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Chapter 136 – Core Steel and Spring Steel

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1906 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1212 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

The hammering sounds kept echoing in the dingy and sultry smithy. The girl’s hair was sticking to her slightly wet forehead because of sweat. Under the reflection of the fire, the pair of slightly heavy breasts swayed back and forth with the hammering. Some crystalline sweat beads mixed with the fragrance of the slightly mature girl wafted in the air.1

Lily rolled up her sleeves and her slender arms were really powerful.2 She quickly mastered the continuous percussion of the stable force. She and Master Ehiro each hammered one of the Tamahagane pieces.

And these two pieces of Tamahagane was the fifth-grade Tamahagane that had been split in half by Ehiro under a superheated condition. That with high hardness were mixed with the powder made of fifth-grade charcoal and the Demon Hound’s fangs, with experience. It was hammered by Ehiro herself, while that with low hardness were hammered by Lily!3

Every time Lily struck, she could feel the vibration from her little hands holding the rough handle of the hammer, turning the palm of her hand numb. At the moment when the hammer was in contact with the burning red Tamahagane, the matchless sensation seemed to make Lily feel that the Tamahagane’s spirit and essence were blending with her heart and hands.

It was almost as if she was conceiving her own child.4 Lily could feel the continuous changes, compactness, and formation of one of the Tamahagane’s elements. She suddenly felt that she was not just making a cold sword but giving birth to another form of life!5

Each piece of Tamahagane had to be hammered thousands of times, then folded, re-heated, and then once again hammered thousands of times. It was repeated 16 times, each piece of Tamahagane would reach 65,539 layers6 and the texture would become extremely hard, fine, and tenacious!

Finally, the two pieces of Tamahagane were hammered. Lily and Ehiro were all covered with sweat. The feminine smell of two mature women wafted in the air. Then Ehiro put the two pieces of Tamahagane into the fire respectively.

The one mixed with the charcoal and fang’s powder was harder but relatively less tough. It would be made into spring steel which was the outer layer of the katana. The other one was relatively soft but very tough and elastic. It would be made into a core steel which was the inner core of the sword.

Ehiro once again heated it. Lily was pumping the bellows hard below. The inverted wind blew open her chest collar. From Ehiro’s point of view, almost half of Lily’s breast could be seen under the fire light. Her chest collar swayed back and forth along with the pumping of the bellows, making her nipples almost visible…

However, at this time, both women’s mind was completely focused on heating the Tamahagane and the precise control of furnace temperature.7

“Hold the spring steel, I will be there shortly,” said Ehiro.
“Un,” Lily nodded attentively.

Lily held the hot red spring steel on the table with the iron tongs while Ehiro went behind her.

“Lean down, don’t block my line of sight.” Ehiro held the hot red core steel which was shaped in the form of a long iron rod in one hand and gently pushed the back of Lily.

Lily leaned down, holding the iron tongs tightly with both hands to fix the spring steel and braced herself at the same time.
Ehiro stood behind Lily. Her entire body leaned down, almost pressing on Lily’s back and her chin resting on Lily’s shoulder.

“I’m sticking it in,” said Ehiro.8

“Um…” Lily didn’t know why but being pressed by a woman and being said those words in her ear made her blush. Maybe I am thinking too much? I must concentrate…

The hot red core steel was embedded in the groove of the spring steel. Two burning hot Tamahagane of different toughness were finally combined!

Finally, Lily breathed a sigh of relief.

“Miss Kagami, you did a great job.”
“No, no… It’s all thanks to the master’s guidance… ”

Lily couldn’t stand someone praising her in her ears. When she was praised, she felt soft all over…

After finishing the combination of core steel and spring steel, Ehiro began the final hammering. It was to be hammered tens of thousands of times before the sword was completely cooled, Lily was responsible for helping to fix it in place.

As the sword body cooled and was constantly hammered, the core steel and spring steel were bonded perfectly. Due to the difference in composition and hardness, it naturally bent in the process of stress and cooling, forming a certain arc. At this time, the length of the sword had gradually taken shape.

“Three feet nine inches…” Ehiro ascertained the length of the sword at a glance, “It’s longer than expected. Miss Kagami, is it okay?”

However, Lily suddenly shook her head. “I feel the Tamahagane has heard my prayers and has naturally become so long, I have no problem with it. This is the most suitable length for me now.”

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“Then, the next step is the most important step. Polish it, draw the sword inscription, and then quench it!”

“Quenching can be said to be the life and death moment of a sword! Half of the ordinary swordsmiths may fail and break the sword during the final quenching process, thus putting all their efforts in vain! Miss Kagami, although I have enough confidence, don’t blame me in the case of failure.”

Lily turned around. She stood on her tiptoes, looked up at Ehiro and said, “I believe in the master and I believe in this sword. It will definitely be able to emerge from the flame anew!”

Ehiro put a pot of mud on the stage. Although it looked simple, but in reality, it contained a mixture of very precious fifth-grade material and powder made of the Demon Hound’s fangs.

“Miss Kagami, I will leave this part to you. Draw the sword script on your beloved sword.”

Lily nodded.
She had been preparing for this moment for a long time.

Although she participated in the iron forging, it was under the instructions of Ehiro. Only this drawing of the sword inscription was a step in which Blade Maiden could truly show her realm and skill.
In this parallel world, a samurai that only knew how to fight and kill couldn’t achieve much in life. Kendo, tea ceremony, calligraphy and painting, as well as artistic conception were all interconnected. Only by relying on them could one stand on a higher level. How could a human warrior compare with those demons and ghosts by relying on their body alone?

The comprehension of the sword and tea, as well as that of the sword and the painting, were all beyond the reach of other creatures.

Lily closed her eyes and stood there, ignoring Ehiro who were fixing her gaze on her bare butt only a white cloth covering the crotch.

She opened her eyes and wiped the sweat on her forehead, she always felt that something was wrong. Suddenly, she thought of her outfit. This outfit was perfect for forging but it was too inappropriate to write poems and paintings.

“Master Ehiro, let me change my clothes.” Lily said solemnly.9


  1. Robinxen: Is that three chapters in a row now?
  2. Robinxen: I have no clue what this sentence is supposed to be! Yup. I’m a good editor. I rate myself 10/10.
  3. Robinxen: I’m still not satisfied with this paragraph…maybe I should completely edit this chapter….mmmm but that requires effort!
  4. Robinxen: No joke, I was about to say “So where’s the erotic metaphor or interpretation?” then this line was the next thing. The author is consistent if not much else.
  5. Robinxen: Sword waifu confirmed?
  7. Robinxen: I’m just…..not even gonna bother anymore.
  8. Robinxen: JUST STOP!
  9. Robinxen: Totally off topic, but I’ve always wondered what my type of cultivation would be if I got isekaid. Naturally I’m a huge fan of magic, but I’ve always believed in scientific supremacy. It’d be interesting to see how those two sides of me would blend in a setting where supernatural is commonplace.

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