Chapter 87 – The Late Night’s Frigid Moon

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2657 characters
Translator: Sigma English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1657 words

It was very late at night.

Lily wore the pink yukata which she had bought from the street store. Of course, there was no special occasion or anything of the sort. She just wanted to wear the pretty new clothes.

The two young slaves followed Lily’s order to wash up before going to her room. However, according to Lily’s plan, they would not be slaves anymore by the time they left this room.

“Master, w- what do you want to see us for… Although it’s the female ninjas’ job to satisfy all of her Master’s demands, I… Shiu doesn’t know anything. Shiu doesn’t have experience! I’m afraid I can’t please you, Master…” Shiu kneeled on the floor, pressing her lips together with a tense face. She blushed as she gazed at the floor with determined yet deadpan eyes. Unconsciously, her small hand gripped the hem of her shirt as she mumbled.

“Shiu, Master will not ask you to fulfill those unspeakable things in your imagination. I asked you to come tonight because I have other important things to tell you. Just pay attention to my words,” Lily slowly explained to Shiu.

Then, she looked at Nanako. It seemed the girl was still angry for an unknown reason. She didn’t say anything. So, Lily continued, “It’s really late now, so I’m going to announce right away.”

Nanako and Shiu looked at Lily with curiosity.

“Master, are you going to announce the start of my training?”1 Shiu said as she turned her head to sideways with a blush. She covered her mouth with a balled fist and occasionally flashed Lily a flirtatious gaze.

Nanako looked at Lily, then at Shiu, before waving her hand helplessly, “Nonono, there’s no value in training someone with body measurements like yours! If Master wants to teach you, she might as well just tie herself up and do some solo play.”

“Eh? R- really… This is really humiliating for a female ninja. How I can be so pathetic that my Master has to tie herself,” Shiu blushed as she felt ashamed of herself.

Lily was speechless. These two girls looked so pure but no one actually knew what they were thinking. Lily really wanted to tie them up and spank them hard!

But now she needed to talk about the important topic. If they kept going this way, perhaps spanking was what the two little girls wanted.

Lily didn’t stop them but purposely kept silent for a while. After they began to get curious about what Lily wanted to tell them again, she opened her mouth. “What I want to announce is that tonight, I have to teach… Ah no, geez, you bamboozled me.”

“Now listen carefully, today, I want to announce that, from now on – You are free!” Lily’s voice was high but thin.

Then, she waited for the two girls to raise their voices in delight.


“Free? What free?” asked Nanako. She was more worried rather than happy.

Shiu became even more flustered, “Master, why did you make such an announcement out of the blue? D- do you hate Shiu now?”

“Eh?” The two girls’ reactions weren’t similar to what Lily had expected.

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Thus, Lily had to adjust her tone, explaining carefully and seriously, “Nanako has become a samurai, and Shiu is a High-Tier Genin. If you’re in some other samurai families, you can be their vassals. But big sister is treating you both as slaves, I kind of feel sorry for you.”

“I did what I did before because you girls were disobedient. One of you wanted to fight against your Master, and the other one wanted to assassinate me. That’s why I needed to punish you for a while and teach you a lesson. I don’t actually have the intention to make you my slaves for the long term. So, I decided to give your freedom back to you and make you my vassals. Do you agree with this arrangement?”

“I, I don’t agree!” Shiu’s eyes were watery when she walked forward and grabbed Lily’s skirt. “Shiu doesn’t want to be a vassal. Shiu doesn’t care about freedom. I’m satisfied as long as I can follow and serve you, Master,” said Shiu as she looked at Lily with an agitated face.

“Shiu, you…” Lily didn’t know what to say.

However, Nanako said, “Freedom? It’s easier said than done. We signed a master-slave contract!”

“Yes, of course. Here, take this. It’s up to you whether you want to burn it or destroy it,” Lily didn’t just talk without action. She took out the slavery contract and continued, “It was just a bet. You’re the Young Lady of the Saionji House. How could you be a slave for the rest of your life for just losing a bet? Nanako, take this. Do you want to become big sister’s vassal?”

Lily had good intentions and with the combo of her tender, mesmerizing voice, she thought that Nanako would be so touched she would agree on the spot.

“I can take this slavery contract back? That means the contract between you and me will end here, really?”

“Yeah, that’s right,” Lily could sense something wrong in Nanako’s words. However, she couldn’t tell what exactly it was.

“Alright, I got it…” After she said that, Nanako stood up, her eyes having a gleam of sadness. Her small fingers gently touched and wrapped around her slavery contract. Then, she immediately said rude words to Lily. “Looks like not only your breasts are big, even your heart is just as big.”

Lily ignored Nanako’s rude words for the time being. Of course, Lily actually preferred girls who were more polite and gentle. However, she wouldn’t mind if the girls just used rude language occasionally.

“So, Nanako…” She smiled and spread her arms towards Nanako. Although this gesture wasn’t suitable between a Master and their vassals, Lily didn’t understand these things.

Nanako’s eyes became gloomy. No one knew what she was thinking in her small head, but her face didn’t look delighted at all.

“About being your vassal, forgive me, but I decline,” said Nanako coldly and heartlessly.

“What?” Lily’s arms were still spread to both sides, her delicate breasts visible through the wide-open collar. She froze in such an embarrassing position.

Nanako put the slavery contract into her chest. She turned around and pulled the sliding door. She saw the cold moon and started to feel a little emotional as her soft body shivered. When she turned her head around, Lily could see the moonlight reflected in her wet eyes.

“The contract between you and me ends here. So, I don’t have any reason to stay with you,” said Nanako sadly.


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Nanako walked out of Lily’s room like that, heading toward her own room.

Shiu was still holding onto Lily’s hem, feeling bewildered.

Lily was even more bewildered. She sat for quite a long time before jolting up all of a sudden, rushing out of her room.

Then, she saw Nanako in a yellow hunting dress, ready to leave with her luggage.

“Nanako!” Lily called out, “Where are you going?”

Nanako turned around. Although she had a gleam of sadness on her face, she was pretending to be contented as she forced a smile. “Of course to Suruga Province. Big-breasted woman, why do you think a noble Young Lady of the Saionji House willing to be the slave of an ordinary woman like you in the first place? It was because I overestimated myself and lost the challenge. Being a samurai, of course, I have to abide by the contract. But since you just canceled the contract, I no longer have any reason to consider you as my Master! Although you’ve treated me… not bad during this time. I… thank you… See you again!”

Nanako turned and walked toward the dark woods outside the courtyard.

This time, Lily was completely stunned.

“Nanako, wait a minute! Why? Why you were willing to be my slave but not my vassal? In my opinion, isn’t a vassal something like a partner? Are you really going to leave like this?” Lily couldn’t accept this answer.

Nanako continued to walk further away before turning around with a grimace, “Big-breasted woman — you fool!”

Then, she turned and dashed into the dark night.

“What? Wait, wait a minute, Nanako!”

Instinctively, Lily chased after her. However, she stepped on a stone, which was covered with slippery green moss. She fell face first, while watching Nanako disappearing into the darkness. It seemed that the girl was heading to Suruga Province…

It was so embarrassing for a samurai such as herself to slip at such a crucial moment! It was clear as day just how surprised and flustered she was…

“Did she really follow me merely out of obligation?” Lily didn’t know why she began to recall the time she had spent together with Nanako. Her heart ached bitterly.

Feeling upset, she returned to her room with her pink yukata half smeared with mud. Shiu was still kneeling there, waiting for her master to come back.

“Master… Shiu doesn’t want to be a vassal or anything. Shiu is willing to be your slave…”

Lily sat down on her knees and hugged Shiu. Her long hair covered her face. Her pink yukata was dyed a pale blue color under the moonlight.

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And around this time, Nanako already ran out of the Dojo. Shortly after, she vanished from Takeshita Town. She wanted to leave this place as fast as possible in case she changed her mind.

“Hmph! What a stupid, big-breasted woman! She actually set me free! If I still shamelessly followed you, then wouldn’t my Saionji House’s honor and samurai’s dignity be trampled by you?! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid Lily!!”

Nanako’s tears fell on the dark mountain path as she ran toward Suruga Province.

And along the path, by the cold mountain trail, Hojo Motoshige and Akira were returning from the Suruga Province. Their destination was without a doubt, Takeshita Town.2


  1. Silva: S&M Training? 🤔
  2. Silva: Hoh boy… I can somewhat guess what’s going to happen soon.

    Robinxen: “Do you think they’ll notice the foreshadowing?
    Author: *gets sledgehammer*
    Author: “I’ll make sure they do.”

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