[Arc 1] Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – The Pillars Warriors (2)


Yet another pit was smashed into the floor of the arena by the hammer wielding Chu Shen. Blood streamed off of him as the shadow warrior danced away from the weakening Chu Shen.


The dagger once again sliced into his leg. “ARRRGH.” Using the handle like a club he brought it brutally upwards smashing into the shadows head.


Chu Shen was breathing heavily after that intense fight. It turns out that while having a hammer so big gave a reach advantage, the hammer was also leaving him wide open.

Unless he was faster than the opponent, they would have many chances to cut him.

“Master give me a moment. I might have to change my weapons.” Chu Shen looked a little sheepishly at his hammer.

“In the middle of a test!” Ti Wu looked incredulously at him.

“I chose wrongly. I don’t believe a hammer this big is my style. Could you give me a hammer about half this size?”

“ARGHHH. I swear, you’ll be the death of me. Making me work so hard.” Ti Wu had a right to complain. Just when Ti Wu had planned out what to teach him, this brat decided to change his style!

“Here, is this good?” A hammer about half the size of the one Chu Shen had appeared on the ground in front of him. Even the head had been shrunk. It now resembled the hammer Chu Shen was most comfortable with, his blacksmithing hammer.

There was some differences though. It was several times heavier than he was used to along with the spike.

The hammer was also a little bit longer and wider though not by much, maybe a quarter meter difference.

Picking up the hammer Chu Shen hefted it in the air. “Yes, this will do. Start the fourth pillar master, I’m ready.”

Ti Wu pointed at Chu Shen, dissipating all fatigue and wounds. After all it was still just an elaborate illusion.

A shadow with a sword appeared in front of Chu Shen as the fourth pillar lit up. Hefting the hammer he waited for the shadows move.

The swordsman immediately thrust forward towards his chest. Barely blocking it with the handle of his hammer, Chu Shen stumbled sideways. Aghast he stared at the shadow.

While before each one had been at about the same level as him the shadow was now clearly higher. If he had to guess it would be at the peak of the Man Stage, almost 2 levels above him.

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It was now just above him in strength but the worrying part was its speed. Right then Chu Shen had reacted out of instinct. If his hammers handle hadn’t been so close to the sword he would have died.

He had severely misjudged the rapid pace the difficulty increased.

‘I was right about switching weapons. A large hammer can crush foes if it meets them but has no use in a battle against faster opponents. I truly liked that giant hammer but until I can become more skilled in I will have to abandon it.’

Discarding his idle thoughts Chu Shen focused on the current battle. Swinging his hammer around in a circle he rapidly built up momentum. The swordsman swung his sword sideways at him.

Spinning around the tip of the sword Chu Shen jumped forward. He swung the hammer at the chest of the shadow.

With the built up momentum of the hammer it would have crushed the ribs of even a late stage Tiger warrior if it connected.


The swordsman couldn’t react, overbalanced as he was. The hammer landed on the chest of the swordsman sending it flying. The fourth pillar dimmed as the shadow dissipated.

Chu Shen was confident now that the shadow had been destroyed without a scratch, unlike the dagger wielding shadow that had specialized in speed.

Chu Shen quickly passed through the fifth pillar but once again the last pillar slowed him down. This time the shadow warrior was wearing armor. It had a broadsword that it could wield with incomparable nimbleness.

Chu Shen flew through the air like a kite with its strings cut off. He hit the ground and rolled. The shadow didn’t come after him though. Taking the “Dang it. I just can’t get close.”

No matter how he tried the defense of the shadow seemed impenetrable. Unfortunately his hammer was too short now to reach the shadow.

Spinning his hammer he prepared for a tremendous blow. The sword swung downwards. Dodging it the sword cleaved into the ground.

Taking his chance at the slight hesitation he swung his hammer at the sword. The sword flew sideways, ripping out of the shadows hand. As the sword flew away the shadow stretched out its hand. The sword stopped in midair flying back to its owner.

Chu Shen swore out loud. He backed up trying to get out of the reach of that giant sword. He gained a slight respite as the shadow adjusted its grip.

Chu Shens eyes lit up. “I don’t have to get close! I can just hit him with the crossbow.” Chu Shen had started neglecting the crossbow after the first fight.

He’d been overcome by adrenaline, becoming too focused on hitting the enemy with his weapon.

It was only natural. Chu Shen had never really fought before and only used a crossbow to test it out after they forged it. That was the only reason Chu Shen had any proficiency at it to begin with.

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Chu Shen set his hammer on the ground. Nocking the crossbow he quickly shot out a bolt.

It instantly hit the shadows shoulder, not giving it time to react. Such was the power of the crossbow.

Chu Shen grabbed a bolt from the quiver at his waist. He knocked the crossbow and prepared to fire. But how could the shadow let him? It charged at Chu Shen, swinging at him sideways.

Realizing he wasn’t going to be able to fire Chu Shen grabbed his hammer and rolled under the blow. He was barely able to do that since the crossbow dart had lodged itself into its shoulder, slowing the movement down.

As he rolled past the shadows legs Chu Shen lashed out with the hammer. Crunch The blow struck its legs, forcing the shadow onto the ground face first.

As he came out of the roll Chu Shen aimed the crossbow at the shadows head. The crossbow bolt shot out and pierced the shadow, dispersing it once again.


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