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1-4 Spirit Magic

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Author: EnroItzal Original Source: Scribble Hub

The bandit didn’t have much on him. In fact, all he had was a pouch of copper coins. There were only around ten copper coins. Argon didn’t feel good looting a dead corpse but he was in foreign lands. There was no room for his morality if he wanted to survive.

Discipline and rationale only comes after necessities had been met, he believed.

And so, Argon kept on walking towards the sound of the running water with the pouch hanging by the side of his waist on the sash of his robe. Coincidentally, it was also the direction where the two bandits fled towards to.

Don’t tell me the two bandit’s camp is set up near the river I’m heading towards, it can’t be, right?

Argon pondered greatly and worriedly. It was very likely that he was now heading towards the bandits’ base camp. Still, it was better than to wander around aimlessly in the forest. If he had to choose between fighting humans or monsters, he would choose humans. At least he would definitely be able to loot something useful from a human. As an example, there was nothing he could use from the Rot-rats he killed just now.

Though the Rot-rats’ fangs could be used as a shiv but his newfound aversion cast that idea out of his head.

Hah…. Why did I forget about the sword was forged of iron?

As the Sword Saint, it was only natural that he knew a lot about swords. The bandit’s sword he wielded may be worn, it was still up for a few uses but it broke easily. This was because it was made of iron and iron was a poor conductor of Magic. Coupled with the fact it was worn and Argon poured too much of his Magic, it was only a matter of fact that it snap like a toothpick.

He was now once again empty-handed and it ill-advised to be unarmed in a forest filled with monsters and bandits.

Albeit that, his current predicament lay in another aspect. It was his bosom.

He was wearing a robe but there was nothing underneath that robe. There was no undergarments. His breasts were jiggling gently as he walked. It didn’t just affect his body but his mind too. He never knew how hard it was to walk with these milk bags. All this time he had been lasciviously gazing at women with huge bosoms, he never understood their hardships and pain. Now, he did.

And by no undergarments, that went for his underwear too. With every breeze that blew past, it felt as if he was wearing nothing below his belly at all when the cold air brushed against his bared genitals. He would shiver every time and his tail would also straighten up.

He was walking with his arms under his chest. He did so to prevent his breasts from jiggling too much but this was no solution. It only made it worse as the malleable feeling to his forearms was driving him insane. He even tried to press the cloth down at his crotch to prevent the cold air entering but he only managed to stimulate his now-womanly desire.

This was too much for a virgin like him.

At his wit’s end, he decided to make do. He tore off his baggy sleeves and turned the sleeves into bandages, which he used it to wrap around his chest and genitals. Granted, he was tempted to touch his new and unprecedented nether regions but his pride as the Sword Saint hindered his lust.

Still, the temptation only grew stronger the more he denied it.

No, I am not salacious! I am just… curious! Yes, that’s it!

Now that his chest wasn’t shaking much like before, he was relieve, only slightly. It was suffocating and restricting but it was either this or let those malleable mounds sprang freely around.

He sighed inwardly and decided to focus his mind on some other stuffs, such as his stats. He still had four Skill Points to spend.

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Although Argon was a swordsman, that wasn’t to say that he had no interest in other skills, such as magic. He wasn’t like the stubborn elderly who would only stick to their traditions and maxim. He welcomed just about any skill that could improve his sword skills. Although he had magic within him in his previous life, he never could manifest it as a spell. The most he could do was infuse his magic into an object or boost his speed and strength with magic.

However, he now had something called “Spirit Magic”.

Does this mean I get to finally use magic?

His ears fluttered with his piqued interest. He realized his ears and tail respond to his emotions but he paid no mind to it. If he did, he felt that he would really lose his identity as Argon Raze.

As he thought about what kind of Spirit Magic he could use at level one, a thought appeared into his mind.

Spirit Sight?

He suddenly knew what he could do with Spirit Magic, somehow. That idea just popped into his mind. Without much thought, he activated Spirit Sight.

“Whoa…!” he gasped in awe at the sight of the thousands of small light particles of blue and green, drifting and floating around him. These were Faerin, the energy force native to the Spirit Realm. It felt soft like cotton and a little bit warm to the touch.

He decided to allocate one Skill Point into Spirit Magic.

[Spirit Magic: Lv. 1 has been increased to Lv. 2]

At the same moment this announcement was made, a flick of information entered his mind.

What this? A-a spell?

In accordance to the idea that somehow found its way into his mind, he raised his arm with his hand wide opened. Blue and green shining particles gathered around his palm, forming into bright sphere of cyan light.

Light Drop?

Argon knew the name of this spell and its uses, somehow. It was a light source much like a torch. He just knew it when he leveled up Spirit Magic.

Is this how all skills work? I just know these things when I level them up?=

To confirm his suspicions, he allocated another Skill Point into Spirit Magic.

[Spirit Magic: Lv. 2 has been increased to Lv. 3]

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A new piece of information flowed into his mind.

Fae Guide? It shows me the way to my desired location? In that case… show me the way to the nearest river?

At his words, the small ball of cyan light in his palm grew a pair of ethereal wings.

H-how cute!

He squealed with a high-pitch voice. He was too excited to mind it.

The Fae Guide flew from his hand and dashed straight in the direction he was walking towards to. The Fae Guide even waited for him to catch up when it wandered too far from its summoner.

Now this is certainly useful.

As Argon continued walking down the unpaved forest trail guided by the Fae Guide, he began to notice a change. The trees were further apart from each other and the grounds were less uneven. Even the myriad colors and types of plants were fewer in variety.

He also lost track of the bandits trail as he went on. They made a turn uphill to the right somewhere along the path. Not that he minded too much of it. He wanted to finish those two bandits off but he wasn’t so keen about it that he would chase them down. Besides, he didn’t have a sword with him.

Suddenly, his nose twitched as his ears did the same. He could smell the river and the flow of running water became clear to his ears. He was very close.

Argon picked up his pace and followed the Faerie Guide as fast he could. Now that he was a little bit clearer with his mind, to his surprise, his tail kinda helped in the balancing of his movements.

No, that’s not important right now.

After another minute of running, he finally arrived at a glade where the river was. Unlike before, he wasn’t as tired as he is now after running for that amount of time. Increasing his Might had certainly pay off.

The Fae Guide vanished into thin air after it done its bidding.

“Ah—” Argon caught himself just in time before he could blurt out his disappointment in the Fae Guide’s leave.

Before he revel in the joy of finding a source of water, he scrutinize his surroundings carefully. He didn’t know how far his nose and ears could sense but at least it was far enough for him to respond appropriately if anything bad came up. In his sight, there was no bandit camp like he had expected there to be. Without the trees in the way, he could see that it was most likely some time in the afternoon.

Okay, everything’s quiet and the river is peaceful. No dangerous monsters lurking nearby. Hmm, I wonder where did the two bandit went? Well, who cares? If they get near me, I will know. For now, let’s enjoy this.

With those words as assurance, he knelt down by the riverbank and gazed at the surface of the water. What greeted his sight absolutely took his breath away.

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“S-such beauty…” he gasped out his awe as he stared at his own reflection.

Snow white hair with a tinge of blue. Amber-esque eyes. A cutely-shaped nose. Thin and light-pinkish lips. The beauty was simply unparalleled even though there were tiny spots of blood splatter on the cheeks and forehead. Further more, the face looked younger than his former self, roughly about half of his former age.

This is m-me?

He couldn’t believe it. He wasn’t just a girl. He was an extremely beautiful lady, heavenly even. It was a face that put the other beauties he had met to shame. Overwhelmed by the undeniable fact before him, he threw his whole face into the water.

He wasn’t extremely thirsty nor was he feeling hot. He was just tired and in shock. A good splash of water was just what he needed. He washed off any dirt or blood that had gotten on his face.

As he reined back his head from the river, he sighed in delight and relief. Everything that had transpired felt like it was nothing more than a dream. But it wasn’t a dream. As he looked back at the water, the rippling surface settling back down, the heavenly beauty returned to his sight. It was real. He was now a girl, a beautiful fox-kin girl.

His shoulders drooped at the reality thrust before him. He had a glimmer of hope that everything was just a dream, a very surreal dream but no more, this was real.

Now what do I do?

He was prepared to die, to some degree, but now he was alive, somehow. It was really a kick in the nut to his resolve. Worse of all, he was force to run away from the lowest tier of monsters. It was a total humiliation to his title as the Sword Saint.

Nevertheless, I am alive now. That’s the important thing, maybe. I don’t know why or how am I alive and in a fox-kin girl’s body but I should make the most out of my second life. Yes, that’s right. I should do things that I couldn’t in my past life like… um… like… ah, yes! Magic learning! Since I can use Spirit Magic, it only reasons that I can learn other Magic, right? But… how do I learn other Magic?

And so, he added “Learn Magic” to his “to-do list” as his first item.

No, not that first. The first item should be to retrain my body. This body is too weak and inexperienced. If I went up against an adept swordsman now, I will lose easily. Okay, first thing, Hone my body. Second, learn Magic.

As for his third wish… Well, his third interest wasn’t a possibility anymore.

He wanted to lose his virginity— as a man that is.

Wait… if I was a virgin in my previous life, does that mean I’m also a virgin in this life?

His gaze trailed slowly down to his chest and to his crotch. Impure desires and curiosity filled his mind.

He wanted to know. He had to know.

His virginity had been chewing on his mind since he came be aware of the opposite gender. Now that he was a girl, his curiosity was all the more profound.

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This isn’t anything bad. I’m just researching my own body. Yes, that’s just what it is.

The longer he was in this body, the less he felt like resisting his new identity. His curiosity towards his current gender was steadily overwhelming his pride as a man. And his tail… He had occasionally stole a few glances at it. It was so fluffy that he just wanted to cuddle with it but…

No! What the hell am I thinking!? I will do no such thing! I’m a man! Well… I was a man but still—

The more he argued, the more he realized his argument made no sense. There was actually no detrimental perks to being a girl. Sure, a girl was physically weaker than a guy but there were multiple great warriors in Evaren who were females. In fact, female were naturally more sensitive to Magic than males. Female fighters often compensate their inferior physical strength by using Magic to permanently strengthen themselves.

In short, he was not gender-discriminating. He’s just wasn’t use to being a girl, an angelic beauty at that.

From what he had gather from all the moving around, his current body was actually in a good shape, for normal people’s standards of course. And what’s more, he could tell this body was young. Since he already had the mental knowledge of sword skills of the highest tier, he wouldn’t need to work as hard as he did in his previous life to achieve the title of Sword Saint.

No… My sword skills was no longer of the highest tier. I lost to that Mage Swordsman after all. But perhaps, with this new body, I can surpass him?

Now that he thought about it, this was actually a huge opportunity for him to become stronger than his previous life. He could even learn Magic with this body. He could use Magic spells in tandem with his sword skills in the future.

Isn’t this actually great?!

Be that as it may, the absent of a dongle and the addition of these two profound protrusions were still something that it would take some time to get use to.

Speaking of getting used to…

I am not doing anything wrong here. I’m not a pervert. I’m just trying to accustom myself to my new body. I can’t get use to it if I don’t familiarize myself with my new body. This is necessary. Not because I want to feel a woman’s body, absolutely not.

He told himself so.

It should be fine right here. There’s no one else here but me. Besides, I would know if anyone get any remotely close with Sixth Sense and my sensitive ears and nose.

Finally convinced by his own desperate reasoning, he leaned against a boulder nearby as he untied the sash that bound his robe. He let it loose to around his shoulders. He then began to fondle his breasts and rubbed at his genitals through the bandages.

Slowly, he could feel his honeypot starting to drenched through the cloths. Even if he felt that it was wrong somehow, he was past the point of caring now.

Erinthea – Forest-kin: Fox-kin

Level: 3 | Status: Mild Exhaustion | Severe Sultriness

Might: 9 | Arcane: 10 | Finesse: 10

Magic Arts – Spirit Magic Lv. 3,

Combat Arts – Sword Art Lv. 5 | Arcane Edge Lv. 1

Innate Skills – Self-appraisal Lv. Ex | Night Vision Lv. Ex | Sixth Sense Lv. Ex | Toxin Resistance Lv. 1

Level Progression: 90%

Skills Points: 1

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