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Authors and Translators who are no longer with Re:Library.

Nexus Flameheart

  • About Me:
    • Part-Time Translator with a love for fiction. My favorite genres are cheesy romance, kingdom building, xianxia, and Political Drama.
    • Currently in the process of making an original Visual Novel that I will link later.
    • I love to write and ⓢⓗⓘⓣpost about Naruto.


  • Gender: Male
  • Group: Sigma Translation Group
  • Position: Translator (Retired)
  • Contact: N/a
  • Reddit User ID: N/a
  • Novel Updates ID: N/a
  • All Projects:

  • About Me:
    • I’m the manager of Sigma Translation Group. Our group currently have 4 translators and we mostly do commissioned work on various translation sites. Some examples of our work include God of Slaughter and Journey to the West (manhua)

Icy Kitten

  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Chief Editor (Retired)
  • Contact: Icy Kitten#3896 (Discord)
  • All Projects:

  • About Me:
    • 15 Years old, and I’m already enslaved to literature. I really enjoy gaming and learning languages, but reading most of all. I’m intrigued by a lot of things that happen in eastern Asia, and the wealth of books sparked my interest in languages and the region. Feel free to direct message me on discord if you have any questions.


  • About Me:
    • Since preschool, moving around was part of my life, friends were short term and I stayed at a boarding school with biweekly home visits. However, one of the constant things was books.At first it was Chinese novels, but when I went to the US, it became English ones instead. However, I still remember going shopping every weekend while listening to Jin Yong’s Wuxia novels with my parents in the car.Now, almost a decade and a half later, my Chinese roots have faded. Last winter (Jan 2015), I took a trip back to China for an internship, and one of the things that were foremost on my mind after this trip was reconnecting with these roots.

      I joined Re:Library in early January of 2016 picking up the novel Aspirations for Nation and Beauty, a epic war saga with historical inspirations set in a fantasy world. I hope everyone will enjoy my work! 😀


  • About Me:
    • I am currently an editor for RaisingTheDead translation team (their link here). I started translating this year more or less because I always wanted to do it and it is also one of my resolutions for the new year. As I am new to this, I appreciate any feedback and comments. Thanks for reading!


  • About Me:
    • I go by many name, but I’ve settled with Amaranthine on Re:Library. I had joined this translation site’s discord server quite a while ago and once the site administrator found that I was able to develop discord bot, he requested me to make two bots for him, one for streaming music and the other for polling feeds. I’ve been invited by the site administrator on 9th November 2016 to manage the site for him after the previous developer went MIA with no reason or cause.


  • About Me:
    • The guy who convinced the site administrator to move to self-hosted server and came up with a co-hosting offer. However, due to certain circumstances, he’s no longer with us.


  • About Me:
    • I am a writer based in the United States. With a love for blogging, writing and media in general, I spent a great deal of my life studying, developing and contributing to various media outlets. I gets my inspiration from all great fantasy writers stretching far back as The Odessey, to something more recent like IET’s Coiling dragon.