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Author: EnroItzal Original Source: Scribble Hub

“Ugh… What a day…” Erin let out as she slumped unto the furbished bed. The sheets were still warm and the fragrance of the soap were still present, soothing her nostrils and relieving her tumultuous mind.

Beckon by the partially woken moon, Erin returned to her rooms after a stroll around the town. With the sum of money she received from selling the Dire Wolf’s Core, she bought a few books, she dined on some fine dishes the town had to offer, she toured the mills, and she visited various other places in the town, all to clear her head of the sudden truth that befell upon her.

It came like a fist to her face. Erin had prepared to let go of her former self and lived on as Erinthea. She thought she had found her resolve. But when it became known to her that her former self had never existed in the first place in this foreign world, it overwhelmed her.

She didn’t even know why it overwhelmed her. She couldn’t put it into words. It should not have mattered, that was what she kept telling herself but deep down, she just couldn’t accept the fact that everything that she had built up, everything that she had been through, it all became irrelevant. It was a mockery of all of her efforts and sacrifices.

Worse of all, someone had taken her title. The very essence that defined her being. Someone had assumed that definition. Astoria Stormedge, the Sword Saint of this world. Even though Erin knew such a line of thought was petty, a mere result of her own warped thoughts, she just couldn’t help but see the person-in-question as a thief to all of her hardships and sacrifice. It vexed her to no end.

She worked so hard to obtain that title. Now, she was suddenly told that all of the blood, sweat, and tears she shed had all been nulled. In place of all those, stood a person named Astoria Stormedge.

This. Shall. Not. Stand!

Erin vowed in her head as her hands scrunched up the sheets.

I may be willing to cast aside my name of Argon Raze and my pride as a man, but I will never relent that title!

Erin pushed herself off the bed with renewed vigor and a newfound resolve.

That title is mine. I worked hard for it. I sacrificed everything. I am who I am today because of that. I am the Sword Saint. I will not let that aspect of me be disparaged or disregarded. I will get it back. I will get it all back.

Erin laughed in a self-ridiculing manner.

Then, a knock resounded from the door. Erin took a whiff of the scent that came from beyond the door. It smelled of a woman past her prime but never lost her womanly allure. Among the scent, Erin also picked up a faint hint of carnal desire. Erin unconsciously curled her lips into a small smile.

[Warning: User has entered Carnal Starvation. Lust Deviant activated] [Provisional Increment – Might: 27 | Arcane: 22 | Finesse: 21]

It had been a long time. This is just something to be expected.

Erin had some reservations in obeying her desires due to the side effects of Lust Deviant but in her current state which was plagued with a sense of existential crisis, all of her delicacy were flushed down the drain. Like other times, she was leaving it to her future self to deal with the fallout. Right now, she just couldn’t defy her lust and desire.

When Erin opened the door, she was greeted by a brunette woman around her thirties with a braid drooped on the front of her shoulders. She was more filled out than Nivia and Lyra, but her meat was all in the right places, especially her chest which was the first pair to gain triumphant over Erin’s. In her hands was a basket of apparels.

Are those my garbs? Were all of them already washed?

The woman had charms dissimilar to Lyra or Nivia but her glamour was no less appealing than the aforementioned two. The woman bore a look that oozed off shrewdness and overflowing maturity.

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Erin unconsciously gulped at such a beauty of a woman. Her body reacted like a humble maiden being exposed to sensual matters for the first time. That notion wasn’t too far from the truth. Erin was still a tad green to such affairs but her current state would put veterans to shame.

“Good evening, Miss Erin,” the woman greeted with a slight bow and a hand on her bountiful chest. “I’m the innkeeper and also the proprietress of this establishment, Maria.”

Fighting back the urge to just take the seasoned woman in front of her right then, Erin returned the greeting with a similar gesture. “Pleasure to be of acquaintance with you, Miss Maria.”

“Oh my, Miss, am I?” the woman named Maria gave off a playful titter similar to Nivia. “I’m already forty three, Miss Erin and I’m married but I don’t mind if you call me Maria, Miss Erin.”

Erin concealed her surprise with a smile at the mention of her age and marital status. “Then, please call me Erin too, Maria.”

“Why thank you, Erin.” She tittered again. Her eyes began feasting on Erin’s body, especially on her ears and tails. The mature woman made no effort to hide it. “You’re really as lovely as the rumor says.”

“I appreciate the compliments, Maria.” No matter where Erin looked, Maria resembled nothing like Nivia had pictured her to be. Her eyes showed her desires but none of assertiveness like Nivia had warned Erin about.

“You’re welcome.” Maria smiled warmly. “And here, these are yours.”

“So it is.” Erin received the basket. Much like the sheets, the fragrant scent of the soap was still lingering around. “Did you wash all of them?”

“I did. It’s part of the service. Although, Miss Nivia was the one who dried them all up. Wind Magic is pretty handy for chores.”

Erin left the door open deliberately as she brought the basket into the room. She sneaked a glimpse over her shoulders but was met with disappointment. Maria did not even take a single step past the door.

“If there’s nothing else, Miss Erin, I’ll excuse myself first,” said Maria with a nod. She was about to leave but the despondent look from Erin got her curious. “Is something the matter?”

“I’m just confused.” Erin smiled wryly. “Nivia said you were… assertive.”

“Oh my, is that how she sees me?” She tittered. “I must confess, I was sternly warned by Miss Nivia to not even tread a toe into your room.”

“Did she now?” Erin asked eloquently as she approached the married woman with a smile unbefitting of a maiden and a Fae. “Well, she did pay for the room but… it’s my room.”

“Dear me, Erin. Are you flirting with this old lady here?” Maria returned a similar smile.

“You’re belittling yourself, Maria. If you hadn’t told me, I would have assumed you were in your early thirties.” Erin had no idea where she was getting her courage from but her most likely suspect was her innate skill, Lust Deviant. Or she could just be in over her head from recently graduating being a virgin.

“Is that so?”

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Erin stopped right in front of her, towering over the married woman. “I would never lie to a beautiful woman like you.”

“Hmm… what should I do…” Maria mused coyly. “My bed has been kinda big in the recent nights.”

“My bed’s kinda big too. It feels empty. The emptiness makes me feel lonely and the night is cold.”

“Well, if you don’t mind, Miss Erin.” Maria took a step into the room. “I guess I can keep your bed filled and your night warm.”

With an arm coiled around the married woman’s ample waist, Erin pulled Maria into her room. There was no need to ask for consent, her eyes and tone had told Erin enough. She wanted this too.

Erin collided her lips with the mellow woman who easily gave way to the intrusion of her tongue. As soon as Erin closed the door, Erin led their kiss to bed. Maria gave off a yelp when she felt herself thrown unto to the warm and soft sheets. Without a word of apology for startling the lush lady, Erin began planting kisses all over Maria’s shoulders and neck, eliciting a series of sensual moans from the married woman.

Maria’s lips had a different taste than Lyra’s. It wasn’t as supple as hers but Maria’s was just as soft and riper. Though her skin wasn’t as smooth as Erin herself or Lyra, it did have a strange lulling effect when Erin felt her up all over.

So this is how a mature woman tastes and feels… It’s really enticing. I can’t get enough of this.

“My, how impatient,” Maria teased. She was quick to return the feelings and affection Erin bestowed upon her. She untied her corset all the while giving suggestive gestures and gazes to the Fox-kin. The way she stripped down to her bare skin told Erin enough of her experience and adherence to the act.

Though the mellow woman claimed to be in the forties, her nubile body said otherwise. Surprisingly, she was well-shaven for a woman of her age. Erin could tell she took great care of her own body, probably because she was the kind of woman who spent her time in the bare more than she was clothed.

“Anyone would be impatient if such a fine dish is presented before them.” Although Erin had been a virgin, she was used to singing praises for men and women alike, especially bachelorettes and scions. But due to her unfaltering commitment to the ways of the sword, she didn’t get further beyond the compliments.

Perhaps feeling the inexperience and hesitation in her movements, Maria chaffed, “are you perhaps new to this, Erin?”

“What if I am?” Erin asked back but she didn’t stop nibbling on Maria. When it came to such venereal questions, it would normally make her shirk but with Lust Deviant taking over, these sorts of matters were trivial.

“Then, allow me—”

“No.” Erin stopped her. “Let me.” She spoke it as an assurance. It was the same as declaring that she would not leave her unsatisfied.

“Well then, let’s see what you can do,” Maria said and entrusted her body to Erin as she lay spread herself on the bed.

Remembering what she did to Lyra and what was done to her, Erin applied those memories onto the voluptuous and mellow woman in front of her. She didn’t just touch her like she did to Lyra, she felt her, taking in every inch of her warmth and sensation to heart.

Erin discovered that if she concentrated hard enough, she could almost hear the beating of hearts. She touched Maria in accordance to her heartbeat, her moans, and the slight shrivels she made.

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The thought of failure did cross Erin’s mind but it did not discourage her. Although she wanted to feel good too, it was her personal belief that copulation was not a one-sided effort. Mutual gratification was needed if she wished to get the most out of the act.

For the pair of bountiful mounds which triumphed over hers, Erin didn’t just fondle them. She worshipped them. She gave them praises. She gave them the utmost care. She gave them tenderly caresses they deserved and desperate for. Erin did not leave the firmly pointed tips alone. She gave them their fill of attention.

“Hmm~” Maria moaned sultrily. “Maybe I was wrong. You’re not as inexperienced as I thought. You might just be the best I ever had~!!” Maria bit down her finger just in time to prevent a screech that threatened to shake the whole building. Unlike Verdant Inn, one expected more for Emerald Inn. People expect discretion and delicacy. Which was why, Maria was trying her damndest to not just give in to her carnal and primitive desires.

After having her fill of those mountains, Erin moved to the nether region of the finely-aged woman. At the same time, Erin loosed her dress and tossed it aside. She wasn’t wearing any undergarments as Nivia had convinced her Faes tend to be “lightly-dressed”. Erin didn’t know how much of that was true but since the dress did not expose the sensitive parts, she didn’t give it too much mind.

“Pretty…” Maria gasped at the tails which were fanned out in all of their glory. Even for an experienced woman like her, the sight made her gulp. She knew she was about to experience a night like she never had before.

“Prepare yourself, Maria,” Erin warned as she placed her lips right before her womanhood.

As a response, Maria merely quivered with anticipation and nodded meekly with a lustful smile.

Erin proceeded to feast on the heavenly dish presented before her. In accordance to her expectations, Maria gave off a different taste from Lyra but it was every bit as delectable. She didn’t just taste her. She explored her. She accustomed the flavour of a married woman to her palate.

As Erin familiarized herself with Maria’s savor, the woman herself was introduced to pleasure and bliss that she had never known possible, or even existed. The Fox-kin wasn’t just good with her tongue, she was divine with it. Maria was tearing the sheets and blankets from withholding her cries of ecstasy.

After making the mature woman reach the peak a few more times, Erin moved to the main dish. If she was still a man, it would be the moment of insertion. But as a woman, the process was a tad different but the accompanying pleasure was just as delightful, if not, even more.

Until dawn, Erin and Maria gave way to their passion and desire without the slightest inhibition. The only thing being taken heed was the volume of their rapture. Other than that, they lost all restraint.

[Experience gained +10% – Level Progression: 57%]

Erinthea – Faerie-kin: Three-Tailed Fox-kin

Level: 10 | Status: Mildly Exhausted | Carnally Relieved

Might: 19 | Arcane: 15 | Finesse: 14

Magic Arts – Spirit Magic Lv. 6 | Arcane Edge Lv. 2 | Arcane Armor Lv. 5

Combat Arts – Sword Art Lv. 6 | Fleet Foot Lv. 5 | Brawler Lv. 4

Innate Skills – Appraisal Lv. Ex | Night Vision Lv. Ex | Sixth Sense Lv. Ex | Toxin Resistance Lv. 1 | Lust Deviant Lv. Ex

Unique Talent – Mystic Blade Lv. Ex

(This chapter is provided to you by Re:Library)

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Level Progression: 57%

Remaining Skill Points: 2

Remaining Ability Points: 2

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