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[Arc 2] Chapter 51

Chapter 51


Chu Shen was in the middle of an important process. Each person has 8 major meridians. However the 1st major meridian was different. Rather than it being a single large meridian it was a collection of smaller meridians. This network together was called the first major meridian.

Until the outer meridians were unblocked the other 7 major meridians could not be sensed. The meridians were located in these locations.

One on each leg, one on each arm, one on the head, two in the chest, and a collection of minor meridians below the skin, The meridians could be unblocked in any order however the minor meridians below the skin had to be unblocked first.

Each meridian had 10 blockages  in it, resulting in the 10 levels. The outer meridians were the same in that each minor meridian had 10 blockages in it and breaking through those blockages advanced another level.

Chu Shen could feel he was getting closer to a breakthrough. His Qi was seething and boiling in his meridians. It was like a river that was trying to overflow its banks.

As he meditated Ti Wu came out of the Voids Hand. As he observed Chu Shen he knew it was time. Raising his hands he absorbed some of the Void Qi in his outer meridians.

After he did Chu Shen was able to feel the existence of meridians besides his current ones. Manipulating the Qi in his body it flowed towards these new meridians

As it did his Qi came across something blocking it’s path. No matter what he did he couldn’t break through. Trying a new approach Chu Shen gathered all his Qi onto only one meridian and pushed forward. After he did he broke through the barrier. When he did the sudden surge of Qi caught him off guard.

Utilizing this surge of Qi he pushed onwards towards the other branches. Eventually all the outer meridians were broken through. As he did a black smelling funk was pushed out of his body. This was impurities found in the body.

That was what he felt was blocking his meridians. As the surge of Qi rushed into him his dantian was filled. After it was filled the Qi started filling up his meridians.

As it did some of it inevitably overflowed and spilled into Chu Shen’s body, strengthening it. His strength went from 16,550 pounds to 30,000. In comparison to a normal cultivator it was insane! Their strength would normally reach 20,000 pounds! His body’s defense also reached new heights.

After a couple seconds his body seemed to hit a breaking point before suddenly his dantian grew over twice as big as before. With its increase the overflowing Qi found a place to rest in. All of the Qi flowed into his dantian and settled down.

Chu Shen immediately controlled his Qi and made it leave his body. A clump of gray colored energy appeared before him in the palm of his hand. He just stared at it.

“Ha…Haha…hahahaha.” The Qi disappeared as Chu Shen started laughing. Images flashed by in his mind. Faces filled with pity, envy, and shame. Voices that told him why he was never going to reach his full potential. He laughed in the face of it all.

As he kept laughing he dashed out of the house.

“Hahahaha! I did it! I finally did it! They said I couldn’t do it but I did! I even did it faster than they did! Ha! To all those who said I couldn’t advance take that! I have finally stepped into the Martial Realm! I might just be a Martial Student but just wait! I will surpass you all!”

Beep. Beep.

His comm set started going off. Most likely it was the bugs since Chu Shen had instructed the A.I. to contact him once they got within two kilometers of the small village he was in.

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He smiled. Now that he had broken through, the bugs provided the perfect chance to hone his skills.

Of course he couldn’t fight in this condition. He needed to stabilize his cultivation. Sitting down he focused on calming the still unstable Qi. After an hour the Qi in his body stopped seething, becoming as calm as a lake.

Now that that was settled he could get started. Using his enhanced vision, Chu Shen immediately set off towards the bugs.


Leonard Maximus was flying above the bugs. Hopper and winged insects flew towards him only to be shot out of the sky by his pistols. A tanker bug walked steadily towards the ship only for a bright red beam to slice it in half.

A half robot, half human man pointed his metallic arm towards another tanker bug. As it did another brilliant red beam to shoot out, slicing it in half.

Leonard shot out a black disk at a warrior bug. It looked like the drone bugs but were half the size of the tanker bug and as fast as the hoppers. It exploded, cracking it’s thick shell and knocking it backwards. A quick shot to it’s brain ended its life.

Explosions went off in the distance as the artillery in the back supported them. Truly this was one of the last great efforts they could make. Until backup arrived, they had to holdout.

Suddenly there was a large explosion of dirt and bug parts as something smashed into the ground right in front of the fortress. It couldn’t have been the machines in the back since they were most definitely busy thinning their ranks.

Emerging from that crater was a smiling twelve year old kid holding an archaic black hammer.


Chu Shen couldn’t, of course, just run the entire way. In fact he found a much faster and efficient method. Using his greatly increased muscles he jumped upwards, covering over 300 meters in a single jump. Taking the fall with his body he would once again jump.

As he approached the bug horde he saw new species of bugs were attacking. These ones were big, fast, and apparently a little smarter since they were actively attacking threats instead of attacking everything. Timing his jump just right Chu Shen jumped towards the middle of a group of the warrior bugs.

Using the momentum of his landing he withdrew his hammer from his ring. The [Earth Shattering Inscription] had grown much stronger with his increase of Qi. Swinging his weapon downward the massive blow shook the ground.

The shock-wave alone killed the closest warrior bugs while the rest were blown backwards. Standing up Chu Shen surveyed their situation. The bugs were coming closer, not even hesitating. Some interesting people such as the ones with silver skin or the one with a metal arm were close by.

Jumping upwards he landed near the abnormal scout, Leonard Maximus, who swooped down next to him. “Hello senior brother Leonard.” Chu Shen said respectfully and bowed.

Leonard smiled ruefully, truly this kid was an enigma. “Hey Chu Shen. It looked like you abandoned us when you up and left like that.”

Chu Shen shook his head. “No. I would never. It is the duty of every human to ensure that normal people are kept safe from primordial beasts. I was merely having a breakthrough to become stronger, that is what kept me from joining you.”

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Leonard just shook his head. ‘I think the translator botched that one up.’ “Anyways, these bugs need to be put down. Think you can help?” He asked while raising an eyebrow.
“Of course. Let us fight!” Chu Shen brandished his hammer as he spoke.


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