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[Arc 3] Chapter 77

Chapter 77

“So before we testfire these things how about I go ahead and try out my other tools so we can compare them?” Lucas begged Chu Shen.

Rolling his eyes, Chu Shen agreed. “Fine, but only the offensive ones. I know you are experimenting with the force fields still but we need to have firepower.”

“Fine.” Lucas conceded. Ever since he started inventing more things Chu Shen had looked into getting him a spatial ring. However, they were very expensive. So instead they got a bag that Chu Shen inscribed with the [Earth Shattering Inscription].

With the inscription, the bag lightened everything inside the bag. They also paid for a [Shrinking Inscription] which made whatever was put inside the bag smaller. It was similar to spatial rings but not quite since it didn’t create a pocket dimension.

They paid extra to see the inscription master inscribe it and then Lucas copied the scene down along with the energy readings. Thanks to that he was able to inscribe the inscription on small pouches he wore on his clothes. There was over a dozen pouches including the backpack he wore.

Speaking of the backpack, many people wore bags slung over their shoulder, not a pack strapped to their pack. It attracted much attention and eventually people started trying to recreate it. Once it succeeded, it became wildly popular since it didn’t restrict arm movement much.

Lucas withdrew a small gun very similar to the prototype gun without the socket. Aiming at a tree trunk in front of them, he fired. A red beam of energy shot out and disappeared instantly.

Looking at the trees in front of them a pencil width hole had been punched through the tree and even several trees behind the first one. The wood around the hole was scorched and even some flames started up.

Obviously this was the laser gun. It could pierce through any of the class 4 beasts body shield easily. Not to mention that it could continuously produce that beam of energy for over five minutes before the barrel needed to be cooled down. But over 20% of the energy would be consumed.

Next he took out a round ball the size of a softball. Gripping it tightly it flashed blue once. Throwing it outward, within a breath of time it suddenly exploded outwards.

A sphere of blue energy shot out before being sucked back into the ball. Glancing where the ball was there was a perfect sphere cut out around the metal ball including rock. An extreme heat still lingered in the air.

This was a plasma grenade that would send out a large wave of superheated plasma in a 100 foot diameter. Using magnetic fields it would control the ionized plasma to stay in this perimeter before sucking it back into the ball.

By providing it with some energy it could then reheat the plasma, it could also be remote activated making it a very versatile tool. Lucas stretched out his hand and the ball flew into his hand. Using a magnetic grappling hook was useful sometimes.

Finally Lucas took out a pair of elbow length gloves. The gloves also had a rectangular box-ish thing attached to the top of the forearm. It was round and streamlined but it still looked like a box. A barrel poked out the end of it, ending just above the wrist.

Lucas put on the gloves. “You know, I made this last time and I haven’t had a chance to fire it yet. It’s a railgun. However, as you know lightning steel is far superior to any superconductor in my dimension when it is at a hundred percent purity. As a result, this tiny railgun is almost as strong as a fighters.”

Aiming with his right hand, he unleashed a shot at a small grove of trees about two hundred feet away.


Flinching from the loud sound of a bullet flying at Mach 20, Chu Shen quickly looked at the grove to assess the damage. There wasn’t any trees left. At all. For over half a mile where Lucas had fired it.

Lucas shrugged. “Not as powerful as I thought. I loaded a blunt round so that it would crush the target instead of pierce it. I have a piercing round in the left glove though.”

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Chu Shen quickly waved it away. “NO! DON’T FIRE IT HERE! If you do you might attract some strong beasts. There are still class 6 beasts we can’t handle. Or at least.” He looked at the destruction in front of him. “I don’t think we can.”

Lucas shrugged again. “Fine. Time to test fire the beast core pistol anyway. Actually, I think we should call it something else.”

Chu Shen rolled his eyes. “Oh yeah? Like what?”

“Like….. Beast Pistols.” Lucas posed with the beast core pistol pointed in the air. Chu Shen promptly face palmed.

“No. Never.”

“Okay. What about….. Primordial Pistol. I mean, you did say these were primordial beasts so it makes sense.”

Chu Shen adopted a thoughtful look before shrugging. “Fine. It sounds better than beast pistol plus it will make you happy.”

Lucas jumped in the air with excitement. “YEEEHA. Anyway, why did you choose these beast cores anyways. I mean, you said we couldn’t use any core but these. So why is that?” He asked with a questioning tilt of his head.

Chu Shen sighed. “Simple. Beast spirits. These cores have a beast spirit in them. You see I told you about soul right?”

“Yep. It controls Qi so you can cultivate.”

“Ah huh. Beasts also have a soul and sometimes it can become trapped inside the beast core. This is a beast soul. By taking a beast spirit and putting it into an artifact there is a possibility of imbuing it with a skill of the beast. Like the shadow fox’s Shadow Cloak. However a beast spirit also recharges the beast core with energy once it’s drained. This way we don’t have to keep on buying beast cores but we can keep on using them.”

Lucas shrugged. “Then why do people keep gathering beast cores. Eventually there would be tons of cores that keep refilling so they can keep on cultivating.:

“You would think so but when an artifact is forged using a beast spirit, the core is also destroyed. So in order to make weapons, one must destroy a beast core. Not to mention that it is not a guaranteed success. Usually several cores are wasted to make a spirit weapon. As a result, more beasts are hunted down to make more weapons as the old ones are destroyed by age or use.”

Chu Shen shook his head. “Anyways you got my hopes up saying you would test the Primordial Pistol. So why are you delaying so long.”

Lucas sighed. “Yeah. So let’s fire this baby up!”

He pointed the Primordial Pistol towards the other side of the forest.

Very slowly he pulled the trigger.

And the Primordial Pistol fired.

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