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Chapter 119 – Dijon’s Move

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1826 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1323 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Thick eldritch energy enveloped the dark forest a good distance away. Bone-chilling howl of the Specter Wolves reverberated throughout the mountain woods. Their howls seemingly contained the grievance of children!1

There was also another saying; that the Specter Wolf didn’t really consume the child, but that it was actually the lost child who transformed into the Specter Wolf.2

Few of the Specter Wolves winded around the frontline and charge into the rear where Lily and the others were positioned.

Those Specter Wolves were around the Normal Low-Ranked to Superior Low Ranked in power.3 Nagahide could still barely deal with them, but the mediocre Kimura and Kanzaki were still Low-Tier Samurai despite their age. This fight would be very dangerous to them and it was well within the realm of possibility for them to lose their life here.

These two big brothers were so kind and honest, it wasn’t their fate to die in this place!
Just think about it, how many people were there in this otherworld who genuinely wanted to protect Lily? They could be counted with one hand.4

Right now, Lily couldn’t exert more power than the 290 kan she previously announced, she must take extra care to maintain her power at this level to avoid rousing suspicion. At the same time, she also needs to pay special attention to Dijon’s side.

One of the Specter Wolves closed in on Lily; the difference between a Specter Wolf and an ordinary wolf was that there was a flickering rune on their forehead. Due to Lily’s extrasensory perception, she felt very uncomfortable down to her very soul just gazing at the Specter Wolf.

However, something really unexpected happened. After glowering at Lily for a long time, the Specter Wolf didn’t attack her. Instead, it circled around her very obviously and suddenly jumped at Kimura who was just at the back.

Lily didn’t know why, but she didn’t have time to look into it. She overtook the wolf with one large stride and brought down Seiwa Tamashi5 from the rear!

“Pfff—!” The Specter Wolf was cut in half!
The moment it died, Lily faintly heard the weeping sound of a five to six years old child. Soon after, the sorrowful cry turned into a soothing one…

Perhaps these wolves might be innocent and only wanted to protect their leader, but since it wanted to kill Kimura, Lily had no other choice.

Unfortunately for Lily, all of these had been seen by Dijon. He thought to himself with a grim face, ‘This woman might be weak, but her sword skills are extraordinary and she kills without hesitation! If her power is not taken into account, I might have really thought she is some formidable expert. But then, why was she so flustered a moment ago, that’s suspicious…’6

At this time, however, the Demon Hound showed itself again in the opposite direction. One of the bow-wielding samurai was bitten and easily lost his head.

Its paw was as big as a tree stump, although it wasn’t sharp, it still worked effectively as a blunt weapon and easily crushed the bones of a few samurai.

“Haaaaaaaa—!!” Shouted a sweaty samurai as he pierced the hindleg of the Demon Hound with the spear!

Regrettably, the Demon Hound’s hindleg had extremely thick muscles so it only received a surface wound.
With a kick of its hindleg, the spear snapped and the samurai was knocked into the thicket. After that came the roar of the wolf pack and the scream of the samurai.

Even so, none of the surrounding samurai felt fearful at all. They were fully aware that they were no match for the opponent, but none of them ran away. Instead, they chose to attack the Demon Hound from all sides.

The Demon Hound performed a spin attack, knocking out four to five samurai at once. Despite that, these guys bet everything on their attacks and managed to cut the Demon Hound a few times. There were also a few arrows embedded into its flesh, dying a section of its white fur with a pinkish hue.

However, those were just minor injuries. Just purely relying on numbers wasn’t enough to take down the Demon Hound!

Just at this time, Dijon finally moved!

He flexed his extremely muscular chest and released powerful Spirit Waves from all over his body. It was even more forceful than the mountain wind and dispersed all the sinister eldritch energies in the surroundings!

Dijon single-handedly unsheathed the two meters long heavy-looking Jintachi7. And with a heavy stomp on the muddy ground, he charged into the Demon Hound like a gale!

Lily stood in awe as the battle between a true expert and a great demon was ready to unfold. Dijon’s Spirit Power had no special attributes, relying on power alone and nothing more. It all went to show what incredible might he had.

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Though Lily’s Blade Maiden Spirit Power may be far superior to Dijon’s common Spirit Power, the disparity in their strength was too much. Lily knew she wouldn’t be able to take a single of Dijon’s casual swing!

Meanwhile, the other High-Tier Sword Saint, Yagyuu Munesaki, also began to move. The Shinkage-ryū was strange and mysterious. Though the Spirit Power contained no attribute, it still made people feel cold and threatened!

The Demon Hound immediately realized those two were the most threatening ones. It opened its bloody mouth to let out a bark and made a sullen face. Then it abruptly changed into a white shadow as it dashed towards Dijon.


The ground began to shake while the shockwaves battered the surroundings like a gale.
The Demon Hound bit on Dijon’s Jintachi with its steel fangs, each one about the size of a cow horn. It stared at Dijon like a devil, as though it was harboring a lifetime of resentment towards his entire family.

After it crossed the boundless wasteland and arrived at Kanto, it was already heavily wounded. Yet, at this time, it was pursued relentlessly by the Hojos and their accomplices. It really wished it could kill this hateful yet extraordinary powerful man with but a single bite!

“Pfff! Psssh!” Munesaki was using two swords of different lengths. He jumped into the air and attacked the Demon Hound from the flank. Although he was dual wielding, each one of his attacks was extremely heavy and fierce. Each swing cuts into the flesh of the Demon Hound, severing the tendons and veins, causing the blood to splash outward.

With no other choice, the Demon Hound let go of Dijon’s sword and turned towards Munesaki with a swing of its claws.

“Clang—!” Guarding the attack with both swords crossed, Munesaki slid backward for tens of meters.

And with that opportunity, Dijon made a downward swing, so fast and heavy was the swing that it left behind a light blue in its trail.

Sensing the imminent danger, the Demon Hound quickly jumped backward. However, it was still a little too late as one of its forelegs had been cut. A terrifying wound opened up and the lower half of that foreleg was drenched in blood.

Even now, the other samurai hadn’t ceased their attack. More arrows flew their way and hit the Demon Hound.
The Demon Hound roared at the crowd of samurai with indignation before jumping sideways to escape into the mountain woods.

“Go! It is gravely wounded! We mustn’t let it escape this time!” Dijon lifted his sword and pointed towards where the trees were swaying.
“Kill!” All the samurai rushed into the forest with a battle cry.

Lily followed behind Matsuda’s group. Although Dijon was running in front, there was still another expert she couldn’t handle nearby, so she didn’t dare to rashly change direction to run away at this time. It was very possible that she would be caught immediately, so she could only pretend to follow them for now and head towards the old den of the Demon Hound.8


  1. Silva: Remember how they said in order for the Specter Wolf to evolve, they have to consume the soul of a lost child?
  2. Robinxen: I could buy this explanation a way lot more than the other one. Kids go missing anywhere. Like me!
    We went to Universal theme parks once, and I got distracted by something and decided to stand and look at it for a bit, but lost my parents.

    It was right outside the Jaws ride so I just sort of stood their dumbfounded and confused for a bit trying to work out what to do. But they came back shortly after.

    Pro tip. If you get lost, just stop moving. Way easier to find you that way.

  3. Silva: These ranks are starting to annoy me. Feels like I should’ve just gone by the A, B, C, D, E, F ranking system
  4. Robinxen: Silva started making things up here!
  5. Silva: feels tempted to type judgment here xD
  6. Silva: Lily oh Lily… your mask has fallen off. I’ll take back that Oscar Award until you master your ability to control your fighting power.
  8. Robinxen: I feel like I’ve had less to say recently. I guess fights just don’t make as good commentating material when editing?

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