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[Arc 2] Chapter 63

Chapter 63
Xentus Viri Is Intrigued

Chu Shen and the contestant, a human teen named Corvius, went into the control room. There was actually 2 of each room the attendant had mentioned. That way in case the contestants both used the same control method they could both fight.

Chu Shen went to the simulation room while Corvius went to the vid-screen. Inside he immediately went into the simulation after inserting his data for Mirror of The Void.

Upon entering he was immediately put into a pitch black room. A heads-up-display (HUD) appeared in front of him. Various dials, readings, and icons appeared on it. This was the reason behind his robot’s name, Mirror of The Void. The robot was literally a mirror image of himself!

A voice suddenly echoed out in the dark space. “Alright folks it’s time for the fight! As you can see on the screen Chu Shen has chosen the simulation control method for his robot. Corvius however is using the tried and true R/C method. Let’s go ahead and get it on!”

Rumbling sounds was picked up by his robot’s audio systems. The robot was lifted by the ground upwards towards the ceiling. The ceiling parted to reveal bright light. It was like gladiators being brought to the coliseum in the Roman days!

After a couple seconds Mirror of The Void was standing on the arena. The enemies robot, called Sea God’s Wrath, stood on the opposite end of the arena. The enemy robot was silver with a wide round base for the robot’s main platform, just like a crab.

It had no pinchers but two shield generators instead. Large energy guns were on top of it, each on a swivel base. There was over a dozen legs underneath that ended in spikes. Small protrusions all over the robot.

Obviously they were sensors. The rule was that the contestants can use the control rooms but the video and hologram feeds must come directly from the robot’s sensors. This way if there was a blindspot in it’s coverage the contestant couldn’t cover it with his own eyes.

A large red wall appeared between the two robots. Chu Shen reached his right hand back. With a clang a metallic staff hit his hand. Clenching the object tightly he withdrew the object.

A metal hammer 1 meter long with the head having a blunt and spiked side. If Leonard was watching he would instantly recognize it’s familarity. It was extremely similair to the hammer he used to fight with the bugs.

“Alright folks it’s a great match to start off with. We have Mirror of the Void on the left and Sea God’s Wrath on the right. When the divider disappears the match will begin.”

“In three!” There was no reaction from the divider.

““Two!”” The announcer and crowd called out. The wall turned yellow.

““One””The wall turned green.

““Fight!”” The wall disappeared.


Xentus Viri sat in his office. Cold air blew on him from the vents above. ‘Heh. Somethings just can’t be improved. We still use air conditioning even a thousand years after it was invented.’

Sighing he reclined in his chair.

“How is his progress Genie.”

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A female voice with a metallic tinge to it replied back. “He has taken a unique approach to building his robot. I believe it may catch many by surprise.”

He sat up in his chair with an eyebrow cocked inquisitively. “Oh? Do tell what’s so interesting about it.”

“He chose an Eclan Model Humanoid Robot chassis. Then he put in it a Titan Incorporated hydraulic system.”

He rubbed his chin in thought. “I see. The Eclan focus on fast responses. They use superconductors for their robot’s circuitry. The Titan Incorporated use the most powerful hydraulic systems, their often used on gas giants.”

He looked up at the ceiling above him. “Neat but not unique. It’s been done before.”

“There is also other abnormalities. He filled the inside of the chassis with Impact Gel IV. It’s excellent for neutralizing kinetic damage and is resistant to extreme cold and heat. Because of this it is often used in escape pods.”

He nodded. “I see. So it’s to protect the delicate insides from anything that gets past the armor.”

“It has Dura-steel I for amor.”

“Really? That stuff is good but not great. Cheap too. I assume that’s the reason he got it. Budget must have been running low.” He was leaning forward in his chair now.

“The robot has Dura-steel V for leg armor though, starting halfway below the knee. Installed in it’s legs is a Phantom Energy Bomb dispenser. It can create energy bombs of various charges. The bomb chute exits at the bottom of the foot.”

“What? Now why would he do that.”

“I calculate a 32.1323% chance that it is for launching long range explosive attacks. There is a 11.1129% chance that it is to make up for lack of maneuverability. It has no air-transport method.”

He frowned. “You d*mned calculator. Any other goodies?”

“Yes. There is two class 3 shields on the left arm. They seem to be at the exact frequency to interact with each other. With it, the shields can strengthen each other making them stronger by 151.1%.”

“Coincidence? No… Most likely he worked out the equation for matching frequencies to share the dispersion of energy. As the energy disperses it changes frequencies to the exact one of the other shield, causing it to lose less energy and give a boost to both shields. Clever.”

“It is confirmed that it is not a coincidence. There is three class 2 shields covering the entire robot’s body. They all interact with each other in the same way. Each are a different frequency than the ones on the arm.”

“Ah. Give me a list and location of everything else.” Xentus Viri put his hands on the desk and started drumming on it with his fingers.

“On the top of the left forearm is the shield generators. On the side of the forearm is a RSC Inc. Laser, on the other side is an RSC Inc. energy burst cannon. On the underside is a plasma welder from the lab. It has been modified with extra plasma banks and can now spray a cone of plasma.”

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“The right forearm has the exact same set-up but without the energy cannon and shield. Instead there are power-conducts and magnetic grips in the robots palm.”

“The unique part is the weapon that was hand-made inside the lab. It is a 1 meter long hammer. It is made of Dura-Crystal V, very strong and expensive. Over 30% of his budget went towards the hammer. The head has a blunt side and spiked side.”

“The shaft is partly hollow and has a Sparta Plasma Charge Cannon in the handle. There is also a magnetic generator to attract it to the hand and power receivers.”

“Wow. A souped up medieval weapon. Unique but ultimately it can’t penetrate a shield. I assume that’s where the other weapons come in.” His fingers tapped out a steady beat.

“That assumption is wrong. The head of the hammer has a kinetic generator and a frequency oscillator. The sensor package for the robot includes X-Ray, normal visual spectrum, echo-location, and frequency scanner.”

His fingers stopped beating. “Oh. So that’s his game.” He looked at the holo-screen that was showing the current match of the Robo Games.“You are right once again you d*mned calculator. It’ll catch them off guard.”

Xentus Viri smirked.

“This is going to be fun.”


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