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Chapter 102 – Drunk Lily

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2053 characters
Translator: Nexus English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1317 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Robinxen

The dim yellow light of the lanterns illuminated the private room where three beauties of different types were gathering.

“Mom!” Nanako frowned, “Don’t make her drink, even if she looks well developed on the outside, she’s actually only one year older than me!”

Nanako took the remaining half of the sake and chugged it down.

“Ah! Nanako, what are you drinking!?” Kotoka asked in surprise.

“Tsk, so what if I’m drinking!” Apparently Nanako wasn’t happy as she continued to down her drink.

She also wasn’t sure why she didn’t feel happy.

Kotoka shook her head as she approached Lily, speaking to her, “Don’t be surprised, Miss Kagami. That is simply what this child is like, but as a part of my Saionji family, she has to get used to that amount of alcohol sooner or later, let her go at it.”

“Ah…” Lily forced a smile, how was it that Kotoka seemed like she didn’t care much about Nanako’s condition after learning she was fine when she was so surprised and worried at first?

‘While we’re at it, ma’am, would you mind taking your hand off my butt…’ Lily thought, however, the idea of needing to say that to another woman felt strange.

“So, since the little one is drinking, the older one should have no problem either, right? You are a samurai, correct? A samurai which doesn’t drink will be the laughing stock of all other warriors.”

The latter part of what Kotoka said was all nonsense, but Lily didn’t know that. She bought the nonsense since it sounded reasonable and hesitantly received the cup. Lily slowly put the cup to her lips and took a sip of the sake.

“Hm? W-what is this… so this is a sake?”

Lily asked as her body began to heat up nearly to the point of sweating. It only took a small amount of sake to put a blush on her face.

She didn’t know that her senior sister had never touched alcohol before in her entire life.


Lily’s physical condition was very good, pain resistant, fatigue resistant, high recovery rate, but even so it did have a few weaknesses; one of them being that she was very, very sensitive.1

It only took a small amount of alcohol to make her start feeling dizzy.

Even her incredibly sharp sight had grown dull.

Lily gently stretched her hand, letting the sleeve slide naturally down her arm, and put the green jade porcelain cup on the table.

Her small face was pink, her presence serene, her gaze was soft and glittered like the limpid autumn waters as she looked over at Nanako sitting opposite her. Then she lowered her head, unwilling to look longer.

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“Huh?” Nanako was also a sharp girl, Lily had never looked at her like this before. She wondered why was this woman acting strangely.

“Miss Kagami, how is it? Is the sake’s taste to your liking?”2

Lily didn’t say anything and instead laid her body directly on Kotoka’s arm. Even Kotoka, who was an adept businesswoman, couldn’t help but look distracted as the lukewarm heat transmitted to her arm.

Kotoka’s gaze was also distorted, but luckily Nanako who was on the other side of the table couldn’t see.

Lily looked up and brought her face very close to Kotoka’s beautiful face. Her eyebrows fell slightly, and her eyes seemed to be filled with lust. As soon as their eyes met, she cutely turned her head away and said, “About the wine, Lily hasn’t tried much of it, but I have somewhat appreciated the fine night of Suruga.”

“Oh? And what does Miss Kagami think about it?”

“Hum, what did I think about it? It’s quite… stuffy…”

Lily supported her body with one hand and softly leaned to the other side. Her kimono’s loose neckline quickly dipped due to the weight of gravity, exposing one of her snow white shoulders to everyone around. To do such a thing on purpose without using one’s hands would take an incredible amount of control and subtlety, it was hard to tell if Lily was doing it intentionally or not.

She had a bashful look yet she deliberately remained defenseless. That faintly visible mist3 surrounding her body seemed to stand as testament to the girl’s current condition. Her sweet pheromone was already overflowing throughout the private room.

Nanako, who was on the other side, openly gaped, she couldn’t help but think that the person in front of her was absolutely not the strong and gentle sister that she knew! Nanako didn’t know what was going on, she wasn’t able to fully understand Lily’s current state.

However, when Kotoka looked at her, she was reminded of a baby, “Miss Kagami, you are drunk.”

“I’m not drunk, the wine is drunk.”4

She gently lifted up her long hair, revealing her white neck and ear that were giving off distinct fragrance of their own. Following that, she picked up the glass and wanted to drink more.

“Miss Kagami, apparently you can’t handle your alcohol, I advise you to stop drinking. Perhaps we should call it a night here?” Kotoka, who had experienced too many gatherings, was also worried about Lily’s drunkenness.

“Can’t hold my drink? Hmph!” Lily raised her head, draping her long hair to either side of her, raised her glass high, opened her mouth, and poured the sake into her mouth. However, majority of the sake missed Lily’s mouth, and instead fell down into the depths of the ravine that was her bosom.

“Ah…” Lily blushed, having noticed her mistake and too embarrassed to look at Kotoka, “I’m sorry, Madam… Lily stained the floor of your winehouse, it’s my fault for not listening to the madam, Lily was wrong……”

For a second there, Lily looked at Kotoka with earnest but watery eyes. It created a surreal scene where Kotoka was the madam and Lily being the clumsy servant or disobedient slave. However, since Kotoka was the owner of the winehouse and a figurative businesswoman in Sugura, she didn’t let Lily pull her into the delusion. In her heart, however, Kotoka was shocked, ‘This girl is really mysterious. She’s normally so strong and noble, but emits a natural spell of seduction when she’s drunk.’

“Nanako, get a towel.” After saying that, Kotoka took the cup from Lily’s hand who was too weak to hand it over on her own and then smoothed out samurai girl’s skirt so that she wouldn’t be indecent.

After that, she took the towel, opened the kimono’s neckline, and cleaned the spilled sake that marked her breasts before finally closing the kimono back.

“Kagami, you’re not drunk you’re just tired. We’re going to lead you away to get some rest,” Kotoka then turned to her daughter, “Nanako, order someone to go back quick and call the ox cart.”

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The Saionji’s mansion was only two blocks away from the winehouse. After a few minutes, the cart returned carrying a very elegant sedan chair.

Kotoka and Nanako placed Lily on the sedan chair and went to the Saionji home.

Lily was still drunk on the ride, but since there was only room for one person in the cart, she couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed.5

She sat on the flat floor of the sedan chair, her legs stretched to one side with her silky hair splayed all over. She twisted her chest and waist to lean her shoulder on the side of the box. She slightly parted the curtain to peer at the night scene of Suruga city.

Her gaze was absent-minded as she softly pressed her finger against the lips.

“Rei Onee-sama6… where did she go with that annoying black horse? Will she come and bully me again? …If I meet her again, I will not let her bully me.”

Lily sighed as she looked at the passing lights with her blurred vision, then she put down the curtain.7


  1. Robinxen: Alright boys! You know the drill!
  2. Robinxen: I’m starting to think she spiked it too!
  3. Silva: I’m assuming this is due to her body heat and evaporating sweat. But yea, just go watch some hentai of some female character in heat and you’ll get the picture.
  4. Silva: Kek, she’s not making sense anymore!
  5. Silva: Lily becomes a sex-machine when drunk!
    Robinxen: Geez, the readers hadn’t even seen this chapter when they voted for the Christmas special. I can’t imagine how much more popular that option would have been if this chapter was first.
  6. Silva: So tempted to type Rei onee-sama here.
    Robinxen: Ask and you shall receive! No seriously it fits surprisingly well here, since it’s kind of tradition for lesbian couples in Japan.
  7. That’s right folks, the Christmas Special chapter will likely be 102.5 so I hope you look forward to it.

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