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[Arc 2] Chapter 61

Chapter 61

“Alright I know everyone probably knows the rules but I have to go over them anyways.” Chu Shen had registered for the Robo Games yesterday. Today was the official start of them.

Everything had been exactly the way the crazy old man had described except for the fact that it wasn’t any old competition. It was actually a major competition for the entire planet. There was even some aliens that had come like the blue skinned Crowlezx behind him.

Only people 24 years or younger could compete or their equivalent for the species in question. Chu Shen was on the side, most everyone else was a teenager or young adult. The main judge was on stage behind a podium giving the speech he was listening to.

“To start off with. Some of you might have been mislead as to the exact nature of the game. We are not building robots from scratch. Rather, you will be able to buy from us with your money parts pre-assembled.”

“For example, you can buy a Raven III chassis along with an RSI Nuclear battery. Afterwards you can modify any of the designs using our workshop. Of course, you still have to pay for any materials with the budget all of you will be assigned.”

“As for specific rules… there’s only a couple. First off you can not use any hacking, EMP’s, anti-matter, or any weapon that can destroy or pierce a class 5 personal shield.”

“If you use nanites you can not directly use them to attack your opponent. Instead they must form a weapon or be used to repair your bots. As for controlling each robot we have banned any mind-control methods as they are deemed too dangerous for competitions.”

“We will scan your robot and make a copy of it for each fight. This way each robot will be in perfect condition. So if you have any illegal gear you will be eliminated.”

“Now the attendants will escort you to the design room so you can plan out your robot. Don’t worry though. Each room and workshop is private and the AI’s will copy your robots. No human will be able to access your blueprints.”

“You will have five days to complete your robot. After that the games will begin. Ask the attendant to take you to your workshop when you are ready. If you wish to test your robot please ask the AI’s to make you a digital copy to test it inside the simulation arena. That is all.”

“Dismissed!” The main judge walked off the stage towards the exit. The contestants looked at each other before they immediately headed out. Overall there was about 30 people with 23 of them being human.

All of them had small pins with a number on the front of their outfits. Chu Shen’s number was 28. Following the rest of the contestants he went over to the line of attendants.

Each attendant was dressed in a black formal outfit and had a number pinned to their chest like the contestants. It was pretty obvious what it meant. Chu Shen found the attendant with a matching 28 pin.

Walking up to them he shook hands with them. “Nice to meet you.”

“It is nice to meet you as well young sir. Would you like me to show you to the design room?”

Chu Shen nodded. “Yes Please.”

“Right this way then sir.” The attendant gestured for him to follow and went down a nearby hallway. After they rode in the elevator for a bit they came out on a floor with a very short hallway. At the end was a single room.

Inside was nothing but a desk and a small computer console. The attendant pointed inside the room.

“This is the design room. You can use the computer though most prefer to use the hologram instead. Don’t worry about someone getting into the room. AI’s monitor the rooms and the only ones authorized to go up need an implant. Even the attendants can only go to the room assigned to you.”

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“If you need anything at all ask me. The bathroom is right there and the cabinets are stocked with food and drink.” The attendant left and sat in a chair outside the room.

Chu Shen immediately closed the door and opened up the hologram. First he started looking through the designs available. ‘Hmm. That frame looks nice…. I have no idea how to control something like that….’

After he went through the list of items available he went through the budget he had and the cost for all of the designs as well. Then he compared the materials list to the design list.

Following some internal debate he made up his mind. It had to be a humanoid robot. It was after all the form he was most familiar with in combat. The other peculiars he would have to decide after getting the specific robot chassis.

Chu Shen spent over 5 hours inside the design room before he finally moved on to the workshop. He ordered the materials and parts using the system inside the design room.

He ordered a glass cannon kind of robot. It had powerful hydraulics but was low on armor. Then he ordered several compact batteries, energy guns and explosives along with a variety of other things.

After he was done ordering he asked the attendant to escort him to the workshop. The attendant looked at him. “Are you sure there is nothing else? You can of course come back if you need to.”

“I am sure. Can you take me to the workshop.”

“Of course. This way please.” The attendant took him back to the elevator. After a second or two the elevator stopped. Exiting the elevator it appeared in a hallway the exact same as the one they came from.

Opening up the door at the end of the hallway revealed an expansive room separated into several chambers. Various tools such as plasma-torches, micro-wielders, and nanites were all displayed here.

As soon as Chu Shen saw these tools he immediately started getting excited. He had never truly created anything outside of simulations. His blood burned to be able to start on his true dream. Crafting.

Swinging his head around he immediately looked at the large crates in the middle of the room. He looked at the attendant. “What are those crates doing here?”
“Ah. Those are the things you ordered. Do you wish for me to stay and help you unload them or should I wait outside.”

“Wait outside please. I can help myself.”

“Very well then. Please use appropriate safety precautions when you use the tools. Good-bye.” The attendant left but stayed outside waiting. Chu Shen immediately opened them. A gleam of metal could be seen as he unpacked the materials.

Taking out the items he ordered, he set them down side by side. Looking at all of it he took in a deep breath. “Ahh. Finally. I can get to work.” Cracking his knuckles he grabbed the chassis and dragged it over to the welder.


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