[Arc 3] Chapter 71

Arc 3 [The Black Rose]

Chapter 71

No Charms?!


Chu Shen appeared inside the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion exactly where he left off at. Looking around nothing had changed. A small gasp sounded behind him. Spinning around what he saw stunned him.

Lucas was looking around with a shocked expression on his face. “What the heck just happened?!!”

‘Great you brat. Now this mortal is inside the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. What to do, what to do.’

Chu Shen shook his head as master Ti Wu remarked sarcastically in his head. “Lucas, listen okay? I can explain everything.”

Lucas immediately focused on him, a desperate look on his face. “Alright, i’m listening.”

“It’s like this, I am from a different dimension. In this dimension the strong are prey to the weak. People can control energy with their souls and strengthen their body beyond belief. My mom was captured because of me being too weak so I must get strong to rescue her.”

“I accidentally hitched a ride on this object that travels to different dimensions which is why I ended up in yours. The bracelet I gave you teleports whoever wears it into this place. As for where we will end up I don’t know.”

At least that was the gist of what he said. Lucas constantly interrupted him with questions about this and that. He cried with him after he talked about his mother being kidnapped and laughed in joy after finding out his parents were safe.

After a while Lucas just sat there, trying to absorb everything that he had just been told. Finally he got up.

“Alright Chu Shen, since you have that bracelet thing I should be able to at least go back right.” Chu Shen started to nod at that before he suddenly froze.

“Whats with that face? I can go back right?” Lucas asked worried.

Chu Shen looked at him sheepishly for a second. “Ah, well about that……. I never really used the charm. “



“WHAT!! I CAN’T GO BACK!!!! Agh, my life is over, overrr!!!” Lucas crumpled up in a ball in despair.

Chu Shen hurriedly went over to comfort Lucas. “Hold on, it’s not that bad! In five years the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion should come back to your dimension. All you have to do is wear the bracelet and survive until then.”

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“Yeah, not that bad.” Lucas said sarcasm dripping from his voice. He leaned back and looked up at the ceiling in a wistful look. “I bet Xentus is going out of his mind trying to find us.”

He sighed, remembering his adoptive father. Chu Shen sighed as well, recalling the kindness Xentus showed him.

After a while, Lucas got up. “In order to survive I need a couple things. I need a power source, I am a cyborg after all.”

Chu Shen nodded. “Alright, can you open up your parts? I think I might know a way.”

Lucas’ took off his shirt. Underneath his skin split before sliding to the side, revealing the intricate machinery underneath. Chu Shen looked at it before he pulled out a beast core from his spatial ring.

Unplugging a wire from one of the power cells he had Lucas lay down on the floor. Pulling out an inscription tablet used to practice inscriptions he got busy.

Using some inscription ink meant for the [Channeling Inscription] he quickly modified it to transfer Qi between the beast core and the wire.

The reason he chose this beast core was because it was from the land eel, a lightning type beast. Unlike cultivators beasts have innate elemental powers but they can’t unleash its full potential until they also unblock their meridians.

The modified inscription flashed gold before the inscription ink turned into ash. Sighing Chu Shen tried again. After twenty or so tries the inscription flashed gold and the inscription ink turned golden as well.

Chu Shen wiped sweat from his brow. Truly, modifying inscriptions, even the most simple ones, was very taxing on the mind. This entire time he had already explained to Lucas what he was trying to do. Understanding, Lucas merely watched him, his eyes flashing with curiosity.

Preparing himself he put the wire on the receiving end of the inscription and the beast core on the other. Inputting Qi, he activated the inscription. Silver blue energy coursed through the inscription where it was absorbed into the wire.

Lucas, who was watching his internal HUD, showed a shocked face. He was at about 81% power but now there was an increase in .1%! While this may not seem big, his powercell could power him for over ten years in normal usage and nine months in constant combat.

With this, he didn’t have to worry about recharging. Lucas immediately communicated this to Chu Shen. Both of them rejoiced in this newfound idea.

“So I know this whole thing about being strong is very big in your dimension. But can I really be killed so easily?” Lucas had a hard time believing that.

“Imagine if someone can destroy a city with a wave of his hand, if you offended him he might kill you over something as simple as looking at him the wrong way.” Chu Shen explained quite clearly the rules of his dimension.

“Most places are ruled by a dominant organization with important people being in charge of cities. Face, or pride, is very important to these proud people so if you offend them they might kill or cripple you to regain their pride.”

Lucas thought for a little bit before realizing, this was like corrupt officials in his own dimension! If you offended a wealthy businessman they could bribe a judge to put you in jail. In a world where human life is not as precious as his own, then instead of jail time it would be his life that was bought.

As Chu Shen put up the now drained beast core, a translucent barrier appeared around him and Lucas. The entire place started crumbling with the stones whistling through the air, creating a loud ruckus.

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“YES IT IS. IT SHOULD BE OVER SOON.” He yelled back.

As the pagodas formed like last time, Lucas stared openmouthed in awe at the wondrous sight. The gray vortex appeared around them.

Then they disappeared.


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