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[Arc 1] Chapter 39

Chapter 39

It’s The End

While Chu Shen cultivated in forced isolation the teachers outside were conversing.

“Are you ready for the expedition?” Asked Chu “Stone Face” Tang.

“Yes Sir” They replied.

“Good, let’s go then.” With that the teachers along with the two leaders from both factions lept into the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.

This was the true reason why they had come, not to cheer on their students but rather to seize a treasure. Most of these teachers had a deep cultivation. Upon reaching a level like this it became increasingly hard to find an appropriate weapon.

After all, who could craft weapons for those at the Nature Stage and above? No one could craft such a weapon but a six star artificer and good luck convincing those proud and aloof artificers if you were merely a teacher.

Therefore teachers of outstanding students could go to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion to pick out some rewards. They could only go for two hours though, leaving the first and last hours to their students.

Master Lang and the other teachers followed them inside. When Master Lang went in he glanced at the Pagoda of Mortals. According to what he knew, his student would be in there.

Chu Tang looked back. “Master Lang, you know it’s forbidden to interfere with the students. Just follow along to a pagoda to pick your reward.” Of course Chu Tang knew of Master Lang.

A seven star artificer joining a school ran by the Chu Sect was a big deal. Because of this Chu Tang had memorized Master Lang’s appearance and was pleasantly surprised by the fact the student he was so bemused by was actually his disciple.

Master Lang nodded. “Of course Master Chu Tang is correct, I shall follow your suggestion.” With this said he flew towards the Pagoda of Natural World Mortals.

Since Master Lang was a seven star artificer gathering items such as these could be considered as both unimportant and yet absolutely crucial.

Since he could forge items like these he did not lack anything of this caliber. At the same time though by gathering these he saved time forging them and also gathered other inscriptions. To a true artificer what they desired most was to expand their knowledge. By gathering items with unique inscriptions such as these he could forge more diverse weapons and even become inspired to create completely new ones.

After a while two hours were up. With several different items Master Lang and the other teachers left to wait for their students. Outside waiting there was already seven other students who had unfortunately failed the tests at some point. Most of these were students who after gathering what they needed decided to test their luck with a higher level item.

Meanwhile Chu Liang had gathered an entire set of equipment for himself along with several spares. ‘Chu Shen can’t possibly beat me now. I have such powerful items not to mention some of these unique artifacts. There’s no way I can lose.’

As the time ran out more and more students lost their qualifications and had to leave the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. This was the reason the Majestic Sword Academy was called the number 2 school on the continent after the Imperial Academy. With the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion and the items they extracted the school had enormous funds. With these funds they could buy techniques and resources for both the Chu Sect and its school.

Soon it was only fifteen minutes from the time the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion would close. If the rest of the students weren’t out yet they would become trapped inside.

Out of the 50 students 43 of them were already out. Soon there was only one left. Master Lang had an anxious look on his face. Where is Chu Shen!!!!

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Chu Shen was still cultivating when Master Ti Wu stopped him. “Chu Shen, you had better get up now.”

“Huh, why master?”

“There’s only ten minutes left now. The lock is gone.”

“Oh. That’s good.”

With that Chu Shen walked over and pushed open the door. It opened quietly. He started to walk down the staircase when Ti Wu reminded him. “Hey, if you don’t want to disappear along with this place you might want to hurry up.”

While he said this out loud internally he opposed himself. ‘Of course, that wouldn’t be a bad suggestion if that expert wasn’t lying. But I can’t trust my disciples lives to the mutterings of an old man.’

Chu Shen realizing this immediately started running. He had 7 minutes left. Soon he reached the entrance of the Pagoda of Mortals. 2 minutes remaining. He ran towards the exit of the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. 1 minute left.

He was almost to the entrance. 300 yards. 45 seconds left. 200 yards. 30 seconds. 100 yards. 50 yards. 25 yards. 15 seconds. The world started shaking. The ground itself split. 10 yards from the exit Chu Shen was dodging cracks left and right. Suddenly a boulder jutted upwards in front of him. He fell down less than an arm’s length from the exit. 0 seconds left.

The exit disappeared. The world around Chu Shen continued crumbling. The black pavilion and staircase merged together to create the mysterious black sphere. Without a sound it disappeared.

Master Lang had a frozen face on. Unexpectedly Chu Shen was gone. Hurriedly he pulled out a life tablet. Since Chu Shen had bonded with it, if he had died the life tablet would no longer be bound to him. As he scanned it he found the bond was still intact with that he sighed in relief.

Chu Tang came up to Master Lang. “I am sorry for your loss Master Lang. He was a marvelous talent.”

“What do you mean. He’s still alive. Hahahahaha. He’s still alive, see, see, SEE! HAHAHAHA!” Master Lang started pointing to the tablet, insanity temporarily taking over him. Chu Tang shook his head.

Both masters knew there was no way Chu Shen would survive. To satisfy their curiosity an elder of the sect had set out to find where the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion went to. Unfortunately, nothing went as planned. All they had to do was wait five years but unexpectedly on the fourth year the life tablet of the elder had shattered.

After that it was determined that since even an elder at the Cosmos Stage couldn’t survive that no one could. It was forbidden ever since to stay on the pavilion when it disappears. Sighing Chu Tang condemned Chu Shen to land of dead.

Chu Liang had a frozen face before suddenly cracking a smile. Heavens fortune was with him! Now he could become the champion of the freshman. And no one could blame him since he planned to delay Chu Shen and not kill him. Ha. Everything turned out okay.

Soon, no one would ever remember the young genius, once called Chu Shen.


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END ARC 1: Hopeful Beginnings


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