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[Arc 2] Chapter 46

Chapter 46

Chu Shen Joins The Fight

Chu Shen was still thinking about how exactly to help in the upcoming fight whenever he started hearing things. Tap tap tap. It sounded like rain was hitting the roof of a building. Other sounds came faintly to Chu Shen but he couldn’t identify most of them. The best he could come up with was a muffled drum.

“Computer, what is the noise i’m hearing?” Chu Shen looked up at the ceiling.

“There is no noise registering in human hearing range.”

“I can hear a tapping noise, like rain. Please identify that.”

“That is machine gun fire from the troopers outside.”

“What! You mean they’ve actually started fighting already? Why didn’t they tell me!?”

“It was because they didn’t wish to worry you. Because we are one of the late arrivals we were put on the front lines. The first massive wave of bug drones are attacking now. While this first wave is the biggest what follows is waves of tougher bugs.”

Chu Shen went up to the door and opened it. Outside was the guard that was assigned to watch him. Unlike before where the guard was in a black uniform he was now in a heavy infantrymen suit.

The guard turned towards Chu Shen as he walked out. “Hey, hey kid! You can’t be out here, there’s a war going on.”

Chu Shen looked at the guard’s helmet. Because of his studying he knew exactly what this was. An outdated exo-suit designed to protect against blunt projectiles and radiation. It increased the wearer’s strength by over 50 times along with having a deployable vibroblade.

It was extremely out of date but the UBF was also underfunded since it was on the very fringes of known space. It was the cheapest and best suit to get.

He looked at where he figured the guard’s eyes were. “That’s why I’m here. Since I’m a heavy worlder I figured I might be able to help a little with the bugs. They attacked my town so I want some payback.”

Chu Shen had of course looked up what the captain and medic had labeled him as.

The guard was stunned for a couple seconds but he called up the captain. “Sir. The civilian kid says he want’s to fight. He is a heavy worlder sir so he might be able to help some.”

The captain was startled. He had actually completely forgot about the kid, he was a distraction he could ill afford. He started to consider the guards suggestion. Eventually the war would get to them. While the drones couldn’t break through the ship’s armor the warrior and tank bugs after certainly could.

“Alright. Give him a suit then get him to a hovercraft. We need to evacuate this kid now. The floater can take him farther down the line. Escort him to one of the hovercraft. Go now.”

The guard was surprised. “Okay kid you got your wish. Come on, we’ll fix you up some scout armor.”

They walked down some hallways, up elevators till they reached the part of the ship where the floaters were launched at. There was some armored scout outfits that the pilots wore. Luckily some of the pilots were dwarfs, children that were not genetically engineered for heavy gravity, resulting in the stagnation of growth along with heavy muscle density.

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“Here kid, put this on.” The guard threw one of the outfits towards Chu Shen. Then the guard grabbed a heavy needle gun and a vibro-sword. Only high ranking officers had clearance for them because of how expensive they were but because of his mission clearance he could have one.

Silently Chu Shen put it on. The guard turned around after he grabbed his sword, expecting to have to help Chu Shen into the outfit. Unexpectedly Chu Shen was waiting for him completely dressed. The guard checked his helmet seal before walking towards the closed blast doors.

The reason Chu Shen was dressed so fast was both studying and because of how fast his Qi enhanced body was. The guard opened the door. He closed the first door after they were both in and then opened the next door. The airlock helped keep the radiation out of the ship.

As soon as they stepped out Chu Shen’s face lit up. There was Qi all around them! The ship looked like a giant turtle shell. Walls built in a honeycomb structure with platforms suspended between them every now and then spread outwards for close to 300 meters. Drone bugs were fighting and killing soldiers all over the place.

“Come on kid! The floater should meet with us soon. Just stand here and they’ll pick us ughh!”

The guard pointed to a platform near them when all of a sudden a bug that had been climbing the wall appeared. As the bug charged towards the guard Chu Shen immediately sprang into action.

He activated his spatial ring, the 1 ½ meter long hammer appearing in his hand. Chu Shen pushed off the ground with the tip of his foot, moving at mind boggling speed. He shoved the guard to the side out of the bug’s way as he flew past. Swinging his hammer so fast that a small sonic boom echoed out he hit the bug in the side of its carapace.

The hammer changed from being only 20 pounds to being over 3,000 pounds and crashed into the bugs side. If it could be seen in slow motion this is how it would be described.

The hammer first hit the bug’s legs, snapping them like dry wood. Then the exoskeleton of the bug was hit. The exoskeleton cracked as soon as it was hit. The hammer didn’t stop though and went completely through the bug. To be more accurate, it exploded outwards like someone hit it with a grenade as the kinetic force was transferred throughout the bug.

It looked similar to a baseball bat hitting a water balloon. The guard that Chu Shen had shoved hadn’t even hit the ground yet when the bug was killed. Chu Shen turned around and ran towards the guard, grabbing him before he hit the ground.

The guard had no idea what was going on. The kid moved so fast that he couldn’t even keep track of him.

Chu Shen set the guard down. Looking around there were more bugs than he could count. He smiled. They could be counted as a Man Stage Level 8-10 primordial beast. Compared to a peak Dragon Stage cultivator, they could be killed by the droves.

The Qi in the air was actually thicker than even the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion’s. Chu Shen gripped his hammer tight in preparation, then he leapt towards the closest platform.

He was ready to kill some bugs. After all.
This was war.


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