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[Arc 2] Chapter 47

Chapter 47

This. Is. Sparta!

Chu Shen flew through the air. He landed on one of the platforms. A couple soldiers were there fighting for their lives. As Chu Shen went towards them he saw one of them deploying vibroblades and cutting a bug in half.

He smiled. The power of vibration was truly wondrous. When he could master the <Song of The Stars> then this kind of attack would be child’s play. Looking down at his hands he stored the vibro-sword in his storage ring.

He landed on the platform. While it was true that advancing in cultivation led to greater strength, the true benefits were more subtle.

The best benefit was speed. There was a saying in the martial world. Defense can be broken, attacks can be blocked, but speed is king. What good is an attack that can’t land on the opponent? How can you defend against an attack you can’t see? Only speed can have advantages while also having no disadvantages.

It can be used for both attack and defense while to focus on merely attack or defense can lead to a crucial lack of strength.

Chu Shen dashed around the platform. Each bug on the platform received a single blow from his hammer before exploding in a huge spray of gore. The soldiers could only see a blur as Chu Shen attacked. He picked up a gun from one of the dead soldiers. Storing his hammer away he grabbed the rifle with both hands.

He fired a couple rounds to get a feel for the accuracy. With that Chu Shen turned around and pointed it at the bugs. Recalling the models of the drone bugs Chu Shen aimed at the bugs heart and brain. Firing a single needle at each drone the needles flew accurately, unerringly finding their targets.

Chu Shen frowned. He wasn’t truly happy with this kind of weapon. Bending down he instead grabbed two pistols from the dead bodies. When the Needle Gun runs out of ammo these pistols would be used until they could reload.

Suddenly someone flew through the air two platforms over, a streak of blue appearing under their shoes. They were dressed in a scout armor, though it was clearly different.

Instead of the armor being pure black it had skull marks on both shoulders. The helmet looked like a white spartans helmet instead of a pure black dome like everyone else had. The armor was thicker than every other scouts armor. The arm guards and the leg guards bulged outwards slightly. In the leg guards case it was obviously because of the gravity boots.

Wielding two pistols the abnormal scout flew in above the bugs, his dual pistols firing. Because of his superior position in the air, the bugs couldn’t hurt the scout. All of the bugs died without a fight.

Chu Shen started using the two pistols he started firing at more bugs. The bugs went down just as easily as before. With his Qi enhanced reflexes and senses, it was no wonder he could outshoot even those with an implant.

The soldiers that Chu Shen had saved could see him standing on the platform. They were all stunned by what they saw. His hands were a blur, such was his firing speed. Everytime he fired a bug fell down. This was an unbelievable example of accuracy.

While they were all stunned at what they saw, a bug climbed up the edge of the platform. As the bug rushed at Chu Shen’s back he sensed something was wrong. Leaping into the air he dodged the bugs charge.

Storing the pistols inside his ring he withdrew the vibro-sword. With a push of a button the nuclear battery inside the vibro-sword activated. As it started vibrating Chu Shen landed on the ground. Pushing off the platform he sliced the bug in half with a spray of gore.

Withdrawing the sword, Chu Shen took off from the platform, leaving behind him a small group of soldiers.

“Did you see what I saw?”

“Yeah, that scout was unbelievable.”

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“You know, I heard that some mercenary joined us, a friend of the captain. Supposedly he’s extremely fast because of some enhancements he has.”

“I heard that too. It’s said he had a military-grade enhancement.”

“But we have military-grade enhancements too, how come his is so different.”

“Dumba**. It’s because he didn’t get a UBF enhancement. Supposedly he came from Sparta. They say he’s one of those clone soldiers.”

“What! No way!”

“It’s no wonder he’s so good at fighting. Everyone from Sparta is a monster. I thought he’d be taller though.”


One hundred, two hundred, three hundred, within twenty minutes almost five hundred drone bugs lost their lives to Chu Shen. He also personally saved almost ninety soldiers while protecting over two hundred

No one could keep up with him on the battlefield. Chu Shen thought before looking over his shoulder. Well, almost no-one. Surprisingly there was one person that actually was as strong as him, or even slightly stronger.

It was the abnormal scout that Chu Shen had glimpsed back then. The scout became exceedingly more strange as Chu Shen saw more of him. Not only did he have a modified scout armor, but he also had extremely expensive equipment, with the gravity boots being one of a long list.

Shooting grappling cables out of his suits arms, the abnormal scout used the bug he had caught as a battering ram. He twirled it around him, knocking back the bugs that were trying to surround him.

Then a bright beam of energy shot out as he used an energy beam on the underside of his right arm. Miniature explosive disks shot out from the left arm.

He was like a one man army.

Chu Shen smiled. Both of them were clearly an example of skills from both worlds. Chu Shen with his Qi enhanced body and antiquated hammer, and the abnormal scout with his advanced weapons and enhancements.

He frowned. The Qi was thick in the air, but again Chu Shen couldn’t absorb it. It was like something was preventing the Qi from reaching him.

Although they couldn’t know, most of the other ships in the area had been over run. With the ship’s guns still working though, most of the ship’s decided to stay until a Tank or Warrior bug showed up. Besides, with the plasma bugs instincts to fire on anything flying, most ship captains wouldn’t risk being blown up.

Suddenly an abnormality appeared. A bug appeared but it was different from the other bugs. If it could be described it would be like a flea with blades for its front limbs. With this new bug it meant that the second wave had reached the front lines.
With a sudden burst of speed the Hopper Bug, as it was called, shot forward, slicing Chu Shen’s helmet!


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