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Chapter 140 – Integrating the Demon Hound’s Anima

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1850 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1159 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“Master—!” Lily bowed deeply toward Ehiro with tears in her eyes and her black hair dropping down. She did not raise her head for a long time.

The sword was like the second life of a samurai. The Cursed Katana was an indispensable part of the body for the Blade Maiden!

How could Lily not kowtow?

“Don’t be like that, Miss Kagami. I am able to create such a masterpiece all because Miss Kagami took risks to get precious materials. You…” Ehiro came to Lily. She leaned over and said, “If you really want to thank me, why don’t you come to me more often? Put on that women’s sword-forging outfit and help me to make swords?”1

“Eh?” Hearing this, Lily’s heart warmed up and there was no complaint about helping the master. However, she had to put on that shameful women’s sword forging outfit.

“By the way, Lily, you’d better integrate the anima of Demon Hound into it now. The anima of the upper-level demon is extremely precious, it’s better to use it sooner rather than later to avoid something bad from happening.” Ehiro reminded.

Lily felt comforted by Ehiro’s comment. Not only did she not covet the anima that could be sold for a sky-high price, she even considered her needs.

“Ah, thank you for reminding me.” She said with a blush.

Sakura Parasol was naturally brought by Lily. She opened it and released the anima which was a foot wide and golden in color. It was emitting intense eldritch energy and golden waves. But, this soul had been out of the body for too long so it already had no clear consciousness. Perhaps, it was sleeping in the muddy sea of self-awareness.

Lily was already very familiar with the Spirit-Tempering technique. She let the anima to float in front of her and then she pulled out her brand-new Cursed Katana, following which she poured her Blade Maiden Spirit Power into the blade.

Normally, it would be difficult for Lily to suck in the anima of the upper-level demon with her current strength. Although the consciousness of the anima’s owner, the Demon Hound, was lying dormant, its last will still remained in the anima. The anima smoothly integrated into Lily’s Cursed Katana with the guidance of the Blade Maiden Spirit Power.

“Om—!” An extremely strong surge of energy, like the ocean of spirit, poured into the Cursed Katana, almost making Lily lose control.

Fortunately, Lily’s fifth grade Cursed Katana was also very sturdy and the spirit capacity was large enough, but Lily’s own strength seemed to be lacking.

However, the anima of Demon Hound gradually calmed down and did not resist, it cooperated very well.

“Collect!” The Cursed Katana’s sword script was pulsating, almost like a part of Lily’s body. Sure enough, it was possible to control the Cursed Katana through the sword script, using it to converge and store the anima of the upper-level demon in it.

Gradually, the golden light illuminating the entire house gradually converged until it was fully integrated into the Crescent blade, leaving only a golden light that sometimes flashed on the silver blade.

However, Lily could still feel it. This was the top fifth-grade Cursed Katana integrated with a superior demon’s anima. It exuded a terrifying aura beyond her imagination. As for how powerful it was, it must not be checked here.

Lily put the blade in its sheath and thanked Ehiro again.

“Don’t do that, Miss Kagami. Don’t regard me as an outsider.”

“Well, master, how much does it cost?” Lily naturally brought all her belongings here, including the four hundred kan and gold pieces she traded from Kotoka.

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“The matter of money is not in a hurry. I also put in a lot of precious auxiliary materials on impulse this time. Let me do full calculation. For now, you can give me 200 kan first so that I can purchase some auxiliary materials and continue to operate the smithy.”

Without hesitation, Lily gave two gold coins to master Ehiro.

Ehiro weighed the two pieces of gold in her hand and said, “And with that, we’re done! We have been busy for several days. To be honest, even I feel a little tired now. Does Miss Kagami want to go back to the backroom to sleep with me, or go back to the Saionji Household?”

“I dare not disturb the master’s rest. I’ll go back first but the roof is also broken…” Lily felt guilty.

“Aaaah~ no biggie. I’m a master of woodworking as well. Repairing this kind of broken roof is a piece of cake for me. You don’t have to worry about it. Go back.” Ehiro said with a bright smile.

“Then Lily will leave first and come to visit the master another day.” Lily inserted the Crescent Blade into her waist. She was also grateful to Ehiro.

When she came, she didn’t bring Seiwa Tamashi with her. She left Ehiro’s smithy with the Crescent blade she went through all sorts of trials to forge.

Going up the hillside and walking on the streets of the Suruga town, Lily was not clear about the situation these past few days.2 However, her body was really healthy and energetic. Although she worked hard with Ehiro to forge the Cursed Katana in the wooden house for the past few days, she was not tired at all.

Walking on the sunny street in the afternoon, Lily breathed in the clear air and felt refreshed from watching the merchants and travelers in Suruga town.

For now, she would return to the Saionji’s house and take a good rest. Since the Cursed Katana had been completed, it was time to figure out the training program for the future and the journey towards Heian-kyo. Although the journey was still far away, she must be fully prepared.

However, to surpass the high-tier Sword Saint, a formidable existence more powerful than even the Demon Hound and Hojo Dijon!
Could she really get there?
No, she had to get there no matter what!

Although Lily was a girl, her obsession was tenacious!

It didn’t take long for Lily to walk to the doorstep of the Saionji Household. The wooden door of this ancient family stood quietly in sunny but cloudy weather.

It seemed that there had been no pedestrians around here for some time. It’s really unexpectedly quiet.

It matters not, I should go back and rest early.

Lily was dressed in a red kimono with white flowery patterns. The Crescent blade was hung on her waist. Her plump buttocks that were tightly wrapped in her kimono wobbled as she walked toward the wooden door of the Saionji household.

“Kagami Lily!” A thunderous voice sounded behind Lily, sending a chill down her spine!

Hojo Dijon was like a raging giant with two great swords3 on his waist. He was exuding a fierce, tyrannical, and powerful aura. With more than a dozen fierce Hojo family’s samurai, he appeared behind Lily.

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  1. Robinxen: She’s soliciting a date.
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