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[Arc 2] Chapter 50

Chapter 50


Chu Shen had on his scout armor and was currently inside of a small maintenance airlock leading out of the city. Why? Well because of the radiation shielding. With it in place he couldn’t possibly cultivate so he had to go outside.

After Leonard Maximus, the abnormal scout from Sparta, had brought him into the infirmary there had been a lot of questions. The hammer and where he got it from was one of them. Of course since Leonard had mentioned a pocket dimension Chu Shen went with that explanation though they were skeptical.

Hugh had scanned him for radiation but found nothing. He of course couldn’t explain it but Chu Shen knew why. With his null Qi’s properties of course the doctor found nothing. Afterwards he was told to get some rest and left alone.

Afterwards he snuck out of his room which was easy considering the fact that there was no guards. There was too many things to do to be a guard. Then he left to go outside leading to his current situation.

Chu Shen reached the end of the airlock and opened the door. Stepping outside he immediately closed the door and started running. He had looked at a map the A.I. had provided so he wasn’t running aimlessly.

After a while Chu Shen came across a deserted town. Unlike before where the town had a large dome around it this one had a small force field. Luckily it was shut down to divert power to where it was needed.

Chu Shen went into one of the houses and activated his comm device. He had asked the A.I. to contact him if the bug horde came close to the small town he had chosen.

With all that settled Chu Shen went into one of the abandoned houses and found a comfortable bed. Sitting down on it he started cultivating.

The danger of fighting and the knowledge of the vast hordes and powerful bugs that he had yet to fight put enormous pressure on him. That pressure brought out hidden potential in him. His soul started to grow, increasing his chances of breaking through.

Everyone knew that fighting was the best way to temper techniques since only by fighting could you adapt those techniques to combat. However it was also true that when your life was on the line the body brought out everything it could to grow stronger. It was a rule of nature.

Life and death struggles not only honed techniques but also let the soul grow stronger and more mature.

As he cultivated he also went over what he had done in the fight mentally. Recalling the sensation of using the pistols he also pondered over the strange weaponry here.

At heart he was still an artificer and since he saw the blueprint for it on the computer Chu Shen was fascinated with it. He started thinking of the applications using Qi instead which lead him on interesting paths.

For two days he stayed there, cultivating and meditating in peace. Outside though it was becoming more and more desperate.

After the captain had landed the General in charge had told him to keep the civilian onboard. After a day went by the captain decided to check on the kid. Unfortunately he was gone. A quick query revealed that the kid had left the ship and headed into the town.

Sighing the captain resigned himself to more important things. It was better to use available manpower to hold off the bugs then to hunt down a civilian that didn’t want protection.

Over the past two days the bugs had advanced closer and closer. Various elite soldiers had shown up on different ship’s. One had a cyborg powered by a fusion reactor. With it he could use heavy equipment like the laser cannon he had for an arm.

Another had a group of soldiers that had nanite injections. Using the nanites to construct various tools and to enhance themselves this elite unit killed many bugs. The best of all though was the ammo fabber two ship’s had brought.

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With how many bugs there was, there was absolutely not enough ammo to deal with them. However the fabbers produced ammo out of any material fed to it.

Using the waste products from the mining the colonists did they were able to provide enough ammo to hold off the bugs. Unfortunately there was still not enough. They were pushed back by the vast hordes.

Closer and closer the bugs came to the lone bastion of human civilization on the planet. Soon there wasn’t going to be a human civilization if something didn’t change. Then it did.

A frigate dropped out of hyperspace. Apparently the attack fleet had been attacked by pirates. As soon as they saw them they immediately sent a frigate ahead. The frigates had a faster hyperspace charge time and were able to enter before the pirates disrupted hyperspace.

To avoid the pirates the frigate had to make a detour in the hyperspace jump resulting in lost time. The frigate brought the news that the extra ship’s should be here in another day since the pirate group was not that big.

This was the reason for the delay. The frigate was capable of space to ground combat and readily bombarded the surface with lasers and plasma cannons. Unfortunately since the Weapons of Mass Destruction Ban, nukes and other large scale destructive devices were not available.

The weapons on the frigate made up for it though. Using the weapons the bugs were pushed back. Until the shield bugs and sniper bugs came out. The sniper bugs were not genetically bred but were cybernetic constructs.

They launched pieces of rock and metal at speeds that boggled the mind. The frigate could withstand that kind of blow but not with the numbers present. The shield bugs were another cybernetic construct that used force fields. They were rarely seen on the battlefield since the nanites were expensive to the K’ateesh.

This delay was crucial to the defenders. The bugs were now less than 3 kilometers away from the main city. They were also only 2 kilometers away from where Chu Shen was.

Suddenly a large fluctuation of energy surged from where Chu Shen was at. He was laughing as he ran out of the house.

“Hahahaha! I did it! I finally did it! They said I couldn’t do it but I did! I even did it faster than they did! Ha! To all those who said I couldn’t advance take that! I have finally stepped into the Martial Realm! I might just be a Martial Student but just wait! I will surpass you all!”



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