the crimson sword cut through the night sky like a colourful storm!

“Bang!!!—— Click!”

The Slash Force Sensor exploded!


When the smoke and dust scattered, only a half-broken wooden sword was left in Lily’s hand.

Lily looked confused. How could this happen? Did she just destroy the Slash Force Sensor which was a precious practicing magic tool of the dojo?

At this moment, a faint voice rang in the air: “Slashing force… is more than 5000 kan, exceeding the tolerance limit…”

Although the expensive Slash Force Sensor exploded, the spell cast on it still worked. But after the final assessment was reported, it also disappeared.

“It’s over 5000 kan?”

The wooden sword in Lily’s hand fell to the ground. She looked at her tender and beautiful hands.

Lily suddenly realized that the improvement of basic physical strength was not simply to improve muscle strength but to enhance life essence!

It was to upgrade the base of real life force!

Just before tonight, Lily’s strength was just more than 500 kan reaching high-tier samurai using ordinary female samurai’s body and ordinary spirit power.

The strength of the Blade Maiden Spirit Power was about double that of ordinary spirit power. That was more than 1,000 kan. Then by using the second stage of the Genji Swordstyle, the strength of Lily in the battle of Suruga should be a little more than 2,000 kan.

Now that she had comprehended the third stage of Genji Swordstyle, it reached 2500 kan. After incorporating the Sakura Fall intent, it could reach about 2600 ~ 2700 kan. After all, Lily’s intent was still in the preliminary state so the boost was limited.

When she exited that mirror space, her basic physical strength seemed to have doubled for some unknown reason.

Therefore, her strength had also doubled directly!

So at this moment, Lily estimated that her real strength was around 5500 kan! With her full strength, it could reach high-tier Sword Master level!

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Lily was shocked and touched the octagonal mirror hidden in her sash.

“This… this mirror is by no means as simple as a magic tool!
It contains a mirror space that only the soul can enter which is unheard of. The speed of comprehending Sword Technique of the Heian Empire was almost as fast as that of reading a book which was even more incredible. When I came out of the mirror, the basic physical strength of my body doubled which is almost heaven defying!”

Lily’s breath quickened. Her chest undulated violently and shook. Her heart was pounding hard.

“This mirror is likely to be a rarely seen treasure of the Heian Empire!”

And senior sister’s soul was actually asleep in such a heavenly treasure. Perhaps the truth was far more unimaginable than what she had thought of.

No wonder so many monsters and vengeful spirits wanted to snatch the mirror.

If this was known by the empire, no, by anyone who was not particularly upright in mind, it would be dangerous for Lily!

The secret of the mirror must be guarded. It was related to the safety of senior sister so it could not be divulged to anyone.

However, if it was really so precious, then why was it that only the weak monsters looked for it? If Lily was the one pulling the strings, she would definitely send a powerful expert with the right sets of skills to find such treasures.

What’s more, if it was so precious, why wasn’t the Demon Hound interested? It obviously “sniffed” the mirror that was with Lily and said that she was a Mirror Girl. Moreover, according to it, there were more than one or two Mirror Girls and all of them met a tragic end.

But the Demon Hound just let her go because of his loyalty to his master and hatred for Hojo. Moreover, it seemed to have no interest in the mirror itself.

To this, Lily was still puzzled. Why did those low-tier monsters chase after her but the Demon Hound was not interested in her mirror?

The chilly wind blew and the dark clouds covered half of the moon. The night got deeper.
Lily looked up at the sky. What kind of secret did this dark and distant Heian era contain?

‘Where should I go to find the way to wake up senior sister?’

Lily’s hand was gently placed on the hilt of the Crescent Moon. She turned around and returned to the inner courtyard of the dojo. Her long and beautiful black hair fluttered like a silk vine. That tall posture, wrapped tightly at the waist and buttocks by a red kimono, swayed under the shadow of the moon.1

Author’s Note
(End of Volume 1)

In the first volume of “Blade Maiden”, all four arcs have been completed. The arrival of Lily in the Heian world is just beginning but it is also the fall of the curtain.

——The dark and far-reaching Heian world that Lily is facing has just opened its mysterious curtain. An incredible world will gradually unfold.

Waiting for Lily to travel with you!

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The second volume “Sakura Blizzard” will be unfolding soon!


  1. Robinxen: Classy…what a classy way to end this volume!
  2. Robinxen: As you may have noticed, this is the end of the first volume! It’s been a long road getting to here, although it may not seem like much since it’s only be 155 chapters, and there are novels out there numbering in the thousands. But since I’ve taken over as editor this has been the most consistent thing for me in a while, in fact I can’t even remember when I took over as the full time editor! Which is a bit of a shame because I can’t celebrate the year anniversary. Now you guys don’t really have to wait since we’ll be starting on Volume 2 tomorrow! But still, I hope you all stick around. Also Silva has gone AWOL, there haven’t been any notes from him in a while…well like me he’s suffering with having to edit this mess (as you can see I’ve been struggling, my quality has dropped a lot so I’m thinking of changing style a bit). Also expect more side stories from me!

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