[Arc 3] Chapter 72

Chapter 72
Ah! My Leg!

Chu Shen and Lucas appeared suddenly on a beautiful mountain with other mountains surrounding it. While the mountain was large and greenery abounded everywhere, they were at the very top where only desolate rock was around until you went further down the mountain.

Directly in front of them was a man in dire straits. He wore a robe that though tattered exuded the appearance of nobility. It had holes and burn marks on it, revealing the tarnished metal armor underneath.

The man was facing away from them, looking down the mountain side. “I finally lost them. Thank God, I can finally rest now……” He suddenly stiffened as though he sensed something.

Turning around he saw Chu Shen and Lucas staring at him.



“He doesn’t seem that scary Chu Shen.” Lucas spoke up, breaking the awkward silence. Immediately like a cat that had its tail stepped on, the man jumped backwards, floating in the air.

“I don’t know how you got here without me finding out, but you will never get the Yin-Yang gloves.” Immediately a black glove appeared around his right hand and a white glove around his left hand.

He punched his two fists together and as they drew apart a Yin-Yang symbol in the shape of a ball appeared growing bigger and bigger.

Chu Shen immediately recognized the danger. “Lucas, get away, NOW!” Circulating his qi, a shield appeared in the air between them. It was circular and had chinese script on it.

Lucas didn’t react very fast. At least, not until his HUD lit up with warnings of a massive power surge. Immediately he activated his shields and tried to run away.

“Hey hey! Why are you trying to kill us all of a sudden! We were just out going for a walk and suddenly you attack us! What gives!” Lucas yelled out.

“Hah! Like I would believe such gilded words! Take the first cycle of yin-yang you scum!” The man yelled.

Chu Shen manipulated the shield to be in between Lucas and the man. He himself released a gray energy around him, coating himself in Qi like all those in the martial realm can do.

The man released the yin-yang ball which by now was twice the size of a man. The ball flew forward and hit the shield Chu Shen constructed. It passed through without even slowing down, though it did reduce in size slightly.

The ball quickly flew towards Lucas. As he saw it coming he tried to dodge by jumping into the air but unfortunately this ball was as fast as lightning! It hit Lucas destroying his forcefield and incinerating his leg.

The man frowned at this. If they were truly trying to capture him then they would have brought someone more powerful. “Why would they seek me out with such weak strength.” He murmured. Then he saw something that stunned him.

Lucas fell to the ground and grabbed at his stump of a leg. “Ahhh! You b*stard! Do you know how long it’s going to take to make a new leg huh! Not to mention I don’t even know if I can make a new one in these conditions!”

Sparks came out of his leg and bits of metal dangled out of it. The man’s jaw dropped at the sigh. Pointing at Lucas’ leg he stuttered. “W-wh-what the hell is that!”

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Lucas got up and started hopping to keep his balance. “This! This is my leg you bstard! You can’t even recognize what you chopped off?! Bstard!”

Chu Shen on the other hand was trying to sneak around the mountain to Lucas. Seeing his chance since the man was stunned, he ran up to Lucas and grabbed him.

He hauled Lucas behind him, making Lucas flutter in the wind looking like a kite. Turning over his shoulder he yelled at the man while he ran. “Sorry for scaring you! Hope you don’t take offense!”

Turning to Lucas, Chu Shen asked a question. “Hey Lucas, you have any flight systems?”

Lucas’ eyes immediately lit up. “Of course I do. Man I should have thought of that. Hey Chu Shen, put me down.”

Meanwhile the man was flustered. It seemed like these kids were truly just taking a walk when he tried to kill them. He thought it might have been one of those greedy cultivators disguising themselves to make him hesitate.

He sighed.

He had been chased for over a week by greed cultivators trying to steal the Yin-Yang gloves, which left him kind of jumpy. Now that he was thinking clearly, he could sense the energy in these kids dantians. They weren’t a threat, they were barely even close to his level. ‘I was definitely in the wrong.’

After Lucas was set down he leaned on Chu Shen for support. Out of his back emerged a gray cylinder with a blunt tapered end facing towards the ground. Lucas grabbed Chu Shen tight. “Hey man, hold on okay, I’m about to take off!”

Chu Shen nodded. “Alright Lucas, let’s go.”

Immediately a whine was heard slowly powering up the flight system. A blue glow appeared underneath the cylinders bottom. While they were prepping for take-off the man still stood there stunned.

Finally he called out to them. “Sorry about the mix-up! If you ever pass by Wildent then go to the Black Night Sect and show them this. I will make up for this.” He threw a small token at Chu Shen who caught it out of reflex.

The man became covered in a white colored energy and flew up into the air, away from direction he was looking at when they first saw him. Chu Shen grinned. “Alright, we will!”

Suddenly Lucas shot up into the air. “AHHHHHH.” Chu Shen yelled out as he flew upwards. His cheeks were flapping from the wind making him look like a fish gasping for breath. Covering himself Qi, he counteracted the windsheer.

Lucas started yelling over the sound of air whistling past his ear.“OH YEAH, WE’RE TAKING OFF!”




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