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Chapter 97 – Crimson Moon Prison Slash

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2516 characters
Translator: Sigma English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1445 words

Lily had a gleam of a bitter smile on her face. As she was a sharp-witted girl, how could she not know how much Nanako had suffered.

She took out the sword, aiming to cut the rope that was binding Nanako.

Hojo Motoshige and Akira were standing several meters behind Lily, watching her as she cuts the rope around Nanako as though no one else was around. As she stooped, her rear end poked out, putting her in a rather defenseless position.

Akira and Motoshige held their weapons tight, maliciously gazing at Lily’s back. This woman looked down on them too much!

The samurais in the Heian period valued their pride very much. Even scoundrels like Akira and Motoshige couldn’t bear being look-down-upon.

They exchanged spiteful looks with one another.

“Kagami Lily, you are courting death yourself!” sneered Motoshige.

Akira didn’t stop Lily. He held his golden club and staring at her with malicious intent.

In a dark corner more than ten meters away from where Nanako was tied, an onmyoji appeared behind a rock, mumbling some incantation. A halo glowed between his fingers while countless runes revolved around his body.

“Sister, watch out!” Nanako being tied opposite the Onmyoji was the first to notice the purple glow.

“What?!” Lily was startled. She turned her head around and found the onmyoji had finished his incantation. He threw a talisman toward Lily. Although that talisman was just a piece of paper, it moved extremely fast.

It didn’t hit Lily but detonated right in front of her. The resulting flames spread around Lily and Nanako, creating a circle around the tree. Eccentric runes were revolving around the purple spirit flames.

Instantly, Lily felt the ground underneath her feet was being affected by some unimaginable power. She couldn’t move her feet or even lift them up.

“It’s a confinement spell!” Nanako, who was somewhat knowledgeable about the spell, cried out in alarm.

Both Nanako and Lily were trapped in a small circle not more than two meters in diameter, unable to move an inch.

Lily decided to use Power Boost1 on the spot. However, she found that it was impossible to break the spell with her power!

This was the onmyoji’s specialty. She had witnessed this when they surrounded and attacked Noboru. She didn’t expect to fall for the same trick!

Where did this onmyoji come from? She had used Spirit Perception continuously but she didn’t spot him!

Actually, Lily didn’t know that the onmyojis were much more proficient in the Arcane Artes than the samurais. They could use the talisman to hide their spirit power. With Lily’s imperfect Spirit Perception, it wouldn’t be possible to detect him unless there was a really large gap in their power!

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This old onmyoji had prepared this spell to prepare for any ambush team sent by the Saionji House. It was the trap Akira and Motoshige had set up.

“Kill that ⓑⓘⓣⓒⓗ! But leave Saionji alive!” bellowed Motoshige.

The old onmyoji made an exaggerated pose and recited another incantation. His bony arm stretched out of his sleeve. Purple halo twinkled between his fingers as he shot out spirit bullets. They flew toward Lily with quick but unpredictable trajectories!

Lily waved her sword to parry the bullets. However, they exploded upon contact Lily’s blade. Lily was battered by the spirit flame and powerful waves.

Lily protected Nanako behind her back. Although Lily had defended with Spirit Armor, a large area of her clothes were still torn by the attack.2 Moreover, she had consumed a large quantity of spirit power! The Demon Sword Maiden was good at attacking, but they didn’t have much in the ways of defensive skills. Although the Lunar Blossom’s defensive skills could resist the attack, it consumed a lot of energy. Even with that, the defensive ability was still inferior to a Demon Sword Maiden or female samurai wearing an armor!

Seeing his attack work, the onmyoji laughed evilly. He continued to chant the spell to attack Lily with more spirit bullets. At the same time, Akira raised his golden club and stormed toward Lily and Nanako with the few remaining samurais!

Lily’s eyes became completely icy. During this crisis, she held Nanako to her chest in order to protect her. Lily originally had a bit of mercy for them since she did owe Hojo Ujizane a favor. When Akira and Motoshige changed their tone and wanted to negotiate with her, she had actually become softhearted. However, she didn’t expect that they were only buying time for the hidden onmyoji to prepare his confinement spell.

‘How could people’s heart be that sinister! It was exactly as Sakiko has reminded me. My kindness would bring disasters to me, sooner or later!’

“I was thinking of letting you go due to the favor your Hojo Clan had shown me, but you still want to push me to death!”

Lily decided not to show them any more mercy. Resolutely, she threw her hand to her back to grab the Sakura Parasol.

She didn’t open it but threw the parasol as it was towards the onmyoji.

A samurai dashing toward Lily happened to pass by the onmyoji. Instinctively, he stood in front of the onmyoji, attempting to shield him from the attack.

They couldn’t imagine that the parasol Lily had thrown away to contain that much force. It was as if she had just flung a tower toward them. “Boom!” It hit the samurai, sending him more than ten meters away!

As for the Sakura Parasol, it only changed direction a little. Carrying with it a force close to six hundred kilograms, it struck the senile onmyoji’s right chest, breaking his bones and killed him on the spot.

At the same time, Akira swung his golden club at Lily from behind.

Although Akira had the same power level as a high-tier samurai, he was a martial monk with higher raw power. His advantage was even more pronounced against a stationary target!

Akira swung the club with all his power. It was a heavy and vicious strike. Hundreds of kilos of force was brought down on Lily as it smashed through the night wind!

Lily was still guarding Nanako with one hand, she pulled Nanako toward to the opposite side and embraced her tightly. She didn’t even notice Nanako’s amazed face when it was buried in her raw cleavage.3 Lily lifted the katana in her other hand to face the club head-on!

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Akira was exulted, ‘in order to protect that little girl, she’s only using one feeble little arm to counter my all-out attack!’

“Hahahaha! Kagami Lily, no matter how good are you with the sword, your arm will be broken by my full-force strike! Die! You ⓑⓘⓣⓒⓗ!!”

At this very second, vehement resentment welled up in Lily’s heart. Her kindness was betrayed, and Nanako —the girl she considered her family— was humiliated and her life was hung onto just a strand of hair!

In her wrath, it seemed the time in Lily’s own world had slowed down. Her thought process became abnormally swift. She channeled Spirit Power throughout her body in accordance to the Genji’s teaching. It felt like drops of crystal-clear wines dripping into the still lake in her heart. The drops stirred up the ripples after ripples.

Lily’s ability to control these spiritual ripples had become even finer!

Genji Swordstyle, Second Phase, she made a breakthrough in this critical moment!4

“Boom—!!!” The penetration force in her single arm now surpassed 1800 kan. The magnificent red glow on the blade was like the moon above the desolate town!

It directly cut through both Akira’s golden club and his beefy body from the bottom – dividing them into two halves!

Daidouji Akira was dead!

“Whoosh—!” That powerful swing brought upon a current of air, blowing the trees far behind, causing them to rattle and their leaves to scatter disorderly!

The two halves of Akira’s massive body fell apart in opposite directions. His blood splashed half of the open area!

A moment later, the two halves of the golden club that were knocked into the sky smashed into the ground and buried a few inches deep. The cut surface of the Grade-Three golden club was as smooth as the surface of the paper.

The samurais that were about to charge toward Lily were petrified, halting at the same time. Although valor was a part of the samurai code, they weren’t idiots that would throw their life pointlessly.

Facing the powerful opponent that was beyond their comprehension, those samurai threw their weapons and ran for their lives immediately!

Lily hugged Nanako and took a deep breath. Her sweaty breasts rubbed against Nanako’s bewildered face. She was filled with amazement by that sword attack and momentarily forgot herself. Embarrassed, she shoved her head into Lily’s chest.

“Ah…” Hojo was stunned. “This… This woman… That attack seems much stronger compared to the last! I- is she really a human?”

While backing up, Hojo Motoshige pointed his trembling sword at Lily and said, “Ka- Kagami Lily, I- I’m Hojo Ujizane’s younger brother! My brother, my brother helped you in Kamakura city!”

Just in time, the effective time of the confinement spell was expired so it vanished completely.

Lily let Nanako back up to the corner and shook Akira’s dirty blood off her sword. Her eyes glowed red with resolute murderous intent. Without saying a word, she suddenly accelerated toward Hojo!

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“Kagami, y- you dare to attack me! You ⓕⓤⓒⓚⓘⓝⓖ ⓑⓘⓣⓒⓗ!” Seeing that Lily didn’t intent to spare him, Hojo was furious. He lifted his katana and ran towards Lily!

Their swords clashed in a short moment later.

“Spurt ——!”

Lily’s Seiwa Tamashi pointed at the night with a streak of crimson light.

The upper half of Hojo Motoshige flew up. It helplessly rolled in the air and hit several tree branches before landing on a big tuft of grass far away. The lower half, having lost its perception, remained in a horse stance beside Lily.5


  1. Decided to just call the skills she learned from Genji Swordstyle as Power Boost.
  2. Silva: Uhhh yea, ok, just strip her naked again, would ya ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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  3. Silva: Oh you lucky girl
    Robinxen: I messed up the entire chapter format by pasting an entirely different set of text here by accident, but I fixed it! Yay sleep deprivation!
  4. Silva: LIKE, WOOOOOT?!
    Robinxen: Lily has hax. PLOT ARMOUR!
  5. Robinxen: Everyone died! I’m sure plenty of people are satisfied! I would be too if I wasn’t editing this at 4am in the frelling morning!
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