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[Arc 2] Chapter 52

Chapter 52

How Is That Possible?

“Of course. Let us fight!”

As Chu Shen eagerly said these words, Leonard smiled. “Of course.” He replied and immediately shot off into the air.

Chu Shen grinned himself and took off towards the bugs. He started hitting the warrior bugs with his hammer. The warrior bugs were big and their armored exoskeleton was incomparable to the drone bugs from earlier. However with Chu Shen’s increased power, they were smashed to bits.

He smashed left and right, left and right. Chu Shen was even faster than before. Where as earlier Leonard could tell what he was doing, now it was all a blur. Chu Shen once again withdrew the pistols and started using them to great effect.

All of a sudden a red beam of energy shot out, drawing his attention. Sure there had been energy beams before, but they were all directed towards the ever encroaching army of bugs. The energy beam lanced out, piercing through several bugs before disappearing into the distance.

Looking over he saw a man with skin made of metal. His right arm was a metal cylinder and his back had a slight bulge to it. It was the cyborg. Chu Shen nodded to the cyborg, grateful for the support.

He ran forward towards a tanker bug. Swinging his hammer he hit it on the side. Before, Chu Shen only cracked the outer shell. Now he could do way more than that. His weapon could now increase its weight by over 100 times now, and he had over 30,000 pounds of force in his hands.

The hammer hit the tanker bug’s shell. It passed through the shell, cracks spread out over the large exoskeleton where the hammer had impacted it. The hammer passed through the inside of the bug and the handle ripped a line through the shell as he swung.

The hammer completed its swing and blew a second hole through its exoskeleton as it exited its body. As blood along with various pieces of the exoskeleton and its organs gushed out of the hole, the tanker bug let out a loud screech.

Chu Shen leapt back the second his hammer was freed from the tanker bug. Leaping sideways he swung with his hammer as he passed the bugs head. His hammer blew right through it as he soared past, on his way to fight some different bug.

He fought for a while with various warrior bugs before he suddenly stopped. Running forward towards the front of the fort he faced the horde of bugs. It wasn’t just a small group of ten or so like he fought on the honeycomb styled fort. It was a swarm of a couple hundred.

Chu Shen grinned as he started circulating his Qi. Willing his Qi out of his body, he released a large surge of energy. Qi could come in all sorts of shapes and type. There was a basic form of Qi called blade Qi. This Qi is thin and sharp, able to cut through various things.

However, compared to a real sword wielders Qi it was incomparable. Using his Qi he released a surge of sharp blade Qi. It surged forward in a crescent wave. Honestly if he was facing a fellow cultivator on the same level as him, he would have never done so.

Such an attack was too easily blocked and wasted far too much energy. However these were not cultivators and could be considered normal animals. Against such things, an attack like this was the best since it took out large swathes of them at once.

The Qi shot outwards, slicing practically all of them in half. Leonards instruments picked up a large surge of energy. Expecting it to be some sort of new bug he quickly flew towards the front of the fort. The fort had a huge pile of corpses laid out in front of it.

Every single one was cut in half. The top half slid off a couple tanker bugs as he watched. Standing in front of the fort was a single kid. It was Chu Shen. Leonard had thought that nothing this kid could do would stun him.

He was wrong.

The best thing he could think of that could do this kind of damage was an energy blade. But it couldn’t be. Those were expensive for one thing. For another they were short range, maybe a couple feet but most definitely not how far he was seeing.

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He thought of another possibility. Maybe an energy wave cannon. Most of the time it was just a surge of energy that burned or knocked down everything in its path.

It was of course possible to modulate it so that it would become a large blade but that kind of modification, along with the gun itself, was as expensive as buying a house! How could the kid of a colonist have that kind of money. Then again, what about the pocket dimension. Those thing were really expensive too, expensive enough to buy some asteroids or a minor planet!

As he was thinking of this the bugs continued marching forward. It looked like a solid carpet of bugs. Except for the large holes where the tanks had blown holes in the formation.

Leonard started killing them immediately. Suddenly there was a massive energy release. Looking down he saw a surge of gray colored energy shooting forward. The bugs were sliced in half as soon as that energy passed through them.

Leonard couldn’t believe it. This energy, it was just like the energy wave cannon. He had speculated but most definitely thought he was just making wild speculations.

Chu Shen frowned as the energy shot outwards. This was too costly. A single energy wave cost him five percent of his energy. While this didn’t seem to be a lot, if he used it just 20 times he would be out of energy. The bugs were endless.

He started recreating that blade wave. But this time instead of releasing it like a blast of energy he held it in front of him. Of course, the energy would still dissipate but not as rapidly as if he just let it loose. It also tired him mentally as he had to use his soul to carefully control the Qi so it didn’t just dissipate the second he released it. As the energy created a crescent wave in front of him he started running forward.

As he did his null Qi started to absorb the Qi from the air. As he ran the crescent blade in front of him grew stronger. Any bug that came in contact with that wave of energy was sliced to bits.

Chu Shen ran and ran, killing over a thousand bugs easily. As he did he thought to himself. ‘Truly, a peak Dragon Stage warrior cannot compete with even the weakest Martial Student cultivator.’

Leonard was once again confused beyond belief. The energy wave gun wasn’t acting normal at all. Now the energy wave was suspended in front of Chu Shen. And he was using it to just run the bugs over?!

This was impossible!!


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