[Arc 2] Chapter 41

Chapter 41

This Place Is Strange…

Sergeant Delgado paced in front of the medical bay. He had already taken off the scout armor and was wearing a tight fitting full body outfit made of a thick sturdy stretchy material.


As the door slid upwards into the ceiling another man walked out. He was the exact opposite of the sergeant. He had a mustache and black hair with hints of gray unlike the bald sergeant. The man had white skin and the sergeant had dark brown colored skin. The man wore a black suit and on the back, front, and shoulders was a patch with a red cross on it. The sergeant had on the same uniform but the patch had a white background with a black gun with 115 written on it in white.

As the Medical Officer Charles Hugh came out of the medical bay he was tugging at the portable helmet around his neck. “This d*mn thing is going to choke me someday” he muttered underneath his breath before the sergeant stopped him.

“Officer Hugh sir, how’s the kid?” He stopped for a second and looked at him before the realization struck him.

“Oh it’s you Delgado, I haven’t seen you since I had to grow an arm for you back on Heldeten. Anyways the kids alright. The antidote worked just fine and we gave him a sedative, he’ll be out for another ten hours or so.”

Sergeant Delgado let out a relieved breath. “Whew. Thank god for that. I feel so sorry for him, you know after I shot him and all.”

“Yeah, I just wonder why he’s here though. His muscle density is almost off the charts for someone his age so he must have been a heavy worlder that moved here with his family but no one we evacuated was reported as having a muscle density like this.” Officer Hugh had a contemplative look on his face as he thought over the conundrum the kid represented.

Sergeant Delgado shrugged. “I don’t know, maybe he’s adopted? Anyways when he wakes up how about letting me know ok? I want to apologize to him for shooting him.”

Officer Hugh nodded. “Sure. The captain decided to restrain him until we hit port. So when he wakes up I have to be there too to keep him calm. Hey how about we head to the cafeteria? While the kids out cold I can have a lunch break.”

“Fine with me.”

As they walked down the hallway, something completely unexpected was going on in the medical bay behind them…


Chu Shen opened his eyes. He was laying down on a comfortable bed inside a weird room. The walls were white and a soft, soothing glow came from the walls. There was strange metal objects on the walls and floors. There was some reflective things hanging on the walls as well.

He tried to turn around to see what was behind him when he felt something tug at his arm. Looking down he saw there was a handcuff on his right arm attached to the bed by a chain. As he glanced around he saw that all of his appendages were chained down as well except his head.

As he looked at his settings in confusion he suddenly remembered. Poison! He had been hit with some sort of poisoned dart that had punched through his body. Turning his head he saw that the holes in his chest and shoulder had some sort of thick green paste on it.

Master Ti Wu was looking at his disciple from inside the Voids Hand soul realm. He had been observing the situation the entire time. Chu Shen’s Null Qi had started neutralizing the poison immediately though the going was slow so the poison was obviously not going to kill Chu Shen.

From the reaction of the person that had shot him, it was obviously an accident. Most likely the bug corpses was from a fight earlier and he was shot on accident. The weapons they used were very interesting. He had seen nothing like them. They were like crossbows but fired dozens of small projectiles.

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This accident was unfortunate but it was an excellent opportunity to observe his disciples actions.

Chu Shen circulated his Qi. With the extra boost to his physique he pulled at the chain on his right arm. The walls started pulsing with an angry red light as it started making a creaking noise. He looked at the walls for a couple seconds before putting it out of his mind.

Concentrating the Qi in his right arm he pulled fiercely at the chain. It came off with a loud SNAP and with a CLANK it landed on the ground. He started pulling off the rest of the chains.


Hugh and Delgado were slowly wandering down to the cafeteria whenever Hugh suddenly stopped. “What’s wrong Hugh?” Delgado asked.

Hugh shook his head. “It’s nothing really, just that the kid woke up sooner than expected, probably due to his biology. Looks like you can apologize a little sooner than I thought.”

Delgado shrugged. “Ok then. Let’s go.” They both started back down the hallway when Hugh’s eyes lost focus for a second. Then he started running down the hallway. He turned back to Delgado.

“Hurry up. That kid somehow broke the restraints we had on him. If we don’t want him panicking we have to get there soon.”

Delgado immediately took off behind Hugh. as he did he started asking questions. “How did he get out? I didn’t see anything on him but jewelry.”

“I don’t know either. The restraints we had were just enough to hold him. Most likely I miscalculated his strength.”
They both had military grade enhancements to their body along with a cybernetic implant. With this almost superhuman boost they were able to get to the medical bay in a matter of seconds. What they would find inside, would change their lives forever….


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