[Arc 2] Chapter 56

Chapter 56


Chu Shen had only one word to describe the sight in front of him. Boring. There was nothing here but lines! After they emerged from the portal they were in a line on the other side.

They waited for almost an hour in the little skimmer with nothing to do but wait. Sparta was indeed a very advanced place but it was also very sensitive as well. If one of their enemies got ahold of some of their secrets it could spell disaster for the galaxies future.

Because of this, security was very tight. Everyone was scanned several times by specialized equipment. They were even put through truth scanners and asked if they meant to steal, spy, or otherwise harm anyone on Sparta.

Chu Shen didn’t have any problems with the security. Even the truth scanners wasn’t a problem. After all, he was here to simply learn about their technology. And that didn’t include their most advanced technology that they kept secret either.

Rather, he merely wanted to experiment with a couple things. At heart he wasn’t a martial artist. Instead he was an artificer. His dao, his path of cultivation, wasn’t centered upon fighting but rather construction.

After they finally got out of the security, Leonard led him to a shuttle where they flew down to the planet. As they approached Chu Shen felt an enormous pressure. He sensed a source of power so immense that he could barely stand up.

He looked outside the shuttles windows for the source of power. Then he saw it.

It was a large jewel. It hung there, just floating in the void of space. It had splotches of blue and vast swathes of green, white, and orange. Black dots speckled the landscape.

Chu Shen knew what it was. It was Sparta, in all its glory. Sparta was a vast planet with gravity over 10 times that of earth. It was a huge planet. Contained within was many different climates, all of them harsher than the norm.

There was the scorching deserts, the freezing tundra, and the tropical forests were all inhospitable to humans. Or rather regular humans. The enhanced Spartans were able to easily handle the various climates and tremendous gravity.

Despite how big it was, because of the colonization effort, the atmospheric pressure was equal to Earth’s. Disregarding this, the gravity itself was enough to reduce a normal human to a bloody pulp.

The black dots Chu Shen could see was cities and training facilities. All of these together made up the huge planet called Sparta. However, none of these things captured his attention.

Oh no, what really captured his gaze was the shimmering yellow field that surrounded the planet. It was hazy and almost completely transparent. He gaped in astonishment.

This. This was. AMAZING!!!

A formation that actually used the universal laws! Qi, when circulated in certain ways or interacting with certain materials could interact with the universal laws. These laws made the Qi not only stronger and more powerful, it could even have some mysterious effects and allow the manipulation of the universe itself.

Chu Shen had previously considered these people as barely having any great accomplishments. Their personal strength was horrendous and their machines barely let them have any combat capabilities. Of course they had some powerful machines but they weren’t in abundance. But this changed everything!

As an Artificer he was experienced in arrays and inscriptions. There was barely any difference between the two though. The difference being an inscription affected a weapon, while an array effected the surrounding area and people.

Using his experience in arrays he instantly knew that what was being used to set up the array. It was the hundreds of large black balls hanging in the space between the planet and the array. As Chu Shen marveled at the huge and powerful array Leonard saw his amazement.

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Coming over Leonard looked out the shuttle window. “It’s a beautiful sight, isn’t it?” Chu Shen nodded, though what he was admiring was the complex array and not the tinted shield.

“It’s one of a kind. Sparta was made over 500 years ago by the early wave of human settlers. Honestly they were scientists who were fleeing persecution by religious zealots. They landed here and successfully colonized the planet. They adapted themselves to be able to live here.”

“All they really wanted was to be able to research in peace but they knew they had to protect themselves after what happened earlier.Knowing their fate if they were found by the Islamic Empire they created an army of clones, training them to be the best. “

“Of course, after they found out the Pure Ones was destroyed they established trade routes with the rest of the galaxy. They still have the clone army, though the size has been said to have been reduced.”

“They made many of the technological breakthroughs we use today and still lead humanity in science. This forcefield is the only Class 9 planetary shield to date. It can even make the entire planet intangible.”

“There’s nothing anyone can do to destroy it. They even made the shield modulate the sun’s rays to be yellow instead of red, so they can remember how the sun looked on Earth.”

Chu Shen had an astonished look on his face when he heard this. Intangible? This effect could be accomplished through ghost or spatial laws, both of which were rare.

This shield, if it could be replicated, was undoubtedly a great treasure!! Estimating by the strength of it, it was as powerful as a barrier made by a Nature Stage Cultivator!

Chu Shen sighed and shook his head. There was no way he could ever discover how this array worked. Obviously it was a well kept secret otherwise it would not be ‘one of a kind’. If they wouldn’t let him, then Chu Shen wouldn’t snatch it. Even if he wanted to he didn’t have the capability.

It was best to dismiss such idle thoughts. Instead he focused on the beautiful sight in front of him. He stared at it as they gradually approached the array, sighing at the grandeur of it.

Eventually they reached the array. The shuttle came to a stop before a hazy blue glow appeared around it, much like the yellow one around the planet. The hazy glow was the signature of a forcefield. The shuttle slowly moved forward, merging with the forcefield.

It went through the forcefield. After it did the view of Sparta was unblocked. The shuttle swiftly accelerated towards the planet. It approached a section of the planet that was covered in dense forest and was right by the sea.

The shuttle slowed to halt above a large black building. The entire thing was just like a giant black brick. There were no decorations, just a large square building.

One end of the building opened up to receive the shuttle. Soon after the shuttle descended, landing inside a fairly large hangar that was brightly lit. After it landed the occupants, including Chu Shen and Leonard, were escorted off the shuttle.

The reason why it landed here instead of on the planet or one of its cities was simple really. Safety. Everywhere else the cities were not protected. The gravity would kill anyone who was not protected.
Here they were asked whether they could cope with the gravity or they would give them personal anti-gravity devices. With it they could survive the planet’s harsh gravity.


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