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Chapter 152 – Tea Ceremony under the Millennium Cherry Blossom Tree

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1777 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1089 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

To once again return to Takeshita town under the cover of the night, a myriad of emotions flooded up Lily in ways she could not express.

Uesugi Rei and Lily dismounted from the horse. They looked at each other under the purple wisteria by the banks of Takeshita River.

“Sister Lily, I have a request. In the future, can you stop calling me Sister Uesugi and just call me big sis?”
Lily momentarily hesitated before she slightly shook her head: “No way.”

Uesugi wore a sad smile. She wanted to know the reason but restrained herself from asking.
This surprised Lily.

In the eyes of Lily, the title of big sis which was equivalent to the title of senior sister could only belong to that girl.

‘I might be infatuated, but I am not a fickle girl. How can I simply call others my elder sister?’

Uesugi gently caressed Lily’s hair before she plucked up a strand, placed it on the tip of her nose and sniffed: “I can never get enough of the fragrance of your hair, but I’m afraid we will have to be separated again.”


For some reason, Lily was surprised to hear this yet at the same time she also felt a sense of loss.
Why did she feel a sense of loss? Was it because she was not able to repay her life-saving benefactor?

‘However, with Uesugi Rei’s power and position, what can I even do for her?’

Uesugi Rei wanted her heart, but that was something Lily could never give.

‘When we are together, you ignore her advances. Yet when she said she is leaving, you feel sad again. Lily, do you even know what you are thinking?’ Lily questioned herself in her heart.

“Why, can’t bear to let Sister go?” Uesugi Rei raised her chin up.
“No!” Lily turned her head away but did not push away Uesugi’s hand.

“Sister Lily, when you reach Takeshita town, you will be safe with Minamoto no Sakiko. I have some important matters to attend to. I will come to see you later, OK.”
Lily almost blurted out, “when?”
‘Wait, no, why does it seem like I really want to keep her with me? If we put that strange relationship aside, then it’s only natural that I’d like to spend more time with such a good friend and sister like Uesugi.’

Lily stopped talking and her sad expression also made Uesugi feel distressed. All that Uesugi could do at the moment was to pull Lily’s pretty face again, hold her waist, and kiss her lips.
Lily still resisted slightly and pushed powerlessly but her feet stood on tiptoes.

“Sister Lily, you should be obedient, take good care of yourself and protect yourself! Sister will be back to see you soon.”

Just exactly like the manner in which she arrived, Uesugi Rei reeled off her beautiful long silver hair, spread out her slender thighs and jumped on the horse. She urged Nioh and galloped away like the wind! It soon disappeared into the mist of the riverside forest outside Takeshita and only the thundering sound of horses’ hooves could be heard.

Only Lily was left alone. She sat weakly on the stone under the wisteria tree. Her neckline was slightly exposed and her face was a little flushed.

“Kissing again… this way… as if we have really become lovers.”
Lily’s eyes were misty as she muttered to herself.

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Lily returned to the Genji Dojo by herself in the setting sun and the guards of the Dojo naturally didn’t block her.

Instead of immediately paying a visit to Sakiko, Lily returned to her Millennium Cherry Blossom Yard and found that the house seemed to have been empty for several days.

“What about Shiu? Where did she go? Nanako is now also in Suruga with Madame Kotoka…”

Lily looked out at the thousand-year-old cherry blossom tree outside. Its petals drifted under the twilight like rain.
A feeling of loneliness and self-pity sprang up.

What’s so bad about being alone? I still have senior sister.
Only sister Rinne would not abandon her.

Lily raised the Sakura Parasol and walked under the flower tree. From the luggage she brought back, she took out the Aubergine Teacup.

It was purely coincidental that this Aubergine Teacup had been with Lily all the time. She was originally worried that there was not enough money to pay Master Ehiro so she planned to use this as collateral and later earn money to redeem it. However, master Ehiro was generous and only took 200 kan. She said that the rest would be accounted for in the future but Lily felt that she would not ask for it again. Lily was also silently grateful.

Now that I have brought it back and I’m all alone. So why not drink tea by myself?

Lily boiled some water, laid a cloth in the yard and sat on it alone. She made a tea ceremony for herself.
When Lily touched the slightly cool Aubergine Teacup and prepared some tea in it, her state of mind gradually became clearer.

Drinking tea alone under the flower tree was also lonesome. The feeling of loneliness had not diminished but it had sublimated into an artistic mood.

The evening breeze blew. Lily raised her hand and narrowed her eyes. The petal rain drifted before her eyes like a pink wind and snow. The warm tea in her hand exuded a solitary, elegant fragrance.

Such a wonderful time and beautiful scenery…

The natural purple light and elegance of the fourth-grade teacup made Lily feel even lonelier at the moment. Although there was some sadness in the light fragrance, it was also brought some joy to her.

Enjoy the peace, feel the sadness
Kagami Lily…

Lily gently sipped the tea and her slender fingers touched her underbelly where her most precious mirror was hidden.
Lily took out the mirror from her underbelly which reflected her beautiful face. Although she had just been kissed by sister Uesugi, she felt even lonelier now.

Yet, Lily smiled.

Suddenly, the autumn wind blew strongly and the Millennium cherry blossoms rustled.
The cherry blossoms floated down from all over the sky in front of Lily, it was beautiful and flourishing.

“I… I can feel it. ”

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At this moment, Lily could feel her lonely self becoming a part of the world. The millennium cherry tree, the flowers, the tea, and herself seemed to be merged into a whole wonderful picture.

Arrogant, elegant, and beautiful…
Lily suddenly realized her own intent——


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