Chapter 102.5 – Cathartic Intoxication

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Author: Robinxen Original Source: Re:Library’s Degenerate Readers Word Count: A large number of characters
Translator: Microsoft Word English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2370 words
Editor(s): Nobody. Nobody checked this. Not even me.

There are various differences between modern towns and Heian cities, despite their comparable size. Aside from the obvious differences in architecture, the first major difference was that the main roads were very wide, flat and straight.

The second major difference was that as a result of this choice in road design, the cities themselves looked like a giant grid from above.

Lily couldn’t tell if that afforded them better or worse defences than the notoriously narrow and windy roads of the contemporary cities of Europe.
Nor did she really want to think about it.

Rather, how did her admiring how smooth the ride was turn into a serious reflection on architectural decisions. It seemed that Lily couldn’t quell her original artistic heart even when her head was clouded.

With blurred vision, the gentle rocking motion as they approached their destination threatened to lull Lily into a slumber. Since she had already propped herself up on the side, she was in a position to sleep albeit uncomfortably.

Her usual lady-like mannerisms had been completely discarded, due in part to the way her clothes had fallen into disarray and her hair dishevelled.

While her ever distracted mind wandered, Lily took one last glance at her surroundings before her eyes fell closed, falling asleep before she could even reach her destination.

With her cheeks still flushed, her warm breath leaked a sweet mist from her mouth as she lay defenceless. Thankfully she was already under guard; since she didn’t even have a weapon with her should she get attacked in this state.

And as expected, the trip was a peaceful one. The escorts slowly pulled to a stop and went to assist Lily in exiting when they realised that she was asleep.

Normally it would be easy for an attendant to awaken or carry her. However, since she was a Samurai who could easily snap a normal human like a twig it would be dangerous for one of the escorts to wake her. Likewise, since she was a guest of the family they also could not do the dishonourable thing of carrying her.
They were at an impasse.

With no other option one of the escorts, a younger maiden, with black hair tied up the sides, left to fetch Lady Saionji. Her elegant yet hasty steps were not too dissimilar to Lily’s own, showing that her education had been proper.

In fact quite about her was similar to Lily, perhaps indicating to Kotoka’s ‘preference’.

Keeping Lily sheltered from the wind and night air, several guards held their position while awaiting the escorts return, with Kotoka in tow. The whole time she kept her mouth covered with a fan majestically. Hiding her scheming smirk.

“Ara ara. It seems that the travelling finally caught up with her, moreso now that she’s in a secure environment. Since it would be in poor taste to wake her, I shall carry her to her quarters.” Kotoka spoke effortlessly like this was all natural, her merchant aura preventing anyone from doubting her logic as she folded her fan.

Naturally, Kotoka was not a samurai and thus did not have the great strength that her daughter would have. Luckily Lily was not that heavy, and Kotoka was at least fit enough to handle certain goods.

Slipping one arm beneath her slender legs, and the other round her back, securing her voluptuous chest in place, Kotoka lifted the sleeping figure. The movement caused Lily’s head to tilt inwards, leaving her head to rest on some cushiony softness. Her hair falling downwards at the beckoning of gravity, to expose her defenceless neck.

“Make sure to stable the horses properly and lock the gates.” She ordered authoratively, then carrying the girl who’s weight was different from her expectations she made her way down the cobble path towards the building.

Since Kotoka had not corrected Lily’s yukata before lifting her, the exposure level had reached an almost scandalous degree. The valley of her chest was completely exposed, only the loose sash around her torso preventing it from falling completely free, and her legs had fallen wide for inviting eyes. The string of her panties barely visible.

Even Kotoka who was very familiar with the path almost tripped, distracted by the mouth watering display that Lily was offering. Her eyes transfixed on the silky white feast before her eyes.

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Sliding the doors to the side, the two figures retreated into the building, leaving the escorts and servants behind as they moved to accommodate their instructions.

As they passed down the luxuriously adorned hall, Lily finally stirred from her slumber. One of her jewelled eyes blinking open, still moist from the drink. Able to tell that the warmth of a person was nearby she instinctively moved to seek it, planting her face firmly in Kotoka’s breast as she gripped the shoulder of the olders yukata.

Trying to make sense of her surroundings, Lily gazed emptily up at Nanako’s mother, several figures overlapping in her mind. The upper class charm she had was reminiscent of Senior Sister, and the strong temperament was reminiscent of Rei.

“Onee-sama?” She mumbled, trying to put together the overlapping figures. With both her vision and judgement clouded by alcohol, her normal superhuman senses worked against her, giving her more detail than she could handle only to confuse her further.

With likewise impaired hearing, Lily could just about make out the words “Oh my, you’ve woken.” Or something similar. Though the exact details escaped her.

“To show such a vulnerable appearance, sister will be disillusioned.” Lily complained out loud, trying to squirm free of the embrace, causing her sash to fall loose completely.

Before Kotoka’s eyes, Lily’s snowy twin mountains were revealed. Tipped with erect pink summits.

With a complete lack of shame, Lily didn’t try to cover herself up. Instead she went even further and raised one hand to her chest and groped softly, playing with the pliant mounds of her senior sister’s body.
‘They’ve grown again, Senior Sister, I’m sorry for changing your body.’
She thought to herself, but didn’t stop her self-indulgent massage.

As they had reached the provided room, Kotoka could easily have dropped Lily and left for the night, but she continued to hold on to her while standing in place. Watching the intoxicated girl. “Fufu. There is nothing to be disillusioned about, Samurai Lily is a cute girl.” She spoke with a sultry voice, oozing with apparent experience.

“C-cute?” Lily blushed profusely at the compliment, doubling down the redness of her face. “B-but Senior Sister’s body has been defiled.” She protested, trying to pull away and explain. “Onee-sama stole Senior Sister’s first kiss, and I didn’t even get to fight back.”

It took a moment for Kotoka to understand Lily was referring to herself as ‘Senior Sister’. Though it was a bit unusual it wasn’t that uncommon, after all many men referred to themselves as disgusting things like ‘daddy’ and ‘uncle’ in third person while drunk. At least Lily was refined with her choice. Though this interpretation was close it was still slightly off, nobody could guess Lily’s circumstances.

“Next time I will definitely steal a kiss from Onee-sama!” Lily shouted to psyche herself up, raising her fist up into the air and revealing even more of her defenceless body. This time her yukata slipped off her leg and exposed her string panties, a pure white and faintly transparent from sweat.

With Kotoka’s arms finally tiring, and wanting to take better advantage of the situation, Lily was reluctantly placed down atop a futon. Her plump rear resting firmly on the padding, creating a deep impression.

In an effort to prevent Lily for realising her own state, and to keep the conversation flowing in a beneficial direction, the mistress of the Saionji house nodded to herself exaggeratively and smirked. “But how do you plan to steal a kiss with your inexperience?”

Lily froze immediately. Whether she interpreted it as the teasing of Nanako’s mother, the concern of Senior Sister or the taunt of Rei Onee-sama…all of them hit her just as hard. Those words truly hit the nail on the head for her.

Since the topic of conversation was on Rei, and Kotoka’s image had overlapped with hers earlier, Lily ended up taking it as a taunt. Raising one hand in a clumsy fashion to point at her. “Your challenge. This Lily accepts it!”

Leaning forward, Lily clambered onto all fours. Her chest hung down freely, swaying with her drunken movements in a hypnotic manner while she slowly crawled forwards. More than once she misjudged the distance and ended up stumbling, before she reached Lady Saionji’s feet.

“You! Get down from your horse!” Lily slurred, looking up at Kotoka as she blurred the present moment with that past memory.

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In a teasing manner, toying with Lily, Kotoka pulled out her fan once again and unfolded it before her mouth. Chuckling to herself before speaking, “Ara, but why would I do that?”

In her druken state Lily froze for another time. She was right. Why would she just do what she asked? In this chaotic Heian period wouldn’t it be rather foolish to dismount on the demand of another. It was natural to take things by force in this other world, Lily needed to be prepared to do that herself.

As Kotoka watched curiously as Lily seemed to mumble to herself, she was suddenly caught off guard as Lily used her samurai strength to push her to the ground.

All she could tell was that her legs had been grabbed, then suddenly she had flipped onto her back atop the futon. The movement had been so fast and fluid that she didn’t even have time to register it, her lack of training due to being a merchant showed.

Lily held a great deal of respect for Kotoka to have made it this far with purely her wealth and wits, even more so as a woman.

The two mature women, to a degree that would make Nanako rage with envy, were starting to entangle on the floor. Kotoka was laying flat on her back while Lily clambered on top of her.

In just a few short seconds, Lily had covered Kotoka’s lips with her own, silencing any potential protests or further taunts. The only noises that could be vocalised were gasps or grunts, intermixed with the occasional moan.

Whether out of instinct or greed, both entwined their fingers, preventing the other from pulling back. Then they went one step further, coiling their tongues round each other, while Lily clumsily explored the mother’s mouth.

Lily lifted her knee up between Kotoka’s yukata, while their chests pressed together to transmit their racing hearts to the other. And Kotoka closed her eyes while readily accepting all the emotions that were being released into her.

It was several minutes until Lily saw fit to pull back, a long sticky string of saliva connecting their lips as she panted red faced. Her eyes were starting to glow crimson, her Maiden aura starting to leak as she looked at the woman beneath her.

Lily was starting to see her like an opponent in a battle, something to be defeated.

Letting out a seductive giggle, her moist red lips puckering as she kissed Kotoka’s ear, then nibbled gently. While prying her fingers free to explore the lady’s figure, especially the chest that she was so drawn to.

“Onee-sama will be mine.” She whispered, her lips trailing downwards. First kissing the lobes, then the neck, then the collar. “I’ll make sure you serve under me.”

If it had just stopped there then it might have been seen as a display of affection, but this did not end here. Lily continued onwards and downwards until her face was buried between the breasts, and her eyes upturned with lust.

With time pressing late, and wishing to exploit this chance further, Kotoka used her free hand to stroke the top of Lily’s head, gently brushing her hair aside with her palm.

“Miss Lily, before we continue tonight how about some special tea?” With a seductive smile, she gently pushed aside Lily. Or did Lily allow herself to be pushed aside? And moved towards an ornate set of draws.

As this was a guest room, various teas were available, each with different effects from different regions. Some were even foreign, a significant luxury in this land. As she was used to serving guests she was able to move in a refined manner to prepare the tea. While Lily’s eyes gazed longingly.

At first Kotoka thought Lily was gazing at her, but she noticed that Lily’s actual eyes were on the teapot. However since it was only Grade Two, while not common, it wasn’t that valuable. She couldn’t understand why Lily would be so interested in it.

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Her merchant spirit flared up, and she decided to speak to her daughter about it when she received the chance. There was surely some potential to profit from this.

“Miss Lily, please drink this.” Her voice was still as smooth as butter as she made her way back. Her wide hips swinging evocatively, as her slim legs peaked out in a dazzling allure.

Parting her lips, Lily didn’t even speak a thanks as she took the tea. Tiny, miniscule sips of the warm liquid entering her throat. Her sensual throat rising and falling with each swallow, enough to make any man stare were they in line of sight.

“That was deliciousssss….” Lily spoke, her body swaying before she fell onto the futon asleep. Kotoka catching her by her shoulder to steady her, letting her naked figure rest on her lap as she giggled.

She would surely ensnare this potential talent, for the good of her family.


In a distant land, atop a tree branch.
A certain ninja shivered, and almost felt like her ponytail was about to stand upright.
“Is Master about to be captured?” She wondered out loud, her M connection with Lily seemed to be being threatened. She would have to increase her pace.

With a single kick of her long leg, the figure in the tree turned into a shadow and vanished into the chaotic night.



  1. Robinxen: Hahahaha, I apologise for the lack of lewd in this one, I had serious writers block and barely got this done for the deadline. The New Year chapter should be a bit more refreshing though.

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