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[Arc 2] Chapter 53

Chapter 53

The End Game

Chu Shen wiped out thousands of bugs. He was actually able to kill more bugs with one move than the tanks in the back. But he couldn’t be everywhere at once. Soon his group was the only ones that could still hold their position.

After another three hours, the retreat came to a stop. This was their last line of defense. If they didn’t hold out then the entire population, along with them, would be wiped out. Chu Shen and his fort stayed where they were, to be the vanguard for the defense.

They tried their best but it wasn’t going to be enough. Chu Shen’s fort was attacked by a wave of tanker bugs. This time instead of rushing forward they spurted plasma at the group.

Chu Shen saw this and reacted immediately. Because of his null Qi he was able to absorb Qi from the atmosphere so his energy was at about 97 percent. He circulated his Qi, activating the <Universe Shield>.

A circular gray shield appeared in front of the fort. It was a wavery, almost waterlike gray and chinese characters were inscribed on it in a darker shade of gray. The whole thing was basically transparent. Chu Shen had studied the skill but never practiced it, resulting in him having a weak grasp on it. He could barely use it to block an attack equal to himself otherwise he could fight above his level depending upon just this shield.

The bright blue plasma balls hit the shield. Three hit the shield in a row before five impacted it together. At first the shield only flashed as it became more opaque. But when the five plasma balls hit it immediately shattered as a large hole was burned through it.

The plasma balls were not quite as bright as they were before but they were still headed for the ship. As it did Chu Shen had a panicked expression on his face. He had truly underestimated these bugs.

The plasma balls combined attack was similar to a fire-attribute Martial General warrior. There was no way he could block that.

Honestly it was a miracle that Chu Shen had weakened it and that was only possible because the plasma did not arrive all at once. With that his null Qi could absorb the energy and strengthen it before the others arrived.

He now only had 57 percent of his strength left. The took about forty percent of his energy to activate. Gritting his teeth Chu Shen once again activated the shield. This time he also deactivated the energy blade and focused all his attention on the incoming plasma ball.

The shield once again appeared before him, but this time it was smaller and its form was more solid. Chu Shen manipulated his shield so that he could concentrate its energy on a smaller spot.

Once again the plasma balls hit the shield. It flared and became gradually more and more solid as the plasma impacted the martial art. After a couple seconds it was no longer like a translucent outline but rather like a giant was holding a shield in front of them.

The plasma was eventually absorbed. The shield stayed there as Chu Shen collapsed in exhaustion. He managed to forcefully keep himself awake and stared at the incoming bugs.

The tanker bugs fired another salvo after they were joined by twenty more tanker bugs. The combined attack made the shield flicker but it stayed put. Leonard along with the nanite squad went out and attacked the tanker bugs. The cyborg ran to Chu Shen and grabbed him.

He was placed over the cyborgs shoulders as he ran away. Leonard and the nanite squad suddenly ran back towards them. The ship unearthed itself and troops started boarding, just like Chu Shen had before with Leonard.

The cyborg jumped inside a hovercraft that flew down. The pilot flew the hovercraft backwards towards the defense line. They had lost the support of the tanks some time ago since they could have been flanked from the sides once their line collapsed.

Fortunately they had Chu Shen who replaced the tanks and thinned the horde considerably. Chu Shen and they cyborg flew over hordes of bugs. The hovercraft banked left as it avoided a plasma ball. They flew over their defensive line and landed behind it.

Chu Shen had recovered enough to stand and walk after the short flight. Shrugging off the help of the cyborg he got out of the hovercraft and jumped on top of the ship’s defensive structure.

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The comm attached to his shoulder automatically switched him to the local soldiers channel. “WOOOHOOO” “YEAH, BLOW THOSE BUGS TO KINGDOM COME.” “COME ON, ROAST THOSE COCKROACHES.”

He was taken aback by all the sudden screaming on the channel. Normally it was the officers giving orders, or people asking for help. Now it was full of joyous yells. But he soon saw the reason why.


Explosions sounded off in the distance. Turning he saw large explosions and lights plow through the remaining bugs. The sky was ripped apart as missiles and energy beams flew to the ground from orbit.

Chu Shen was finally able to get an answer as to where the fire was coming from. Space. It was finally here. The reinforcements.

They rained fire down upon the bug swarms, eliminating them in vast swathes. When they arrived they immediately destroyed the various anti-space bugs first. Then they rained down death on the birthing bugs, destroying their hope for swarming the planet.

Of course, it didn’t end things there. Afterwards they destroyed the bugs in the open and the troops were sent to scout for hidden bugs. The colonists knew they were saved and that it was only time until they could return to their normal lives.
Everything was looking up.


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