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Ch 17 – Necro’s first o̲r̲ga̲s̲m̲

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Author: DarkGodEM Original Source: Scribble Hub


“A…” Necro bit her lower lip.

She was trying to hold herself back, but Ace was just so forthcoming her resistance was immediately broken. She dived into the mat, devouring Ace’s mouth.

She had no idea what took over her as she saw Ace offering herself to her, but it was just so intense. Her heart beat like a drum in her chest and her whole body was set aflame every time her lips touched Ace’s. She began caressing Ace’s body over her clothes.

Her hands slid over Ace’s lifted arms, the side of chest, waist, legs. They quickly made their way over the outer contours of her body all the way down to her feet. Necro let go of the kiss, leaving Ace breathing heavily, and moved herself down as her hands slid underneath her clothing.

She slowly started sliding her hands up, upturning Ace’s skirt, while caressing her body with her mouth. Small kisses, hickeys, licking.

She made use of all her options as she slowly made her way up. From her feet, to her calf, and slowly onto her inner thighs. Ace moaned as her hickeys became more passionate, and her hands explored the other parts of her body Necro wasn’t pleasing with her mouth. A wet moan escaped her mouth when Necro’s hands reached her hip. Her nose slightly touching the wet entrance to her most private area. A frightening smile plastered itself on Necro’s cute face. She was enjoying this. Far too much if that’s possible. She stared a little bit at Ace’s panty. She wore a plain and very thin one made out of silk. It’s color was a very light blue, matching her hair quite well.

She moved her hands over, caressing and playing with Ace’s plump a̲s̲s̲, while she stared at the ever increasing wet area on Ace’s panties. The slight transparency of the wet cloth gave it a mysterious and charming aura. Ace trembled every time she felt Necro’s breath on her ever more sensitive pu̲s̲s̲y.

Necro’s hands made their way back, sliding their way under her a̲s̲s̲ and onto her inner thighs, making Ace spread her legs as she bent her knees. Necro was completely entranced.

She used her thumbs to slightly pull both sides of Ace’s crotch, opening her pu̲s̲s̲y a very small bit, but assaulting Ace’s body with pleasure. She no longer held herself back after hearing the inebriated moan and fell, mouth first, onto the dripping wet pu̲s̲s̲y.

As she sucked and licked the tiny protrusion over the wet zone, Ace’s body arched while holding onto Necro’s head.

Ace had never felt anything like this before. Her whole body was contracting and twitching every single time Necro’s tongue moved. She felt like she was melting into her mouth. The intense pleasure making her forget any and every form of thought she might have been having prior. Her fluids dripped from her pu̲s̲s̲y, wetting her a̲s̲s̲ and making her feel ashamed. Her face became bright red, but even she didn’t know whether it was due to embarrassment or the mind blowing pleasure.


Necro lifted her head for a split second, gasping for air. Ace promptly pulled her up. Kissing her passionately.

“What did you do to me?” Ace asked. Her legs still trembling.

“Not much” Necro responded with a smug expression.

“Then don’t stop.”

Ace completed her remark by sliding her own hand under Necro’s dress, lightly caressing the very place Necro licked her with her fingertips.

A sudden jolt rushed through Necro’s whole body as she felt Ace’s hand touching her, dropping her onto the girl, panting.

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She felt incredibly surprised at how sensitive she was. Ace’s small and gentle finger kept rubbing her excited pu̲s̲s̲y, making her drip. She did the same to her, kissing Ace’s neck while caressing her pu̲s̲s̲y with her fingers.

The two spent some time exchanging touches and gentle kisses and hickeys.


Necro was the first one to c̲u̲m̲ from Ace’s quick fingers. Her whole body felt weak after she was assaulted by the unparalleled pleasure.

Yet she felt something was lacking. Despite her c̲u̲m̲ming, she felt empty… She felt she needed something inside her, yet she didn’t know what that feeling was. It was also sad for her that Ace had never once touched her chest.

Well… Neither did she do it to her though. Both were still dressed regardless.

Necro took this as a matter of honor and quickly slid down, touching Ace’s chest and stomach on the way down.

Ace flinched as Necro pulled her panty aside, licking her pu̲s̲s̲y directly.

Her tongue dancing around, vibrating the small pink button above her slit. She took her time, sliding her tongue back and forth in between the soft lips of Ace’s pu̲s̲s̲y. From time to time she would pull it open, venturing herself into the soft and wet pink cavity between Ace’s legs. As she pushed her face against Ace’s crotch, unbeknownst to either, Necro’s eyes shone in a deeper red color. A desire and hunger for sucking that delicious part of her grew inside Necro’s mind. Her tongue, becoming more and more flexible, as it reached further into Ace’s pu̲s̲s̲y.

She took turns punishing Ace’s c̲l̲i̲t̲ with her tongue and inserting it onto her pu̲s̲s̲y, while she massaged Ace’s lips with her thumbs, using her hands to pin her hips, which attempted to rise up, to the sleeping mat.

Ace’s mind went completely blank mid-way, as a red glint appeared on her beautiful blue eyes, only to vanish as if it was an illusion. Her moans deafening Necro from anything else.

All that mattered then and there was the pleasure they both were receiving. And Necro made it her objective to make Ace feel even more pleasure than she had when she came for the first time.

It didn’t take long for her moans to become increasingly louder and her whole body to arch and convulse as she had an indescribable o̲r̲ga̲s̲m̲ from Necro’s tongue.

Necro felt accomplished as she let go of Ace’s thighs and slid herself up, taking off the whole of Ace’s clothes above her head.

Ace’s whole body was still trembling, limp, as Necro undressed her. A happy smile on her face.

Necro kissed her once more before taking a second to contemplate the beautiful body.


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