Chapter 104 – Aubergine Teacup

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1438 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 951 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Lily originally thought that she already had enough power to stand on her own two feet in this Heian Empire, but now that she thought back on it, that was really too naive!

After her talk with Madam Yomika, she had planned to pay a visit to Master Munechika’s smithy that she happened to pass by yesterday. Lily still had plenty of money with her, so she might as well have a master smith forge a genuine Cursed Katana for her. That way, she could increase her power even more! Then she could go into the deep mountains to learn through experience. If she stayed in a cozy courtyard like this and dolled herself up before the mirror every day, how could she ever hope to surpass the Sword Saint?

“Many thanks to the madam’s advice, I now have a clearer goal to strive for. However, to let the madam answer my questions when you asked me to visit, that was truly rude of me,” Lily respectfully bowed.

And yet, Yomika only showed her a warm and mysterious smile, “Miss Kagami, please take a seat, I’ll be back.”1

As Lily sat down in a heel sitting position, Yomika retrieved an exquisite paper case from the inner compartment of the study. Then she sat in front of Lily on her heels, passing the paper box over while speaking, “Miss Kagami has saved my daughter’s life. And even prevented me from falling into the Hojo clan’s trap. If Miss Kagami wasn’t there, I’m afraid that my Saikanji house would have suffered a great disaster. How can we not repay such a big favor?”

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Yomika opened the box and took out a teacup that shone faintly. Its entire body was a deep purple, with a smooth and round shape.

“I heard that not only is Miss Kagami talented in martial arts, you are also very sophisticated and quite gifted in the way of chado. This is the Aubergine teacup.2 It is a valuable Grade 4 teacup gifted to the Saikanji house by Chancellor Fujiwara personally. Please receive it with no remorse, Miss Kagami.”

“Eh?” Lily blushed. She fell in love at first sight with the Aubergine teacup’s interesting design and glistening purple color. However, there was no way she could receive an item that was gifted to other people.

“S- such a precious item, this little girl really can’t receive it. Nanako is like my… little sister. It is only natural to save someone who is like a family to me. There’s no need to present a gift to me,” Lily politely refused with a deep bow.

However, Yomika didn’t hesitate to force the teacup into Lily’s hands, “Miss Kagami, this item is just something for me to appreciate, but if it is in your hands, it can help you in many ways and very crucial to improving your swordplay! Since Miss Kagami has the lofty goal to go to the Heian Capital, I’m sure the spirit of the teacup would be happier to be owned by a beautiful samurai such as yourself.”3

“Eh? But that’s…” Lily wasn’t really trying to evade the topic deliberately, but she really didn’t know how to refuse a woman’s stubborn request. Moreover, once her hand felt the high grade texture of the Aubergine teacup, she was really unwilling to let go of it anymore.

“Besides, I have other intentions for gifting this to Miss Kagami.”


Yomika pushed the teacup into Lily’s hands and fell back in a kneeling position. Then she prostrated herself before Lily, “Miss Kagami, I have seen countless people, and I can tell that you have a high tolerance and good martial skills, to the point that it could even be said to be a gift from Heaven. No matter what, my Saikanji is a merchant house, even if we have the money, we still need the protection of a truly strong samurai clan. Otherwise, it will be hard to avoid nasty characters like the Hojos. Naturally, this is for later, but if Miss Kagami receives a territory in the future and founded a samurai clan, then my Saikanji house will be the first to vow their loyalty to you! Please keep this Aubergine teacup as a token of our loyalty. I only ask for the protection of my Saikanji house if one day Miss Kagami becomes a renowned samurai!”

When Lily saw a noble lady like Yomika bowing before a nameless samurai like her, she deeply sympathized with her.

With vast wealth but no power, how would they be able to protect themselves in this dark and chaotic Heian period?

Contrary to expectations, the richer they were, the more dangers they faced.

Perhaps Yomika’s painstaking efforts were all for her daughter to live well in these troubled times.

If she had such an intention, how could Lily refuse?

“I understand, Saikanji Yomika. I swear on my name and promise you this; regardless of whether I receive a territory in the future or how much power I am able to acquire, I will protect the Saikanji house to the best of my capabilities. This gift, along with your intentions, I have received it.”

Lily clutched the teacup between her hands, as she felt the weight of the promise settle into her heart.

“Thank you, Miss Kagami,” As Yomika lifted her body up, her face had a hint of blush for some reason, “Miss Kagami, if you still have something to do, please go ahead. However, you must come to my inner room tonight.”4


“Since Miss Kagami has agreed to protect my Saikanji house, as the head of the household, I must not skimp on the proper procedure. You must… come tonight, alright?” said Yomika.5


  1. 我去去便来
  2. Robinxen: Nep screaming in the background.
  3. Robinxen: Mama is smoooooooooth.
  4. Silva: Gasp!! It’s HERE!!! Yuri time!!!

    Cough cough, okay I know it’s probably not what we’re all thinking it is, but a man can imagine…

  5. Silva: OoOooh~ Yomika is being so suggestive~
    Robinxen: Yomika must offer herself up in body and soul~
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Thank you for the chapter !
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As a lady of the Saikanji house and a certified Milf, I must personally enjoy cough serve miss kagami’s body

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Well as per normal can’t make a pact/deal/promise with anyone in this novel without some sexual inuendo charged catch to it somewhere.

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