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Chapter 117 – The Mischievous Demon & Lily’s Scheme

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1585 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 987 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Just when Lily fell into deep thoughts with perplexed expression…
A dwarf-like figure stealthily approached her. It was peeking at Lily’s alluring back from a dark corner of the battle formation.

Without any warning, that dwarf-like figure sprinted towards Lily with incredible speed!

In order to hide her strength, Lily didn’t use Spirit Perception. When she noticed the danger coming from behind, that figure was already very close.

Nobody noticed the figure approaching Lily. The appearance of the figure was clearly reflected in Lily’s sword. That was a fat little demon with pale skin and nasty expression. It had an oversized baby head with one horn sticking out on the top. As Lily recalled, this was the Mischievous Demon. It had remarkable strength but rather than harming people, it preferred to pull a prank on others.

That Mischievous Demon was quite fast, if Lily tried to dodge without using Spirit Power, she could still barely evade it!

‘Should I dodge it? And then counterattack?
No, that Mischievous Demon wouldn’t be able to kill me with its power. What’s more, it is very rare for them to actually harm people.
Maybe I should pretend not having noticed it and put on an act!’ Lily instantly made her decision.

Thus, she stayed still as though she didn’t notice the demon’s approach.

“Flip—!” The Mischievous Demon moved its hands fiercely behind Lily’s back and lifted up her skirt.1

“Kyaaaah—!” Lily naturally let out a scream.
Hojo Dijon looked over curiously.

Lily reflexively used both hands to press down her skirt in between her legs. Then she adjusted the angle where the skirt had been lifted towards the square cloth, where Hojo Dijon and the other major samurai were stationed. All they saw was the Mischievous Demon lifting Lily’s skirt and didn’t see the exposed parts. That was because Lily didn’t wish for senior sister’s body to be seen by others, but she also needed to use this chance to show that she’s “small and weak,” thereby further reducing Dijon’s doubt on her.

This act was close to perfection, even Dijon wouldn’t be able to tell she was actually faking it.

However, that Mischievous Demon wasn’t about to give up just yet. It jumped up suddenly and pushed Lily onto the ground.

“Miss Kagami!” Kimura and Kanzaki brandished their swords at the Mischievous Demon. They didn’t expect the Mischievous Demon to be a Superior High Ranked monster, it vigorously used its palm to send the two men flying, along with their sword and all. After that, it ran to the front of Lily and pulled her hair. If it was the usual Lily, she would already discharge her Spirit Power and cut down the Mischievous Demon. But right now, she needed to act the part of a helpless girl who couldn’t do anything once her hair was grabbed. She let out a scream and used her hands to resist, letting go of her katana in the process.2

“Kill!” At this time, four to five powerful Hojo samurai rushed over with spears in hands. Only then did the Mischievous Demon jump into the square cloth to steal a flag before disappearing into the darkness. But of course, it didn’t forget to pull a face at the dishevelled Lily before doing so.

A few arrows were shot, but none managed to hit the target.3

Finally, Lily got up from the ground with a sheepish yet depressed face. It looked like she was about to cry. She meekly straightened out her skirt before stooping down to pick her the sword. Her first priority in the battlefield was not her weapon, but her skirt instead, this act truly exhibited she was a girl who would make a mistake at a crucial point. Not a trace of an expert’s demeanor could be seen in her action at all.

Dijon —who had been observing all along— had a downcast face with sweat. Perhaps he was really thinking too much, Lily was nothing more than a frail girl with sex appeal.

He might be extremely strong, but Dijon was still a crude man in the end. There was no way he could tell if Lily’s reaction was genuine or fake.

Although Lily had the soul of a boy, her act could put real girls to shame. Maybe this was what they call to be quick witted in an emergency. Despite that, Lily was still pretty much a boy in her heart, truly!

“Senior sister, I said it before, and I’ll say it again; I am willing to do anything for you, even going as far as to act like the weak little girl I despise the most!” Lily reminded herself internally, “My resolution might be strong enough, but Lily is still much too weak. Hum, but I must survive first before I can get a chance to become stronger…”

“Lily does not regret putting up that shameful display today, however, once safety is secured, Lily will act accordingly… Fight on!4 I will work harder so that I can conduct myself with pride. Even if I must be a girl, I don’t want to rely on the protection of others!”

The Hojo clan’s elite samurai were well-trained indeed. A large quantity of wolves had been killed in the melee, causing the remaining herd to retreat in a fluster. The mountain woods had returned to its former tranquility for the time being. However, the Hojos’ casualties added up to nearly two tenths of their samurai.

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Just then, the winds changed direction, carrying with them the thick stench of eldritch energy. A pained yet overbearing howl echoed across the fields. All the samurai present felt a chill travel up their spine.

“It’s coming!” Dijon shouted grimly. He had already all but forgotten about Lily and focused all his attention on the looming danger.

All of a sudden, they heard the crunch of leaves beneath heavy steps from the woods ahead of them.5


  1. Silva: Whistle~ ♪
    Robinxen: U – i – ha – ru!
  2. Silva: Damn… like I said, seriously, someone give Lily the Oscar Award for the Best Actress of the year!
  3. Robinxen: These hecking dudes shot arrows in her direction?! At least wait until it’s a bit further away.
  4. Silva: Encouraging herself
    Robinxen: She’s channelling her inner Yurika.
  5. Robinxen: Boss music starts.

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