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Chapter 139 – Weirdo

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1175 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 712 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Just when Ehiro and Lily were focusing on the forging sword in the cottage, a strange man arrived outside the Suruga town.

The man was about 1.9 meters tall and had eye-catching fiery red hair. Nobody knew if he had red hair from birth or he had dyed his hair red. His face paint was as white as those of the kabuki actors. There were two fantastic upturned eyelines drawn on where the brows were supposed to be. He was wearing colorful overly exaggerated clothes, baggy trousers, and big wooden shoes. Exaggerated fans were inserted in the hair that has been tied up and the hair on his temples was long enough to be braided. Adding on to that, there were two white fur ball-shaped items hanging in front of him. Those who were not in the know would have really thought he was a kabuki actor who roamed the streets without removing his makeup.

The man was carrying two katanas around his waist and a heavy Trident spear on his shoulder. Its tip was long and flat in the middle and had a sharp and exaggerated golden fork like antlers on both sides.

Looking at the rare daytime and the bustling streets of Suruga town, the tall white-faced man was depressed, thinking: “That ⓑⓐⓢⓣⓐⓡⓓ, Hojo Dijon went to fight against the Demon Hound without telling. Someone saw him bring the body of the Demon Hound into Suruga. That Demon Hound was the target of my Taira clan. I will find him and get money!”

“Hey, this little brother.” The tall man stopped a sixteen to seventeen years old commoner and asked: “Have you seen a big and tall samurai who came here with a group of people?”

The strange man stood on tiptoe and stretched out his hands.
An ordinary person would never forget about a giant samurai like Hojo Dijon.

The young man nodded: “I saw them two days ago, Samurai Uncle. They were very fierce. It seems that they were heading to the lodge in the middle of the town.”

“Ooooh, so they did come here. Eh? Wait, what did you just call me?”
“Samurai uncle, what’s the matter?” The youth of Suruga town asked innocently.

The strange man rolled his eyes and asked, “How old are you this year?”
“Seventeen years, three months and eighteen days.” replied the honest-looking youth of Suruga town.

“Now guess, how old I am?”
“Samurai uncle, you are… about thirty to forty years old.” The honest-looking youth tilted his head while contemplating.

“Whuuuut—!” All of a sudden, the strange tall man who was carrying a long spear seemed to have suffered a great blow. Standing still, the strange man said to the youth, “Now, you listen carefully… I am only 16 years old this year!!!”

At this time in the middle of the town, Hojo Dijon and his warriors had just descended from the paved road leading to the castle on the hill.

“That Kagami Lily is really hiding in Saionji household!” Finally, Dijon said with a complacent look.

“The Saionji family’s fighting power is not that great but the Saionji family was the branch of Fujiwara clan…” Nagasaki said with some concerns beside Dijon.

“Hmph, so what? Fujiwara doesn’t have much influence in this Kanto region,” said Matsuhei, a samurai who had shaved his front hair, “Besides, we are just going to catch an unrelated woman, not to raid their house!”

Dijon nodded, “Hum, Lily, I was worried about using force in the city. I didn’t expect that you, a woman, would court disaster by offending the Imagawa family. Let me see how the Saionji family can protect you! Go! Go to Saionji Household!”

A large number of ferocious samurai walked down the stone steps.

However, a man dressed like a kabuki actor was standing in the middle of the road, carrying a long spear. Facing the giant samurai Dijon who was more than three meters tall and the big gang of samurai behind him, he showed no fear.

“Brother Hojo Dijon, I made an appointment with you to slay the Demon Hound together. But I heard that brother Dijon killed the Demon Hound without telling me. Is it true?” The strange man opened his mouth and shouted at Dijon.

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