Chapter 34 – Meeting Mephistopheles

David and Hikari woke up rather early the following morning. Ever since Hikari brought up the possibility of Helaine having betrayed him, it has been swirling around in his mind the entire night. It’s not like he hasn’t considered the possibility of that happening, but every time he thought about it before, he was always about to get rid of the thought rather quickly. Was it because someone else said it this time?

David wasn’t sure. He didn’t want to be either. He didn’t have the luxury of time to think it over either. Today was the day he and Hikari would meet with Mephistopheles, a legendary demon that seems to be interested in him for some reason.

Hikari and David arrived at the entrance to the fortress before the sun rose. From their perspective, the fortress was a gigantic structure that seemed to be surrounded in a dangerous aura. The two of them knew, it wasn’t coming out from the fortress itself, but rather, from the beings within. As David looked around, the streets around the fortress seemed unusually empty, it was as if the crowd he saw yesterday was merely his imagination, nothing more.

Ah, I’ll finally see Helly today, right? Then we can go home. Together. Back to our normal mundane lives.

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Only now did David realise what a luxury his old life was. Before discovering all this, he had thought his life to be a bit too plain for his liking, and when he got to know all about magic and everything else, he had approached it with suspicion. Despite that, he has to admit that he enjoyed it, he enjoyed learning all about these things of the myths, things in legends that he loved to read about.

As he was immersed his his thoughts, a cold and dark atmosphere surrounded the area.

“Emmet,” David muttered. This was only the third time he had felt this atmosphere, but it was ever so familiar to him. It was scorched into his memory. This was a demon that was a danger to him.

“I see you have made up your mind, David,” As he had expected, Emmet’s voice sounded out from above. “It’s a lovely day isn’t it?”

“Sure, lead us in, we’re not here for pleasantries,” David replied curtly.

After bowing, Emmet led Hikari and David into the fortress. The two of them followed the clown demon through a series of corridors, the walls of which were covered in various paintings and weapons. The paintings were rather human, in fact, as they walked through the corridors, Hikari pointed out various paintings which depicted a specific religious event, including the snake tempting Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Meanwhile, David didn’t pay that much attention to where he was, and merely bombarded Lucifer with questions about Mephistopheles as well as the mercenary group “Expressions” that Emmet Wayne Gacy claimed to have belonged to. According to Lucifer, Mephistopheles is a crafty demon, and during his time as Lucifer’s left hand, he was key to the success of many plans in dealing with opposition. In terms of combat abilities, Lucifer merely told David that he should just run no matter the cost. Mephistopheles wasn’t someone of David’s caliber could even dream of handling, perhaps if he had another ten years or so to train, he might stand a chance in surviving, but now, he has no chance in a fight. If Lucifer himself aided David, then he can most likely assure David’s survival, but that’s it.

As for Expressions, it was led by a demi-human called Smile, who Emmet claims to be. Emmet does fit the description of Smile, including the way he talks and laughs. The reason that Expressions was named such was not due to their own naming sense, it was a name coined over time by those who have lived to tell the tale. Each member of Expression had a unique trait, whether it was intentional or not is up to debate. As for the case of them being hunted down by the Phoenix tribe, apparently it was a sudden act that no-one expected. Although all members of Expressions were said to have perished in the hands of the Phoenixes, if Emmet’s claim is true, then it is entirely possible that the entirety of Expressions have come to serve Mephistopheles, which is even more reason for why David should not act rashly.
The more David listened, the more he frowned. He can’t help but admit that the thought of just grabbing Helly, then leaving did occur to him more than once, but after hearing so much more, it just seemed like an unachievable dream. He can only hope that Mephistopheles truly just wanted to meet him and nothing else.

“And we’re here,” Emmet suddenly said as they stopped in front of two large doors, clearly leading to some sort of great hall. He turned to a guard standing on the side of the door, “Please inform our lord that I have returned with our guests.”

The guard conjured up a magic circle and said something into it. A few moments later, he turned back to Emmet and said with a bow, “Lord Mephistopheles is awaiting your presence.”

As his words ended, the doors to the hall opened.

Almost instantly, David felt a suppressing aura gush out from without, causing him to grimace. If it was when he had first met Emmet, David might have fallen down already, but now, he was at least able to keep his posture. He looked towards Emmet, and saw that the clown demon didn’t seem to notice anything, and merely led the way. Then he looked towards Hikari, and saw that she was in a similar situation to him, clearly feeling the aura, yet forced herself to withstand it.

David took a deep breath, and walked into the hall behind Emmet.

Upon entering, he looked around, and noticed that it was some sort of throne room. A noble-like figure sat atop a throne ont he other side of the room. He had the appearance of a middle-aged man with tanned skin, the only thing that distinguished him from a normal human were the large protruding ram-like horns at the top of his head.

So this is Mephistopheles. David said to himself in his heart. He’s different from what I expected.

His gaze didn’t stay on the demon for long, what drawn his attention was a familiar young woman sitting besides the throne. David knew her all too well, it’s just that the last time he had seen her, she didn’t have wings, and was dressed in more modern and less immoral clothing.


Was this what he was expecting? No. He had imagined her to be imprisoned and hurt. But she seems… Fine for the most part. The only thing that seemed wrong was the slight bit of guilt that she showed in her eyes.


That was something David wanted to shout out right now. If he just looked at the situation, David knows that he should feel relieved that Helly is unhurt and well. Then why was he so agitated? What is this stinging feeling in his heart, eating away at him? Was it… Jealously? No, David knows what jealousy is like. Was it anger? No, it wasn’t that either.

Ahh yes, it’s disappointment. David didn’t know what he felt that way, but he felt disappointed. Although he wasn’t sure as to what he was disappointed about, he was disappointed nonetheless.


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