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Chapter 75 – Female samurai

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2291 characters
Translator: Sigma English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1572 words

Early in the morning, the murmuring of the river was accompanied by a layer of mist that drifted toward the damp bluestone road.

The white fence of Genji Dojo stood imposingly. The lush and rugged trees could be seen from the outside, their tips of branches protruding beyond the wall.

Lily, Nanako, and Shiu were walking along this tranquil road, heading toward the large gate of the dojo.

Imakawa Yusuke brought around a dozen powerful samurais to stand guard at the dojo’s entrance, all armed with long and short swords at their waists. No matter what, after the incident last night, they must strictly watch the place today.

Upon seeing Lily, they greeted her very courteously. They didn’t even inspect the proof of examination but let Lily and the others enter immediately. However, Shiu was asked to wait outside.

Separating from her, Lily and Nanako walked in. It was the first time they visited the main hall, which was also the biggest room in the dojo. There were at least seven or eight pillars of humongous size in the middle of the room.

The two took off their shoes before entering the big hall. There were currently seven or eight official samurais sitting on their knees in the hall.

And, there were no less than fifty elite, powerful samurais sitting on the two sides of the room. They were wearing a white uniform with navy blue trousers. They all looked serious in this heavy atmosphere.

So many samurais! It truly deserved to be called Genji Dojo. Lily complimented inwardly.

There were ten new recruits in total, gathering and waiting here.

At this moment, unusual footsteps came from the other end of the dojo.

Several samurais with extraordinary auras entered the hall, separating evenly in half as they parted to sit directly on the front row of each side.

Lily didn’t dare to use her spirit power to check. However, those people weren’t afraid to emit their intimidating auras for Lily to sense.

The weakest of them was a mid-tier Sword Master! So fierce! Any one of those seven or eight samurais sitting in the front rows could easily defeat Lily!

And, right when Lily was still frightened, three more came from the other side.

All the samurai present kneeled and bowed to greet them. Lily’s group also followed them to bow.

The three then walked to the front and sat on the wooden floor. A screen with drawings of pine trees, bamboos, and apricot blossoms stood behind them.

One of them was Minamoto no Sakiko, the mistress of the dojo, sitting to the right.

On the left was an old man with long, gray hair. His aura was also formidable and unfathomable. This man was one of the masters with virtue and prestige sent to Genji Dojo from Kamakura City.

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Sitting in the middle was a young, slender, and handsome man. He had a smooth face with double eyelids and eyes as sharp the phoenix’s.

The young man’s eyes had glimpses of being gentle but serious and cold. His natural solemn made Lily not dare to look at him straight in the face. She instinctively respected him.

After a brief silence, Sakiko opened her mouth. “This is Master Ashikaga Kiyoshi, the young master of Ashikaga Clan from Seiwa Genji branch1. He’s one of the excellent young samurais of our nation. Today, he’s here to chair the ceremony of conferring the Pass Certificate!”

After she finished, people turned to that young and handsome samurai sitting in the middle to bow one more time. Through the fact Sakiko didn’t introduce the old man, it was clear who held the highest position here.

“Ashikaga Kiyoshi?!” While kneeling with her head near the floor, Nanako whispered to Lily. “Is he really Master Ashikaga Kiyoshi, one of the Six Swords of East Nation? This is just a small Pass Certificate conferring ceremony. Why did someone of such high caliber like him come here?”

For the time being, Lily didn’t know what the Six Swords of East Nation signified, but she could feel the energy released by this so-called Master Ashikaga Kiyoshi. It was so strong that she couldn’t see through him at all or even have the courage to resist.2

Lily remembered the young master of a certain samurai clan she met previously, such as Ujizane of the Hojo Clan. If they were compared, it would be like comparing a worn out old horse with a Qilin!

Kiyoshi hadn’t opened his mouth but his eyes had already fixed on Lily’s body.3 His brows arched as if he was astounded by her glamor, which was like a fairy in this mortal world. Yet, he didn’t say a word.

“And now, we would be honored to invite Master Ashikaga to announce and start the Pass Certificate conferring ceremony,” declared Sakiko respectfully.

Ashikaga Kiyoshi was still looking at Lily. Hearing Sakiko, he was a little hesitant. However, he announced frankly and generously, “The Pass Certificate conferring ceremony – begins!”

Two disciples of the dojo walked forward, bringing with them two small black wooden tables. They placed one in front of Sakiko, which had pea-sized green Magatama4 atop the table, and the other in front of the old man, which had ten rolls of paper stacked in a triangle shape.

The old man said, “When you hear your name called, walk forward to receive the certificate.”

He picked up a roll. Reading the name on the ribbon wrapped around it, he called out, “Kagami Lily.”

Lily shivered.5 She hadn’t expected to hear hers as the first name being called.

She respectfully got up and, although filled with emotions, walked gracefully forward. Holding both hands in front of her, she moved without letting her thighs touch her skirt, revealing her confidence as she advanced. Taking small steps, so as to not move too fast, but also not too slow, she was as elegant as if she was taking a stroll beside a lake beneath the stars. Only when Sakiko signaled her, did she stop and lower herself onto her knees before Ashikaga Kiyoshi.

The old man passed the roll decorated with silk to Ashikaga Kiyoshi, then spoke to Lily, “This is the samurai appointment scroll signed by Kanto’s Governor Fujiwara Tatsuya. From now on, you’re no longer a civilian but a samurai.”

Ashikaga Kiyoshi received the roll, then solemnly bestowed it to Lily with both hands, his eyes gazing at her fascinatingly.6

Lily acted with great respect. She was neither proud nor servile as she greeted, and received the roll with the right manner.

Although the other was powerful with high position, being a woman, especially a maiden, when she gave a young man a curtsy, she had to mind her action. She wouldn’t do anything excessive.7

Lily’s coy manner made Ashikaga Kiyoshi looks at her with different points of view. ‘Is this girl actually from a poor family? Although she doesn’t have a noble title, compared to the noble ladies from Heian capital I’ve met, she has fairy-like manners that even the daughters of the royals and officials couldn’t be compared to her.’

“Miss Kagami, may Hachiman’s8 blessings be with you,” Kiyoshi’s voice had an innate elegant and classic characteristic.

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Lily said nothing, since it was better to say nothing in moments like this.

She quietly carried the etiquette, mumbling in her head, ‘Hachiman, if you can hear me, please bless me so as my senior sister would wake up soon.’

Instantly, a gleam of sadness appeared between Lily’s brows, which startled Kiyoshi. ‘This girl is as beautiful as divine9, yet why does it look as if she is bearing some heavy burden?’10

Kiyoshi was so infatuated with Lily that he forgot to release the roll, still holding on to the other end.

It was really awkward to Lily now. If she reminded the other, it would be very rude.

“Master Ashikaga… Thank you,” Lily said quietly and pulled the roll a little bit. Ashikaga got a hold of himself and realized that he had lost his manner. Discreetly, he loosened his grip.

He felt thankful to Lily for helping him keep face. Actually, it wasn’t a big deal, but a favor from a beautiful woman was often easier to keep in mind.

Lily then proceeded to move round to Sakiko on her knees.

This time, she lowered her upper body very low to greet the other. Of course, between women, she didn’t need to worry about her attitude towards Sakiko.

Sakiko picked up the green Magatama with red strings attached and gave it to Lily.
“Miss Kagami, congratulations. Also congratulations to our Genji Dojo for having another female samurai with great potential,” Sakiko continued, “Later on, if you have any requests, just let me know. Don’t need to be too polite.”

“Thank you, Lady Sakiko!” Lily was touched. Sakiko did care about her. She was one of the few great nobilities Lily had met since coming to this otherworld.

While holding the green Magatama in one hand and the roll in the other hand, Lily had so many emotions surging in her heart.

She remembered the time she first arrived in this otherworld. A paper parasol, a thin cloth, the night parade, sheltered by the samurai clan, the dangers she experienced in Mount Ise, the bloody fight in Chrysanthemum’s front courtyard. And finally, today, Lily had accomplished the first step on the path she pledged to herself that night:

Female samurai.


  1. Silva: I’m not really well versed in Japanese culture myself, but after a bit of digging, this is what I found:
  2. Robinxen: It’s turning into one of those gender bender eroges “The female body cannot resist the will of a man! Muhahahahaha!”

    N-not that I have any experience with those.

  3. Robinxen: I knew it.
  4. Robinxen: I had to google this, and then had one of those moments where it’s like. “Oh! So that’s what they were called?!”

    Silva: Pretty sure I included the wiki link when they mentioned magatama previously, that’s why I didn’t include the link now.

  5. Robinxen: You and me both, I hate being the first in anything. I like having a reference go first so I don’t screw up.
  6. Silva: Uh oh~ I smell trouble.

    Robinxen: I mean he hasn’t even seen her thighs yet, which is her true weapon of mass seduction. Must be a boob guy. I don’t like him already.

  7. Robinxen: It’d be a disaster if those mountains on your chest fell out wouldn’t it.
  8. God of Eight Banners

    Robinxen: Nice try, but we all know that samurais worship the philosophy of Hachiman Hikigaya.

  9. Robinxen: If she was as beautiful as my one true waifu Ereshkigal I would have married her already. Male soul or not.
  10. Robinxen:

    Silva: Not gonna lie, that sharp voice kinda hurt my ears…

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