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[Arc 2] Chapter 58

Chapter 58

Weird Old Man

Chu Shen sighed as he leaned back in his chair. “Ahh. Finally finished. I can’t believe how complicated it is.” Seven months. This was how long Chu Shen spent learning.

He not only learned math but also scientific theory, physics, robotics, engineering, and other such things, All of it entwined together to create a categorized and defined perception of the universe.

Honestly it was really amazing. As far as utilizing their surroundings they were geniuses. Unfortunately they lacked understanding of other factors. They couldn’t detect certain forms of energy such as elemental Qi.

Compared to his own universe this one lacked some basic types of Qi. Water, earth, and air Qi was really lacking. Fire, lightning, and ice Qi were found though. Pure examples of these types of Qi would be the sun, plasma, and absolute zero.

Honestly it was because of the vast amounts of Yang Qi that lead to such a thing. The concentration of Yang was multiple times more than his own. Of course he knew that Yin and Yang were the basic buildings block of the universe but that was only when it was balanced.

Here there were vast amounts of Yang Qi, but Yin Qi seemed to be barely there. Solitary Yang leads to death as everyone knows. It might explain the reason why all the life here was found only on planets that shielded themselves from Qi.

By blocking Yang Qi the small amounts of Yin and Yang Qi that still managed to get through were able to create a sort of balance on the planet. Thus leading to life being formed where Qi was so thin that it barely passed the ability to make life.

Of course that was his only his theorization based on his understanding of Qi in his realm. It could just be different realms rules as Master Ti Wu had told him.

Knock Knock

Chu Shen looked up with cheese and tomato sauce dripping down his face. He was in the middle of eating some pizza, another one of his favorite foods since he discovered it.

‘Eh, it’s probably Leonard. Kinda weird though, he usually calls.’ He got up and walked to the door with the intention to open it. Previously Leonard had visited him a couple times though he always called him.

He started to open the door but just as it cracked open it was shoved open with gusto, causing him to fall backwards. Rushing into his home was a person who could only be described with one word.


It was an old man with white hair that stuck up everywhere. He had on blue jeans, a red polo, and a lab coat on as well. Splotches of color, food stains, and encrusted objects decorated all of his clothes and some of his hair was discolored as well.

Chu Shen wasn’t as surprised at this as he was the fact that he had been pushed backwards. Even if he was caught by surprise he was still very strong! But this person still pushed him backwards! He was most definitely wary of his uninvited guest.

The weird old man had a tablet clutched in his left hand. He was staring at the tablet without even looking at Chu Shen. He tapped it with his right hand. “Come one, come on. I know you’re here…..yes! There it is.”

Immediately he walked down the hallway towards Chu Shen’s office. Chu Shen stared at the man flabbergasted. This was completely unexpected! Who barged into someone’s home looking for something and didn’t even say hello?

Helplessly he followed the weird old man to his office. Once the weird old man was inside he completely ignored the desk and the holo-projector. Instead he went over to a side of his office and stopped there. He tapped his tablet for a second and waited.

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Suddenly a small panel on the wall popped off shocking Chu Shen. Inside the panel was a black cube. The weird old man pulled a cable out of his pocket. Plugging the cable into his tablet and then the black cube, he sat down in front of Chu Shen’s desk.

The weird old man cracked his fingers as he stared at the tablet’s screen.“It’s been a minute but here goes.” His fingers turned into a blur that Chu Shen could barely see. He was astonished.

This old man was just too weird. First he actually pushed Chu Shen backwards. Now he was able to move so fast that his hands were a blur even to him. A strange sense of danger came over him, similar to when he fought the bugs.


“Aha! I knew a low-level AI couldn’t stand up to me!” The weird old man exclaimed excitedly at the sound. “Alright, let’s see just what it is that d*mned calculator dragged me out here for.”

“Started seven months ago. Trigonometry done, hyperphysics calculation done, basic engineering module done with no physical examples completed, advanced engineering module the same, spatial physics with simulations done, bla bla bla bla bla. Basically everything related to physical tech or cybernetics completed within seven months from a basic elementary skill level.”

Chu Shen listened to the old man with a blank expression. He was just too numb after everything that happened to be surprised at him hacking into his personal records.

The weird old man looked up from the tablet and right at him. “Hmm? Oh, didn’t see you there. Hey do you know where I can find the person who completed this learning module? You see, this learning module is one that I personally designed so I want to know who finished it in such a short time.”

Chu Shen looked at him for a couple seconds before slowly raising his hand. “What? Why are you doing that, you’re not in school boy. Just tell me where the person that completed the module is.”

He shook his head and pointed at himself. “You, you’re the one that completed the module?” Chu Shen nodded. The old man looked at him for a second before suddenly darting forward. Chu Shen only saw a blur before he felt a prick on his arm.

There was another blur and suddenly the old man was holding a small cylindrical tube. Looking at his arm there was a small spot of blood where the old man had taken his blood.

He looked up at the man who had put the needle in his arm, for that was indeed what the tube was. “What the heck was that!?” He yelled at the old man. Who knew what he had put in him.

The old man had switched the cable from the black box to the tube. He waved dismissively at Chu Shen as he studied the tablet’s display. “Oh quit whining, it wasn’t that bad. I only took a couple drops of blood, nothing to get worked up about. Hmm. Seems you really are young.”

“Nothing to get worked up about? You come into my home, you hack into my personal datafiles, and then you take a blood sample. What do you think this is!” Chu Shen knew this person was dangerous but he couldn’t stand his presumptuous attitude.

“It’s not like I did anything illegal. I mean you did sign the terms and conditions didn’t you? All I’m doing is checking the learning module and the effect it has on your health, all of which was stipulated in the document.” The old man generously explained as he looked at Chu Shen.

“Anyways kid. You have enormous talent so how about my offer? I want to give you a once in a lifetime opportunity. What do you say?”


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