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1-10 Fervent Night

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Author: EnroItzal Original Source: Scribble Hub

It was a small lodge and one of the only two inns in the town. It was name Verdant Inn for the small patch of grassland just behind the building. Most adventurer chose this inn for its cheap price and the ample space behind the building. It was a suitable place for adventurers who wished for some quick stretches and other stuffs.

Also, it was located some distance away from the main street. Many adventurers chose this inn for precisely that aspect.

In a certain dimly lit room of Verdant Inn, there were two young ladies on a single bed. A human girl and a Fox-kin girl. They were mauling at each other with zealous passion and lust that pretty much shook the whole inn. The other guests weren’t complaining as the inn’s primary use was for such reasons. There was no brothel in this town and the people make do with this inn.

Half an hour ago, before the entanglement arrived at this stage.

The moment they entered the room, Lyra had immediately stripped herself of her armor and garbs. She didn’t even bother to put them aside neatly. She was normally a meticulous and tidy person but her attention and decency were all stolen by the Fox-kin girl in front of her. She declared to herself she was going to have this vixen right now on her very bed until she begged for mercy twice. No, she doubt she could even if Erin begged for mercy a hundred times.

Erinthea had similar desires and intentions, they were blatantly plastered all over her face. But unlike Lyra, she had the mind to lay her silver sword gently against the wall before proceeding to strip herself of her clothing. Since she wore only a simple robe, a pull of the sash was all it took for her clothe to slip from her slender yet ample body. Her contrived undergarments came off just as easily.

Lyra was shocked. Erin had looked incredibly slender if one only saw her arms but the truth was, she wasn’t only skin and bones. She had thews but they were so magnificently carved into her slender body that it didn’t diminish her angelic beauty even in the slightest. Lyra had her shares of town beauties but Erin was wholly on another plane. She doubt even the wealthy or noble ladies could hold a candle to Erin.

What made it even better was her fox-like features. The cutely twitching ears and the fluffy wagging tail. And her hair, it was as white as the snow but the faint hint of blue only brought out the allure in her amber eyes. To boot, Erin was taller than her. It gave a strange sense of superiority if she managed to dominate her in bed. Everything about Erinthea hit right at home with all of her fantasies.

Erin on the other hand was equally shocked. Lyra was slender and much like her arms, her abdomen had muscles that would put most men to shame. Her wasn’t that exaggerated but they were impressive enough to make any men think twice before making a move on her. However, she never wore any scanty garbs. So pretty much the whole town knew nothing about her toned figure.

The two stood still in their place, with their body bared to the dull cold air in the room. They were only staring at one another. They gazed at each others nubile body, scrutinizing and imagining all the things they could and would do to each other.

As the meagre candle flame swayed in the gentle breeze that found its way into the small room, Lyra threw herself at Erin and they began to engage in a fight for dominance with their mouth and tongue.

With one hand behind Erin’s neck and the other arm around her rear, stroking the tail along, Lyra was already giving Erin pleasure unlike what she had experienced in her own onanism. Lyra’s tongue explored and tasted every inch of Erin’s tongue and at the same time, Lyra’s tongue skillfully made its way into her mouth. Erin had no way of fighting back. She was only clumsily returning the pleasure. Much less experience in pleasuring woman, Erin hadn’t even scratch the surface of courting a woman. Lyra on the other hand, she was very experienced. As Erin had already noticed from the various reactions and conversations, Lyra was practically switching partners almost every other night.

But Erin didn’t mind. Beggars shouldn’t be choosers and she was certainly a beggar under these circumstances. What’s more, she heard that coitus between two first-timers could turn out awkward and unpleasant.

After a few minutes of exchanging their saliva and heated breaths, Lyra came out the victor in their battle of tongue and lips. Erin’s legs turned jelly but Lyra was there to support her.

Grinning coquettishly, Lyra picked up the surprisingly light Erin and threw her onto the bed. She was so light that she bounced right back up a little and the bed wasn’t even that bouncy.

Lyra immediately jumped on top of Erin and continued tasting the insides of the delectable vixen’s mouth. She could feel the fox was trying to squirm her way out of her hold but Lyra made her situation more hopeless by pinning the vixen’s hands beside her head.

“W-wait… please,” Erin managed to plead while drowning in the filling ecstasy. Tears were flowing from her eyes and her cheeks were tinge with crimson but it only served to increase her charm in Lyra’s eyes.

“Why?” Lyra asked softly but her hold was still firm on her hands. “You’re just too delicious, Erin. Incredibly so. No one in this world can turn their eyes from you, much less wait.”

“I-it’s my f-first time….” Erin said quietly with her eyes cast to the side.

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“Sly,” Lyra muttered. She knew Forest-kin were very reserve and very particular about their chastity much like human nobles. And such race’s purity was hers to reap. She no longer have the ability to hold herself back. She must have this vixen’s purity, she proclaimed to herself.

“Wha—” Before Erin could even utter a complete word, without any warning, Lyra began to maul on Erin’s neck with ardour as her knee rubbed against Erin’s untainted honeypot.

Erin’s body lurched into an arch shape when she felt her womanhood touched. She was bewildered. It didn’t even feel half as good as her prior onanism.

Is this due to Lust Deviant? If it is, I’m done for. This is too good~!

And this was just the beginning. She couldn’t fathom what was waiting for her. She shuddered at such thoughts.

Lyra slid her kisses and nibbles from her neck, past her shoulders, and to her bosom. She felt a hint of envy and longing at the sight of the bountiful pair. Her hands unclasped Erin’s wrists and moved to her chest. The twin mounds weren’t excessively large, they fit just right in Lyra’s palms. Fueled by her own envy, she squeezed the malleable breasts and pecked at the peaks.

Erin stifled a delightful screech as her body once again curved upwards.

“Be g-gentler…” Erin begged but her words fell on deaf ears.

Lyra feasted on her breasts with sultry lips and teased her slit with her knee without a single care to Erin’s writhing body.

Erin tried to push her off but she was only using a single hand as her other hand were busy stifling her lips from the ecstatic moans that threatened to spill out. Further more, she was slowly losing her strength with the amount of pleasure surging through her body as if Lyra was pouring gallons of bliss into every fibre of her body.

After a while, Erin could no longer hold her moans. Instead, she hugged Lyra’s head, pushing her face deeper into her bosom. Erin screamed out her ecstasy as Lyra incessantly assaulted her breasts and honeypot.

“Oh god! Oh god! Mercy! Mercy!” Her screams lay on contradicting boundaries. Erin wanted Lyra to stop but at the same time, she wanted to reach the peak.

No no no! I’m near! I’m near!

Right before her pleasure could burst from the peak, Lyra ceased all of her movements and parted from Erin’s chest and sex.

“W-why!? Why did you stop!?” Erin shouted at Lyra with a look of betrayal and desperation.

Lyra leaned in near her face. “Then, tell me what you want. Say it with these luscious and dishonest lips of yours.”


“You won’t?” Lyra glared. For full effect, she maintain an impassive expression.

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Even though she saw herself as Erinthea but that was only provisionally. Deep down, she still regarded herself as Argon Raze, the Sword Saint. Begging to be made to c̲u̲m̲ as a female was just an antithesis to her resolve. However— she was so close and she knew the pleasure would be unlike anything. It was either her pride or pleasure.

“If you won’t, we can stop right here. I got plenty of girls waiting in line for me.” Lyra made a show of getting off the bed.

At this sight, Erin sprang from the bed and pulled Lyra back to the bed. Since she was under the effects of Lust Deviant, Erin easily flipped their position and she was now on top of Lyra.

“You—” Erin uttered with a piercing gaze. “—are not going anywhere.”

Lyra said nothing of the sudden shift. She was always the top but for once and for Erin, she didn’t mind being the bottom. “I would like to see you try, Erin,” Lyra taunted.

Erin’s brows twitched along with her ears. It was a sign of irritation but Lyra found it adorable. Unlike Lyra, Erin brought her slit to her face, skipping her breasts and lips.

“W-what!?” Even the usually composed Lyra was shocked. She had muscles, so she was too heavy to have this kind of thing done to her. Erin had the strength and the skill. She knew how to exert strength without wasting any effort. She was the Sword Saint. This was nothing to her.

Without anymore words, it was Erin’s turn to begin her feasting. She knew nothing about pleasuring a woman’s sex with a mouth but since she was also a girl now, she pleasured it in a way that she herself would find enjoyable.

“Ooooh!” Lyra let out a moan like an animal. It was so brash and vulgar that red was touching Lyra’s cheeks. Nevertheless, she continued her uncouth moans without restrain. “Oh lord! How are you so good~!! Isn’t this suppose to be your first time?!”

Erin sneered. This was thanks to Lust Deviant. Both of them were feeling pleasure beyond the boundaries of normality.

“Whatever! Just don’t f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g̲ stop now, you amorous vixen!” Instead of begging her to stop like Erin herself would, Lyra was honest and she wasn’t afraid of voicing them out.

Her honesty was kinda vexing to Erin but it wasn’t Lyra’s fault and she knew that. Still, Erin pettily increased her strength in licking and nibbling Lyra’s snatch. She even stuck her tongue inside the periodically tainted flower and lapped up all the juice that was overflowing.

“F̲u̲c̲k̲! F̲u̲c̲k̲! I’m coming! I’m coming!” Lyra yelled out her nearing o̲r̲g̲a̲s̲m̲.

Remembering her cruel act from before, Erin too stop right before Lyra could reach her peak.

“Why!? Why did you stop!?” Lyra threw the same question at Erin.

She offered no verbal response. She merely licked her slit once while maintaining eye contact as her retort.

Feeling fed-up, Lyra instantly reversed their current position and back to the default position. They were now in a position that was known widely as “sixty-nine” with Lyra being on the top. Instead of using her tongue or lips, Lyra inserted two fingers into Erin’s honeypot.

“W-wait wait wa— Eeeeeek~!!” Erin tried to stop her but she was too late— not it would be fruitful in the first place even if Lyra heard her. Erin wanted to return the favor but the pleasure was too much for her to put her mouth to good use. She was now wriggling and writhing under the mercy of Lyra.

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Damn! Damn! I’m nearing again! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!

This time, Lyra had no intention of stopping. She was out of patience. She wanted to see how Erin, a member of the highly regarded Forest-kin would c̲u̲m̲. She gauged for her reactions, searching for her gleeful spot.

“Stop! S-sto—!!” Erin stopped mid-sentence as her body curled up but their current position prevented her from doing so.

Lyra simpered. She had found Erin’s gleeful spot. Without hesitation or any opportunity for Erin to realized what happened, she assaulted that one spot with vehemence.

“Nooo~!! Nooo~!! Stoooop~!!” Erin too was now screaming like an animal, unbefitting of the grace and elegance the Forest-kin were known for.

Barely an hour had gone by and Erin had reach her peak.

Lyra snickered in a triumphant manner as she licked and bit softly down on her flower bud as the finishing touch

Erin screamed out her rapture at the top of her lungs as she squirted all her womanly juice onto Lyra’s face but Lyra wasn’t bothered. In fact, she was relishing in the carnal essence of a Forest-kin with her eyes closed.

As Erin flail around in the height of ecstasy, Lyra was not in the know of one important factor, the tertiary effect of Lust Deviant.

“W-what is this??” Lyra asked no in particular as she felt something queer brimming within her. When the feeling was fill to the brim, her body straightened up while she remained straddled on Erin’s face, suns and stars exploded in her mind. She screeched out her rapture. Her womanly juices gushed out of her honeypot and onto Erin’s face as her whole body trembled unruly.

Erin’s height of ecstasy was transmitted to Lyra. She was feeling the Fox-kin’s o̲r̲g̲a̲s̲m̲ with every inch and fibre of her body. Her tongue had even lolled out of her mouth.

The dire o̲r̲g̲a̲s̲m̲ of the two lasted for a solid minute before it came to a stop. By that moment, Lyra had lost all of the lights in her head and strength in her body. She languidly slumped on top of Erin with her face right above her faintly gushing and twitching honeypot. She wasn’t in any state to move but she understood her own honeypot was most likely in the same state.

Erin wasn’t in a much better state. She didn’t like having Lyra’s whole weight on top of her but the most that she could do was a twitch of her fingers. Giving into her exhaustion, she plunged into a slumber that she would not wake up from until dawn broke.

[Experience Gained +40% – Level Progression: 50% ]

The candlelight withered off to signify the end of their intense coitus session, basking the entire room in absolute darkness.

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