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1-18 Oversight

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Author: EnroItzal Original Source: Scribble Hub

It was decided. Despite her strong reluctance, Nivia relented in becoming just a friend and teacher for Erin. She really wanted to be Erin’s companion in her adventures but Erin herself wasn’t so fond about it. She feared the time they spent together would only increase the aspect of her unhealthy obsessive tendency. In the end, the two agreed that lessons would start at some time around or after noon on the morrow. For the sake of convenience and ease, Verdant Inn was appointed as the meeting place.

The Elf bade Erin farewell but merely scoffed at Lyra. Nivia didn’t want to part with Erin but being the top adventurer in Green Scar, she had a list of prior engagements to attend to. After some extended and semi-dramatic farewell from the cumbersome Elf, Lyra and Erin were finally alone with each other’s company again. But that didn’t last for long either.

“Shame that we have to part after the nuisance left,” Lyra said with a saddened smile. To ensure she wouldn’t be falling into the red with her funds, she made it a rule to at least complete a quest per day for six days a week, even if the quest was just collecting herbs by the roadside. The single day she gave herself a break was the one day where she usually spent all her earnings on, which was why she couldn’t afford not to work on every other day.

After being left to her device by a dispirited Lyra, Erin headed to a well near Verdant Inn to clean herself up. It surprised her that the well had proper partitions just beside it. It was specifically made for people who weren’t comfortable with baring their body for the whole world to see, Erin was one of them now. If she herself blushed at her own reflection, she was sure that other people would have a more profound reaction if they chanced upon her naked form.

As she was cleaning herself up with water from the well behind the partitions, Erin inspected her new skill, Mystic Blade. It wasn’t Magic Arts nor was it Combat Arts. It was of a new category labelled as Unique Talent. When she asked for an explanation in her head, a screen appeared in her mind.

[Unique Talent is an individually exclusive potent form of power. Instead of Magic Vigor, Unique Talents draw its fuel from the vitality of the user. Over-usage of Unique Talent will lead to the destruction of the user’s soul.]

Ah… so I will die if I use it heedlessly? Good gods… that’s really worrying.

[Mystic Blade is the Unique Talent of the individual, Erinthea. Mystic Blade possesses the functions of Arcane Edge at a more potent rate and form. Mystic Blade also bestows the ability to cut ethereal substance.]

“To cut ethereal substance?” So that’s why I was able to cut through Nivia’s Magic. Handy trick but… vitality as the expense is really a huge cause for concern. Furthermore, how does a Unique Talent come by? I’m pretty sure it doesn’t just involve a simple improvising blend of skills and spells.

Although Erin raised such a question in her mind, no explanation or anything appeared.

Well, I guess this… stats thing isn’t omnipotent. Hmm, I wonder if they have a library or something close to it in this town?

This was the first thing on Erin’s mind upon finishing cleaning herself up. While she relished in her fresh pristine state, she heaved out an exhausted sigh. The washing had taken longer than she expected. It was due to her long hair, her tail, and her ears. Especially the blood that soaked right into those fur, it took some strength to scrub it all off. At the same time, she couldn’t be too hard on them. It was even more cumbersome with the absence of soap. She decided right then to buy some soap on the morrow, if she remembers it. In her past life, she made the effort to clean herself up whenever she can but never too thoroughly. But now, Erin couldn’t afford to be cursory with this much hair and fur.

Maybe I should just cut my hair short? It hadn’t been a hindrance so far but I doubt my luck would persist all the way till the end.

She had such thoughts while she combed her hair with her fingers. Like her onanism, she was combing her hair with the guidance of her instincts and with the help of some old memories. It may looked and sounded foolish, but as long as it worked, she didn’t care what kind of opinions she would garner. After finishing her own grooming, she headed for the main street.

She asked for directions to the library along the way. The residents were more than happy to help and some were even eager to help. Too eager, Erin thought. Some even asked desperately for a simple handshake. They were all praising her angelic beauty and her humility, and most of all, her deed of putting Kane in his place.

It must have been really frustrating for the townspeople. Just what the hell did that sod do? And what about Nivia? Why didn’t she put Kane in his place?

With such a question, Erin asked the people who generously guided her through the streets.

Turns out, Nivia could easily beat him but Kane avoided her. Although if she initiated the duel, she would be seen as the bully and no better than Kane himself. Besides, scuffles between adventurers were highly frowned upon but in walked Erin into the town bearing a different story. It was clear that Erin was no adventurer with the way she dressed and it was a small town where everyone knew each other. Therefore, they knew Erin wasn’t a resident of the town. She had miraculously cleared all the criteria as the most suitable person to beat Kane. Even the circumstances which the duel occurred in was immensely favorable.

With the help of pretty much a quarter of the townspeople, she arrived at a bookstore with two stories. Like the other townspeople, the owner of this bookstore, who was an elderly man, was also receiving Erin’s presence with reverence.

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As thanks for kicking Kane to the curb, the elderly owner allowed Erin to browse through the books freely and gave her a discount on her purchases. Like a few particular some, he also asked for a handshake from Erin. After having his hand shook by the Fox-kin, he muttered quietly to himself about never washing his hands again.

Erin wisely turned a deaf ear to such worrying remarks and immersed herself in books about Green Scar itself and also monsters, mainly Goblins. She knew plenty about Goblins but this wasn’t the Evaren she knew, so there might be some distinctive difference. With such resolve, she devoured pages after pages until the sun had set.

Erin had made another blunder. She was too engrossed in the books that she forgot about one important matter, her lodging. Somehow and unconsciously, she had expected to spend another night in Lyra’s room. It went without saying that the lodging fee would be her body. Now that Erin had some coins, she originally planned to rent her own room but the only place she could afford was Verdant Inn. And since that was the case, she might as well save her money and stay with Lyra for another night, or two.

She took a stroll through the town after a reasonably late dinner alone. Well, she was alone at first but after the diners realized how amicable she was, it turned into a feast. Which was why she ended up strolling alone on the street while gazing at stars that decorated the clear dark sky, she had eaten too much and the walk would do her some good. The meal servings weren’t much for Argon Raze but it was way more than enough for Erinthea. She sighed upon remembering all of the invites she received from males and females alike to their rooms during the feast. Of course, she had cordially rejected all of them.

Just what sort of joke is this? Why am I so much more approachable than when I was Argon Raze? Was I that intimidating before?

After strolling around without any aim, she decided to return to Verdant Inn. Judging from the scent and sound, the other residents and guests of the inn were in their room having the night of their lives. The rooms were soundproof to a certain extent but it was at times like this, Erin wished her ears weren’t so sensitive. And it seemed that Lyra had also returned, going by the fretful steps Erin heard coming from her room.

As soon as Erin knocked on the door and announced her identity, the door opened and she was instantly pulled into the room. The door slammed shut.

Lyra spared Erin the greetings and jumped right into exploring every nook and cranny of the Fox-kin’s delectable body.

“W-wait… I just washed myself this afternoon,” Erin tried to reason but Lyra was already starving for love, Erin’s love. Lyra herself was already in her undergarments, a plain beige brassiere and underwear. Due to the fact that her bosom and crotch were still covered, Lyra’s muscles on her abdomen were really emphasized. She smacked her lips onto the Fox-kin’s the moment she locked the bolt. Erin’s breast deformed against her solid chest. Her hands quickly went about to strip Erin of her garbs and armors.

“You have been a bad girl, Erin,” Lyra whispered into Erin’s ears. “I never took you for such a shameless person, especially someone who was just a virgin recently.”

What the hell is she on about now?

Erin tried to pry herself free but Erin was fiercely gnawing on her collarbone and neck. It hurt but the pain was quick to turn into pleasure. The pleasure spread throughout her body and sapped all of her strength as its fuel. As a result, her attempt at resistance was no different than a child’s erratic flailing.

“But such is the nature of a vixen, I suppose? A natural seductress, aye?” Lyra spoke these words in between the brief moments that she surfaced from Erin’s skin for air.

“I-I have no idea of w-what you’re t-talking aboutttt~!” Erin screeched at the end of her sentence after feeling a finger intruding into her underwear and went straight for her snatch.

After much careless fumbles, Lyra managed to undo the straps of all of Erin’s armor. “Oh? You don’t even realize the sin you had committed? Well aren’t you just lofty and insensible.” Lyra cast aside the bracers and the vest. She hastily tore the greaves off without minding the straps. Now, she was working to strip Erin of her tunic and trousers.

Erin didn’t know why Lyra was angry and she didn’t even know what gave Lyra the rights to be angry about what she does in her own leisure time.

“You let all of those people touch you,” Lyra said while she continued gnawing on Erin’s neck and collarbone. She didn’t want to move from these two spots as Erin seemed to be feeling it the most in these places. Nevertheless, her hands were working hard to remove the tunic that hindered the touching of their skin.

“W-what!? Those were j-just greetings…nghhh!!”

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Hearing her excuse, Lyra pinched her right teat, incurring a piercing moan from the Fox-kin.

“Greetings? Those aren’t greetings. Those are invitations. What kind of lady with beauty that transcends heaven would allow herself to be touched by any random person if not the purpose of sharing a bed?” Lyra successfully loosed the trousers but Erin was giving a tough fight in holding her tunic from being lifted off.

“You are j-just being p-paranoid, Lyra!” Holding down her tunic was all Erin could do in her state. Even this was getting harder as Lyra removed her underwear and directly assaulted her snatch with two fingers.

Noo!! Not there!! A-at least… do it on the bed…

Erin desperately stifled her moans but the message that appeared was a sign of her futile denial and resistance.

[Warning: User has entered Carnal Starvation. Lust Deviant activated.] [Provisional Increment – Might: 21 | Arcane: 16 | Finesse: 18]

Upon seeing this message in her mind, Erin turned the tables on Lyra. Right now, her stats were way higher than Lyra’s. Erin pulled Lyra’s hands away from her body and returned the sudden and fervent kiss to Lyra. She further pushed the brawny short-hair woman back until they reached the bed. Erin had skillfully taken off her boots. With one more resolute push, Lyra fell onto the bed with Erin looking over her like a predator eyeing on her prey.

Lyra was surprised at Erin’s sudden turn of nature but she welcomed it. Showing her consent and submission, Lyra took off every last piece of her clothing. She gazed right back at Erin with a smirk on her lips.

Gosh… she’s so beautiful…

Erin muttered in her mind as she stared at the ravishing woman with a stark contrast to her usual masculine demeanor.

Erin lifted her own tunic off her torso without breaking her gaze on Lyra. She then untied the sash around her chest and simply let it fall to the floor. She strode slowly and enticingly towards Lyra who lay on the bed with bated breaths and anticipating eyes.

Erin crawled on to the bed and slowly positioned herself above Lyra. Their gaze met and they instantly understood each other without a single word spoken. Lyra’s blue eyes were begging to be ravaged and Erin’s amber eyes were dying to wreck her up.

Lyra had her way with Erin on the night before but now, Erin was the one who would be having her way with Lyra. Not that she knew exactly what to do but her mind was in no state to be logical. She placed her hands on Lyra’s small firm teats and began tasting them.

“Ugnhhhhh!” Lyra moaned at the feeling of teeth sinking into her peaks. “Oh god… you’re a natural at this!” Instead of pushing Erin away, she wrapped her arms around Erin’s shoulders and pulled her in, wanting to feel more of her tongue and teeth. Impatiently, Lyra had even started to pleasure her own honeypot by rubbing her thighs together.

Unlike Lyra, Erin took her time with her bosom. They weren’t half as big as hers but it felt incredibly soft to touch regardless. In her past life, she heard small breasts were often the most sensitive during copulation. She didn’t know how much of it was true but she was about to find out.

“Hmm~!! Yes~! Right there… right there…” Whatever Erin was doing, it was working. Lyra was feeling it. She was even moving her own body to get the most out of it. Perhaps realizing how sordid her voices were, she covered her mouth as another string of pleasure assaulted her nether regions.

Erin paid no mind to Lyra who was writhing her lower body in pleasure. Erin was just focusing entirely on savoring these fair breasts and assertive teats of Lyra’s. She licked them. She bit them. She also rubbed her own chest against hers. And she went back to tasting them, not precisely in those order and all the while straddling Lyra’s squirming crotch with her hips.

When Erin had her filled with her modest chest, she slid down to her thighs with her lips tracing her body along as she moved, making Lyra shudder in anticipation.

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“Oh my,” Erin muttered feminely in awe as she bore witness to Lyra’s nether regions. For a woman like Lyra, who liked to keep things clean and short, she had a different opinion for the region around her honeypot. Though it wasn’t a lot, there were still some that would make a few repel from the sight of it. Erin didn’t have a clear view on the night before as her mind was busy relishing her first experience. However, she was more composed now and she was certainly more “adventurous”.

“D-don’t stare…” Lyra begged with her eyes staring to the side. It was her turn to play meek. Whether it was real or not, Erin didn’t care.

The stench is strong down here. Had she not washed herself? Well, not that it matters. This odor can sort of become an acquired taste.

Erin swallowed her remaining hesitation and proceeded to feast on the untrimmed snatch of Lyra. It was a little salty to the taste and a whiff of her sweat odor trickled into Erin’s nose. If this was anyone else, it would have ruined the mood for them but not to Erin. It only made her own honeypot overflowed with womanly juices. Remembering what Lyra had done to her on the night prior, Erin reenacted the same movements and skills on her.

“T-this is—!? Ngggggh!” Lyra bit down on her finger to stifle her screams of pleasure but that resolve lasted only for a moment as her hands left her mouth and went to fondle her own modest breasts. “Oh my god!! Yes! Yes! Right there! That’s the spot! Right there!” She moaned out her ecstasy louder than before. She had some reservation over her own voice of bliss at first but the pleasure Erin was giving her overwritten any reservations she had.

Lyra sat up from the bed. She clamped Erin’s face between her muscular thighs and she pushed the Fox-kin’s face further into her nether regions without forgetting to fiddle with those foxy ears of Erin’s. “Please! Harder~! Deeper~!” She screamed out her desires which Erin obeyed without question. It was around this moment that Lyra realized just how long Erin’s tongue actually was. It was long enough to reach her womanly spot.

After another good solid minute, Lyra reached her peak from the amazing tongue-work of a Fox-kin. Lyra jerked her whole body up as she shrieked with ecstasy, her snatch clamped down tightly on Erin’s tongue, and her thighs further clamping up on her head. But Erin didn’t seem to mind the difficult position she was in. She didn’t stop her tongue and her hands were even caressing Lyra’s soft and supple rear.

After her rapture receded, Lyra slumped back to the bed with ragged breaths. The play was nothing special and no drugs were even used. Yet, it felt so much better than usual, even more than the night before. Copulation with Erin just felt that much better than all the women and girls she had slept with, and she just couldn’t understand why. She was currently drenched in her own sweat and the faint moonlight that found its way into the room was making her body glistening like a work of fine art.

Although being the bottom wasn’t her preference but she didn’t mind as long Erin was the one on the top.

As she lay on the bed catching her breath, Erin was already ready for another round again. After all, the Fox-kin had yet to reach her peak.

“W-wait!” Lyra implored when she felt Erin pulling her by her legs towards her. “L-let me rest first! T-that last one w-was too—!!” Her lips were sealed tight by Erin as she was completely pulled into the Fox-kin’s embrace. As their tongue tasted one another, Lyra realized she wasn’t just in her embrace, her thighs were crossing with Erin’s and their womanhood were kissing and rubbing against each other. They were in the position that was widely-known as “scissoring”.

Oh lord… It feels this good just from the slightest touch?

Of course, Erin was just doing what she had heard from past acquaintances and friends. Apparently, she heard this was how girls copulated with one another, crossing the hips and grinding each other’s snatch.

“A-are you sure you were a virgin?!” Lyra was simply in disbelief. Even some of the most experienced women she had been with weren’t in the know of such technique but Erin was.

Without heeding the cries of mercy, Erin began to move with vigor as she brought about another wave of pleasure to both of them. It hadn’t even been a full minute but Lyra was already c̲u̲m̲m̲i̲m̲g̲ her brains out from the surging pleasure directly from her womanhood. Only after two more orgasms from Lyra, Erin reached her peak. She pulled Lyra in for another passionate kiss as she constricted her with her arms and thighs while her climax enveloped her body.

When Erin’s o̲r̲g̲a̲s̲m̲ subsided, it was Lyra’s turn to unleash her pleasure from the incessant grinding of their hips and snatch.

“Oh god! Oh god! What is this!? It feels so goooood!!” Lyra was reaching her peak on approximately every five moves.

“Noooo!! Stooop!! You’re making me c̲u̲m̲ again and again. Please!!! Mercy!!!” Lyra pleaded at the top of her lungs but Erin ground their snatch without a shred of pity for Lyra who had drool and tears coming out of her mouth and eyes.

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For every three orgasms Lyra experienced, Erin had one. It was an unfair trade but neither had the capacity for any dispute nor did they care about such trifle matters during such a session.

Under the starry night, in a small dim room, they moaned to their hearts and womanhood’s content. Lyra wasn’t complaining nor pleading anymore. As if her previous implores were an illusion, she was now even moving her own hips.

For the rest of the night, the two did not leave the embrace of each other. They remained connected as they copulated. They switched to many positions but not once did they leave their skin untouched with one another. Their screams and cries of pure bliss echoed throughout the inn. They weren’t sure if the other guests or residents minded. Whatever happened, they were leaving all up to their future self to care.

At the end of their coitus session, Lyra had cummed so much that she simply lost count halfway through, which was simply unprecedented for the experienced Lyra. However, Erin had only peaked into rapture only a few times in comparison to Lyra but it was enough for the both of them. Due to the linked effect of Lust Deviant, Erin’s single o̲r̲g̲a̲s̲m̲ was enough to send Lyra into an ecstatic state that made her eyes roll to white but she experienced more than just once or dozen. Erin herself wasn’t any better. A single o̲r̲g̲a̲s̲m̲ alone had a drastic drain on her energy and strength. After this much, she resembled nothing but a marionette doll who had her strings cut.

Unlike the night before, they went into their slumber with their faces painted with content smiles, in the cradle of each other’s arms, and their legs were still intertwined.

Erin’s first night had ended abruptly and unsightly. But for her second night, it was far more proper but given the noise and positions they have undertaken, proper was just a relative term in their case.

[Experience gained +30% – Level Progression: 100%] [Erinthea: Level 6 increased to Level 7] [Status has been restored] [Skill Points Gained +2] [Ability Points Gained +2] [Level Progression: 0%]

Erinthea – Faerie-kin: Fox-kin

Level: 7 | Status: Carnally Relieved

Might: 14 | Arcane: 11 | Finesse: 12

Magic Arts – Spirit Magic Lv. 5 | Arcane Edge Lv. 2 | Arcane Armor Lv. 1

Combat Arts – Sword Art Lv. 6 | Fleet Foot Lv. 5

Innate Skills – Self-appraisal Lv. Ex | Night Vision Lv. Ex | Sixth Sense Lv. Ex | Toxin Resistance Lv. 1 | Lust Deviant Lv. Ex

Unique Talent – Mystic Blade Lv. Ex

Level Progression: 0%

Remaining Skill Points: 2

Remaining Ability Points: 2

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