[Arc 2] Chapter 69

Chapter 69

Tournament End


After Chu Shen won the tournament it was time to start the challenge part of the Robo Games. It would only last for an hour but the arena was still divided in two.

Chu Shen, surprisingly enough, only received one challenge.

It wasn’t because the others were scared but rather, within the 5 rank limit there was none that could match his robot. He perfectly countered the exact type they had made.

Besides the two Nugitraaiil the two other contestants were heavy units that used mainly shields or large amounts of weapons. Neither had armor that could protect it from Chu Shen’s hammer.

Of course, there will always be a lone person standing out. And this person was naturally the Nugitraaiil that Chu Shen had beat. With his pride, how could the gray Nugitraaiil believe that he couldn’t beat Chu Shen if he wasn’t caught off-guard by his weird abilities.

The gray Nugitraaiil with his Drethgaalos tried once more to defeat Chu Shen and since he was ranked fifth he had to fight. Unfortunately, Chu Shen once again beat him.

Afterwards the gray Nugitraaiil went up to Chu Shen and said he would follow him until he could beat him, according to his races traditions. Chu Shen waved him off saying that he only needed to build a robot with his in mind in order to beat him.

The gray Nugitraaiil thought about that and nodded. If he had known about the capabilities of Chu Shen’s robot before building his own, then he would have gone a completely different direction.

With that in mind he could put his pride at rest, accepting that Chu Shen was not better than him, just less traditional. Saying farewell he didn’t bother Chu Shen with trying to follow him. The purplish-black Nugitraaiil nodded at him in acknowledgment before ignoring him.

After everyone realized that Chu Shen’s robot was meant for a different fighting style than the one they were using they also realized this fact. Until the next Robo Game, there was no way to beat him.

With that realization, everyone’s eyes turned from his position, to second, causing a fierce competition to break out.

Eventually it came to an end. Within that hour there were over 13 fights. Finally Chu Shen was called up to the arena to receive a medal from the founder of the Robo Games, Steven Bawkins.

“It is with my greatest pleasure that I give Chu Shen the {Best Engineer Youth}. I hope that he continues in his quest for knowledge.” With that, the gray haired elderly man placed the medal on his neck.

Bowing, Chu Shen shook hands with him before leaving shortly after.


“Huh?” Chu Shen looked puzzledly at the viewscreen.

“That’s right. You passed. Free materials and workspace for ya, now I just have to get you to come on up to Athena. Ugh. All that paperwork…. What a pain.”

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Chu Shen shook his head. “I know I won first place in the Robo Games but I haven’t done the Pod Racing yet.”

Xentus Viri looked up from his grumbling. “Hmm? Oh that. Yeah, yeah, I changed my mind. Can’t an old fellow like me do that? Anyway I expect you to be here in a week. I’ll send some transport to fetch you at two OK? Good, see ya.”

“Wait….. And he’s gone.”

Chu Shen had no idea what just happened but apparently Xentus Viri wanted him to get to work sooner than later. He shrugged. He still had a week left and Leonard was still here. Time to have some fun.


Xentus Viri rubbed his forehead. “Ughhhh. That crazy kid. Lucas, if I knew how much you’d like him I would have never shown him to you until I finished testing him.”

Chu Shen wasn’t being passed because Xentus Viri was impressed with his work, though he did think it was pretty good, but because he couldn’t stand up to Lucas. He was practically a son to him after he raised Lucas for the past five years.

Whenever he asked for anything, he got it. The only thing he ever had difficulty with was bonding with fellow kids. Lucas was just too smart and loved science.

Because of that the only thing he ever really talked about was nanites, FTL equations, the probabilities of the big rip or the big crunch being true. Normal teenagers didn’t really think about that.

So to solve his social awkwardness, Xentus Viri came up with a solution. Bring in some genius kids from across Sparta, give them a lab, and then put Lucas in as well.

With that some bonding would happen. Unfortunately…… none of the other kids around Lucas’ age was smart enough. Only Chu Shen who was three years younger than Lucas fit the criteria.

So when he showed off Chu Shen, the only candidate to be his friend after five years, well……..

Endless questions, constant nagging, begging, pleading. All of the tricks found in any teenagers bag including some that weren’t, like hacking Genie and making his AI pester him for Lucas, were employed on the helpless Xentus.

It had gone on for only the past day but it was still enough to drive him crazy. Finally he gave in, resulting in Chu Shen skipping the last test for him and being sent here straight away.

He sighed and shook his head. “Well Lucas. Let’s see how you do with friends.


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