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[Arc 2] Chapter 64

Chapter 64

Tournament 1st Day (1)


Chu Shen immediately ran towards Sea God’s Wrath while brandishing his hammer. He ducked as a beam of red energy lanced towards where his head had been. The red beam of energy followed him downwards.

Rolling forwards he activated his robot’s shields. Transparent blue energy covered his robot’s body while a darker blue energy formed in a square on his left hand. Then he started charging his energy and plasma cannons.

Three beams of energy lanced out towards Chu Shen as he came out of the roll. Using the shield on his left arm he blocked two beams while the third hit him on the chest. Both shields flared bright blue as the beams hit them.

100%, 99%, 98%. The first layer of his arm shields power dwindled at about one percent every three seconds. Aiming with his right arm a red laser beam shot out and hit Sea God’s Wrath.

Unfortunately the two shields it had activated, covering the entire front of the robot. The shield also flared brightly as the energy hit it. Chu Shen started running sideways as the energy hit him. The crab also shuffled sideways.

Neither shook off the others weapon but it helped both parties. A laser does damage by burning through the opponent. While the shield blocks the laser it does not dissipate all of the lasers heat.

This means a laser can double it’s damage if it continuously hits the opponent. By running they disperse the heat that is collected from the laser. Chu Shen focused on blocking the majority of the enemies laser with his left arms shield.

After 4 minutes of continuous pounding, one of the enemies lasers went out. Most likely it was close to overheating. Luckily with Chu Shen’s use of the Impact Gel IV it absorbed the heat radiating off the laser, making it harder to overheat.

Chu Shen immediately ran forward. The robot’s started off with a distance of 200 meters. He reduced it to 185 meters with his first dash. While the third beam cooled off he reduced the distance to 20 meters within 8 seconds.

The third beam shot out once again but another one of the lasers shut off. Sea God’s Wrath scuttled backwards it wasn’t slow but Chu Shen’s robot was too fast. The distance was closing slowly at two meters per second.

After he closed in he started up the kinetic generator inside the hammer. It started vibrating at tremendous speeds.


One of the icons on his HUD lit up. Chu Shen grinned, though the robot couldn’t mimic such a motion. Rolling diagonally the beams missed his robot. As he came out of the roll he pointed his left hand and fired the energy burst cannon.

A large blue ball of crackling energy shot towards the Sea God’s Wrath. By this point they were only 20 meters from the wall around the arena. The blue ball of energy shot out so fast that the robot couldn’t dodge.

With a large BANG Sea God’s Wrath was flung backwards from the explosion. The shield blocked any real damage but the impact still knocked it backwards.

The robot hit the back of the arena. As it did Chu Shen still rushed forward. Using his eye movement one of the gauges jumped up from 20 to 50. Sliding on the ground he slipped beneath the robot’s shield. Swinging the hammer blunt end first it smashed into the limb holding the shield.


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Sparks and bits of metal flew upon the violent collision. The metal dented inwards and almost ripped off the robot. The shield flickered before disappearing. Half of the robot was now unshielded.

Chu Shen slid completely under the robot, reaching the arena’s edge. Kicking off the wall there he backwards, swinging at the robots other arm.

Unfortunately it moved out of the way quickly, some of the pointed legs stabbing into Chu Shen though they glanced off due to the shield.

Normally even such a strong blow would not cause the shield to fail. Cause it to weaken yes, but not fail. The reason for this was the vibrations. The hammer actually vibrated at the exact frequency that most superconductors disintegrated.

Most people used superconductors since they lost very little energy. Using the partial shields also helped conserve energy. Because the shields covered less area, it became stronger and less energy was used.

Smacking the ground with his left arm, Chu Shen flew up into the air, doing a somersault in the process and landed on his feet. Checking his HUD he still had 44% of his shield arm and 60% of his body shields left. He also had another two minutes before the energy cannon could be used.

Running forward Chu Shen took off once again at the enemy robot. Apparently having learned its lesson, it immediately started running while keeping away from the walls.

Small hatches opened up on the robot’s main body. Over 30 small missiles flew out and shot towards Chu Shen. In response Chu Shen raised up both hands and aimed towards the missile cloud.

A cone of star-hot plasma shot out at the missile cloud engulfing it.


As soon as the plasma touched the missiles there was a large explosion. Chu Shen was pushed back a couple inches from the shockwave. Most of the shrapnel was vaporized by the plasma and the explosion.

The three beams of energy once again fired at Chu Shen. Now his shields were at 31% and 42% respectively. Running forward he caught up with the robot. Firing the lasers in both arms he aimed towards the unshielded parts of the robot.

As it twisted and turned, trying to protect those parts of it, Chu Shen leapt upwards. Landing on the robot itself he turned the dial, which he had brought back down to 20 earlier, up to 80.

Swinging the hammer spiked end first, it turned into a blur.


Loud sounds echoed out as the hammer ripped through the top of the robot, through the gun turrets on top, and on into the robot’s power cells. As the power cells were ruptured they immediately blew up.

The entire robot blew up sending shrapnel everywhere. As the hammer made contact with the chassis of the robot, Chu Shen kicked off and flew upwards. He had been aiming for the center of the robot, the most likely place for the power source of the robot.

Firing the modified plasma welders he created a shield of plasma below him. As he did the hammer he let go of continued it’s course and blew up the robot’s powercell.

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With the plasma neutralizing any dangerous shrapnel, only the shockwave and fiery blast itself caused Chu Shen to take damage. He flew upwards before eventually landing on the arena floor.

Both his shields first layers were gone. The second layer of his arm shield was at 73% while his body shield was on it’s third layer at 99%. Activating the magnet on his arm, his hammer which was halfway across the arena flew to him.

It landed in his hand with a Clang. As it did, Chu Shen finally took notice of something.

“And the Sea God’s Wrath has gone up in a fiery explosion! This battle was intense!”

“I agree Drexil. This fight was over in less than 10 minutes, only 3 seconds over the fastest duel in the history of the Robo Games!”

“Wow! Using a hammer is new though.”

“Definitely. Anyways, this round is complete. Numbers 14 and 3 please get ready!” The floor covered all of the debris and his robot. The simulation cut off as his robot copy was taken to the recycler, so they didn’t waste materials. Leaving the control center Chu Shen sat down to watch the next match


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