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Chapter 71 – Blade Maiden Spirit Power

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1976 characters
Translator: Sigma English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1264 words

“Blade Maiden?” Lily was startled upon hearing that.

She looked at the vibrating Seiwa Tamashi with red, sparkling runes. It seemed like it didn’t have the same righteous aura as when she bought it. Now, it had a distinguishable eldritch energy.

Her chest thrust in and out, which made her breathing visible.

Blade Maiden, Lily learned of their existence when she was transmigrated to this otherworld alone. She had nothing but plain clothing and witnessed the night parade of a hundred demons the very same day.

One who exterminated the demons and trod on the moon!

That was Lily’s first vision for the future when she came to this otherworld, her first shock!

A human woman could also reach that intimidating level.

Lily was no longer feeling inferior because of her gender.

She was no longer sinking in the pain of losing her right to be a man.
‘Her1’ sword flashed and reflected the moonlight like some kind of signpost for Lily, giving her directions in this dark world, showing her the way to survive.

‘She’ was an aloof existence that Lily could never touch, ones that she could only admire far in the distance.

Lily studied her slender, porcelain hands. Her slim fingers looked delicate and weak. Cocking her head, she turned her attention to observe her succulent breasts, they were full of womanly charm, demanding to be cherished.

This body was beautiful, soft, and pure; and it could be the one that topped the night, slashing ghosts and monsters, fighting to her heart’s content?

Am I really like Uesugi Rei, the one I consider my Valkyrie?

‘Am I… a Blade Maiden? Is it true?’


Lily’s eyelids shivered. If it were true, and not the random babble of that female ninja due to the aphrodisiac, could the chance of awakening senior sister be one step closer?

‘If one day I could be like that invincible Uesugi Rei, I could travel around the world to find a way to wake up my senior sister, couldn’t I?!’

‘Do I have such potential?’

At this moment, as if to prove Shiu’s words before she fainted, the Sakura Parasol in the corner of the yard suddenly got up. She took to the air, spinning excitedly, calling Lily, “I- I remember now! Master, I remember!”

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Being startled, Lily asked a little grumpily. “Remember what? Aren’t you high and mighty right now?”

“Master, don’t scoff at me, listen. The beautiful vivid red spirit power from your body isn’t eldritch energy. It’s the spirit power with Blade Maiden’s attribute! It’s an extremely high quality spirit power, among so many of those with attributes! Only a Blade Maiden can make the secret scripture and runes visible on the sword like you can!

“Master! That female ninja didn’t just talk in delirium. You are actually the Blade Maiden of legend! I’m sorry, I, my memory is so chaotic I couldn’t remember that. I just got it from what the female ninja said!”

Lily looked at the Sakura Parasol with eyes as calm as water, but waves were surging and rolling in her heart. “I’m sorry, Sakura, you’ve given a large amount of information in just a short moment. You were talking about attributes? A spirit power with an attribute?”

“Master, it’s the soul with the attributes to be exact. The natural attributes of souls will determine the spirit power’s attributes of the creatures. However, among the people who cultivate spirit powers and shikigamis, the ones with the spirit power attributes are all natural-born experts with inborn advantages! For example, there are Lightning Soul, Ice Soul, Fiery Soul, etc. Those natural attributes are so formidable already. However, the Blade Maiden attribute claims the most overwhelming eldritch energy. It’s the combination between right and wrong, innocence and elegance! It’s both evil and good, innocent and alluring. I’m not bragging. It’s an attribute that is both rare and powerful!” The Sakura Parasol jumped, twittering.

“Can’t believe my Master is a Blade Maiden… After a while there will be some possibility to take revenge for my former master…”

“Sakura, is a Blade Maiden that formidable?”

“Master… It’s a long story to tell. With only what I’ve remembered recently, it’s enough for me to talk half a day long. Anyway, should we solve this event first? We can take time and talk about the Blade Maiden’s secrets later. Is it okay?” reminded Sakura.

Lily looked at the fair-skinned female ninja on the ground. Her mask and clothes had all been blown away. At this moment, she didn’t have many secrets left.

“Sakura, go check grannie’s situation,” Lily turned and looked at the small, tattered building deep in the corner of the courtyard. It was the storage room where they kept wooden logs at Chrysanthemum Inn. She continued, “Then, come and meet me in the log storage house. Do you still have enough spirit power?”

“Master, don’t worry. It’s just a short journey. No problem,” Sakura replied then turned and flew toward the corridor of Chrysanthemum Inn.

I wonder if grannie was alright.

Lily was worried but she must solve this incident in a hurry. It would be bad if the female ninja woke up. Even though she was lacking in strength, she was an annoying opponent indeed.

Lily stepped forward and lifted Shiu’s limp body. Considering her strength, it was as easy as flipping her hands.

After bringing Shiu into the log storage and lighting a lamp, Lily closed the door. After searching for some rope she went to attempt restraining Shiu.

However, although Lily had mastered her fighting skills, for the time being, she didn’t know how to tie this girl.

There was no way she could know. Tying someone up and interrogate them, she wasn’t born with these talents.

At this moment, though she didn’t know why, the image of Uesugi Rei, with her fluttering silver hair, emerged in her mind. If it were her, perhaps she would be good at it…

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“What! What are you thinking about?!” Trying to sweep that thought away, Lily blamed herself.

“First, I have to solve this first!”

“Hmph! If Uesugi Rei can do it, then why can’t I?”

With her confidence rising, Lily made up her mind. She just needed to figure it out a little bit at a time and she would be able to accomplish what she wanted. Once she started to try then it would flow naturally.

Lily expended a lot up time and effort, working up a glistening sweat. It was really harder and more strength-consuming than the previous battle. Eventually, she had tied Shiu entirely with a complicated and tight criss-cross pattern.2 By hurling the other end of the rope over a wooden beam Lily was able to hang her up.

“Hmph, how dare you try to assassinate me. If you weren’t a woman, I would have killed you already! Today, not only will I make you tell me what you know, but I will also teach you a lesson!” hissed Lily.

As if on cue, Shiu slowly woke up.3

“Er? W- where am I?” Shiu struggled as she came to, but since she was suspended beneath the beam all she accomplished was making herself spin around.

Lily proceeded to her front, lifting her chin with a single outstretched finger. “Spit it out. Who are you? What’s your name? How much you’d received from Daidouji to assassinate me?”

Shiu’s moist eyes opened wide. “H- how come you know the name of our client! Let, let me go. I, Shiu, will tell you nothing!”


  1. Referring to Uesugi Rei here
  2. Robinxen: Shibari bondage time! I think this is what the author was getting at with the hanging her up bit.
  3. Robinxen: So convenient and cliched, at least be self aware about it.

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