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[Arc 2] Chapter 42

Chapter 42

Whats Going On?

Upon entering both men were stunned. The had both known that the restraints were being broken but seeing it was another thing. To see a kid almost half your size breaking metal handcuffs was so impossible that both men doubted their eyes.

The kid looked up at them. Chu Shen immediately linked them to him being brought here. They had shot him, treated his wounds, and then chained him down to a bed.

Delgado and Hugh put up their hands. “It’s okay kid it’s okay. It was all an accident. You’re safe now, the bugs have been dealt with.” Delgado started trying to reassure the kid. Chu Shen cocked his head. They were speaking gibberish.

Hugh leaned over and whispered in his ear. “He can’t understand you. There was no implants detected on the medical scan and he doesn’t carry any translators. All he has on him is jewelry with some weird runes carved onto them.”

Chu Shen started walking towards them. Obviously if he couldn’t understand them, then they couldn’t understand him so he didn’t try speaking.

As he got closer Delgado’s military training kicked in. He drew his gun and pointed it at Chu Shen. It was a cable free taser. “Kid, back away slowly and sit on the bed. Doc get a transl- OOF”

Chu Shen saw what was obviously a weapon from the man’s demeanor pointed at him. His training in the Voids Hand Shadow Arena made him immediately jump forward. Faster than Delgado’s enhanced nervous system could keep up he dodged the weapon in the man’s hand and punched him in the chest. He went flying backwards, his mouth made a perfect O shape as he went flying backwards. He crashed into the bulkhead, Delgado was sure that some of his ribs were broken. He laid on the ground groaning and clutching at his chest.

Chu Shen glanced down at his fist and then at the man on the floor. This man was so weak. Hugh was just now reacting to the sudden actions. While he was a soldier it had been a long time since he had to fight.

“Why is he so weak? He should have been able to take at least one of my fists.” Chu Shen muttered to himself. Hugh blinked. His implant automatically translated what Chu Shen had said. Most likely the kid didn’t know how abnormal his strength was.

He cautiously walked over to the cabinet that held the mobile translators. He took out two small metallic disks from a tray. He then walked over to Chu Shen and gestured towards him. He put one on his neck and then held another out to the kid.

Obviously the gesture was to make sure Chu Shen did not think the device was dangerous. Taking the disk he put it on his neck. It used static cling to stick to him without hurting him.

Hugh started speaking. “Hey kid. Sorry about this whole mess. You were accidentally caught in the crossfire between us and the bugs. We brought you back here to treat your injuries but we had to restrain you so you couldn’t irritate your injuries.”

He glanced at the green slime that covered the holes in his body. “The Bio-Gel can’t be irritated or it won’t heal properly.” Chu Shen was confused. The gibberish was suddenly comprehensible.

Obviously they were still speaking gibberish but now he heard instead his own language. This was probably because of the metal disk they had given him but how it worked was a complete mystery. He started to theorize how it worked before catching himself.

Ignoring the idle thoughts he had he listened instead to what the man had to say. Apparently this whole thing was an accident. He was caught in a fight between humans and primordial beasts, or at least their equivalent in this universe.

They had treated him but restrained him so he didn’t mess up the treatment they had given. ‘What a weird treatment.’ Chu Shen exclaimed mentally. Looking over at the man groaning on the floor Chu Shen started to feel bad. “Are we going to help him?” He pointed to him.

“Oh Delgado? With the suit he’s got on it’s probably a bruise that’s all. Such a big baby. He didn’t whine like that even after his arm got cut off.” Hugh grabbed the medical scanner on his way over and held it over Delgado.

While a blue light scanned Delgado he turned back towards Chu Shen. “By the way I never got your name. I’m Medical Officer Charles Hugh and this is Sergeant Delgado. We’re both with the United Border Forces.”

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“I’m Chu Shen, it’s nice to meet you Medical Officer Charles Hugh.”

“Nice to meet you as well Chu Shen. Just call me Officer Hugh in the future.” He muttered underneath his breath. “Such a mature kid. What a mystery.” With Chu Shen’s cultivation reaching such depths how could he have not overhead Hugh’s statement? But he pretended to miss it out of privacy.

Hugh frowned. The medical scanner wasn’t registering just bruising but fractured ribs, internal bleeding, and even a mild concussion from the impact. Delgado was groaning, almost incoherent from the pain.

“Well this isn’t good. He’s much worse than even you were. Hurry up and help me lift him.” Chu Shen hurriedly went over and picked him up all by himself. The doctor was perfectly fine with that though he instructed Chu Shen on the right way to pick him up.

He guided Chu Shen over to another door. The door led to a different section of the medical bay. The portion they were in was mostly for patients who needed to rest. The most they could treat there was cuts and abrasions.

Inside the room was a lot of specialized medical equipment but Officer Hugh completely ignored them all and went over to a large tank. He pulled a lever on the side of the tank. It was being filled up with the same gunk that was on Chu Shen’s arm.

The Bio-Gel filled up until it reached the very top of the tank. “Alright Chu Shen, put him inside the tank.”

Chu Shen shook his head. “Won’t he suffocate though?”

“Of course not. You can breathe inside Bio-Gel. Now put him in. The Bio-Gel will speed up the healing process. He’ll be fine in a week.” Hugh was grateful for the concern but irritated at Chu Shen questioning him.

Chu Shen nodded. This realm/dimension would have the most appropriate treatment for themselves. He climbed up the ladder at the side and carefully put Delgado inside the tank.
After Hugh checked on Delgado’s status he let out a relieved breath. He turned around and there was Chu Shen staring at him. “Okay, we need to talk.”


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